2005.11.12 – Creamfields Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Date: 12th November 2005
Event: Creamfields Festival
Venue: Costanera Sur (Ex Sport City Of Boca)
City: Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina
Support: see timetable

1. Intro
2. Wake The Fuck Up
3. Their Law
4. Hotride (El Batori Mix)
5. Breathe
6. Spitfire
7. Back 2 Skool
8. Firestarter
9. Action Radar Link
10. Warning
11. Climbatize Link
12. Voodoo People
13. Poison
14. Method Beats
15. Smack My Bitch Up
16. Out Of Space

Extra info:
Main stage timetable:
15:00 – 16:30 Fabian Dellamonica
16:40 – 17:30 Satelite Kingston
17:50 – 18:20 Intima
18:40 – 19:20 Carlos Shaw
19:40 – 20:15 Capri
20:35 – 21:10 Zuker XP
21:30 – 23:00 Audio Bullys
23:30 – 01:00 The Prodigy
01:20 – 02:35 Infusion
02:50 – 04:20 Paul Oakenfold

info from the official creamfields site:
Creamfields Buenos Aires hit a new record, beating once more its global equivalents. The 60.000 people that attended to the fifth edition of the most important electronic music festival of the world enjoyed of more than 100 artists among DJs, producers and groups, distributed through 10 different spaces –between tents and Main Stage. The Prodigy, Audio Bullys, Infusion and local Zuker XP were the outstanding acts of the Main Stage, which was closed by Paul Oakenfold. Danny Howells, Hernán Cattáneo, 2 Many DJs, David Guetta, Kevin Saunderson, James Holden, DJ Vibe and Ivan Smagghe had also taken part of this extraordinary artistic proposal.

Massive review by Skylined:
Time to get ready to go to Creamfields!
It was like 6pm, I didn’t want to go too early, I didn’t want to wait in a big line with the sun burning me down.
Some people said that you should go at least one hour or one hour and a half before a group or artist that you like started to play.
I took a look at the map (I’m from Uruguay, not Argentina) and I thought that the best thing I could do was to go to a “main” street where a lot of people would be heading to Creamfields. I was right, but I found some people that were heading that way before I got to that “main” street, so it was really easy, all I had to do was to follow them.
I thought that the place was a little bit closer and I had to walk more than what I thought I would.
As I was getting closer and closer to the place, more and more people appeared.
The line was going really quick, it was a real pleasure. First of all they told us to have our ID and ticket in our hands.
Now it’s time to check what we’re carrying, I had nothing in my backpack, just some clothes in case it got colder at night, I just wanted to enjoy this party, so I didn’t even bother to go with a digi cam nor a tape recorder.
Now it’s time to check what I have in my clothes, the guy notices something strange under my clothes, it was just my passport, just in case I lost my ID, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get back to my country the following morning. Then he takes a look at my camouflage trousers and says “If you’re just carrying heavy weapons there won’t be any problem”
I’m clean, so I keep walking and I have to do one more stop, this time ID. I saw many people going through this part, and when I get to the guy I get a “ID please”, I think to myself “…and once again somebody thinks that I’m 17 for how I look”, then he looks at me and surprised he says “80” and gives me my ID, yes, I’m almost 25, not 17!
Now it’s time for the final stop, the final line, my ticket gets cut and I’m inside!
I got a paper with the line up and the site map, although I alrady had that in a piece of paper I had previously written.
As it was already time, I headed to RBK’s tent, where DJ Buey was playing. A guy said that he played DnB, I stayed a little bit and then I went away, that wasn’t DnB, and even if it was, I didn’t like it.
So I have some free time before the next show, time to walk a little bit and take a look at where every tent is, shops, etc.
Now I know where everything is, so it’s time to go to the main stage, where The Prodigy is going to play.
There it was, the main stage, with a corridor in the middle, of course, where Keith and Maxim were going to walk by.
The corridor was off centre, so I went to the left side, where I could be right in the middle of the stage and have a great view.
Unfortunately when I’m on the left side, I hear the speakers sounding like **** (when they sounded). I had no idea who was playing and I didn’t like what they were playing, but I stayed there until that sound problem got fixed, and it got fixed.
I still have some extra time, I take a look at the site map, and decide to go to a records stand, I wanted to get The Singles. There they are, Music for Jilted Generation, The Fat of the Land, Baby’s got a Temper, but there’s no The Singles! What a bummer!
Time to take a look at the merchandising. I get to the tent where there are some lines, I just had to wait a little bit, but before that I went into the tent to have a look at what I could buy. There’s a The Singles’ t-shirt.
I bought a hat, but decided not to buy The Singles t-shirt, it would be lame to get that.
Time to get back to RBK’s tent once again, this time to see Bad Boy Orange, now this is what I call DnB.
Years have past since I last danced, and there I was, dancing once again. I would love to do that over here, but unfortunately, there’s nothing like that.
Really nice music, everybody was dancing and having fun. Then I see that the screen behind him says “Bailen Putos”, there isn’t a literal translation, but it would be something like “Dance Mother****ers” or “Dance Bitches”. After that they start giving “banners” with that same thing, it was ****ing funny and I started laughing.
Time to leave the tent, I was very thirsty.
The bottle of water(500cc) was 5$A, that’s like 1.75US$, when for example here I pay less than 0.75US$ for 1.5 litres, OUCH!
I went to the main stage once again, just to check how it was sounding, how many people were there, just to know at what time I had to go to have a good spot to see The Prodigy. It was pretty easy to get to the front.
While I was there, I was listening to some good music, I really liked it, I had no idea who was that group, but I was having fun.
The sound, the best way to describe it is saying that it had that Liam’s Dirtchamber Sessions sound, it was a mix of old and new stuff.
Wait, I said that getting the shirt was lame, I fooled you, of course I bought it, and started wearing that same moment, I didn’t want anybody to steal it from my backpack, so the best place to keep it safe was on my body.
Back to what I was telling you before… I wondered who was that group that was playing, it was Zuker XP.
I stayed at the main stage, because Audio Bullys was coming next.
I had a lot of fun with this, I danced, jumped and had a real great time.
Somebody from behind says “hey, your backpack” and I think to myself “**** no! somebody has opened it and got my stuff!”. I start touching it and every zipper was closed, then I realized that Skylined + Backpack = Bothers
Once again, I was thristy, I felt I was going to die, but I didn’t want to go away, I already had a good spot to see The Prodigy, and they were playing right after Audio Bullys. I had no option, I had to drink something.
As I started walking to get some water… “OMG! I cannot believe it!!!”. Yes! They started playing The Prodigy’s Out of Space remix!!!
I was at the back of the main stage, where people were mostly quiet, and I was the only mad person dancing, jumping and singing Out of Space, some of them were looking at me like “are you mad?”, yes I am! I was waiting for this song to be played!!!
I had my water, which lasted 2 seconds, so it’s time to get back to the main stage.
On my way to the main stage I see a girl that has her backpack opened, so I touch her shoulder, she looks at me, I tell her about it, then she thanks me and I keep walking back to the main stage. I’ve used a clip to keep my backpack safe from that kind of stuff.
It was already dark, a lot of people were already at the main stage, but Audio Bullys was still playing. I tried to go to the front as far as I could, but I didn’t push it that much, because I knew that they were about to finish and a lot of people were going away, so it was going to be a lot easier if I just waited some more minutes.
One of the things that made it more difficult was the amount of plastic glasses, Speed cans and water bottles. Sometimes I pushed some people, not on purpose, it was because I stepped onto one of these things, but other than saying “oops, sorry” with a nice smile, I could do nothing.
That was one of the bad things, there were no garbage cans, I threw all the bottles where they didn’t bother, but everybody was lazy and just dropped them where they were, and others just threw them, and you could see flying bottles, cans and glasses.
Audio Bullys is gone, I had a great time, but I’m glad that they’re leaving, because next, comes THE group that I love, The Prodigy.
Some people start leaving, some start to come to the main stage.
The ones that are leaving, are those with “good clothes”, you know what I mean.
Others went away, or just moved all the way back, they knew that with The Prodigy everybody was going to be jumping, and you might get some kick, punch, etc, etc due to some pogo and jumping.
As some of them were going back, I was going to the front, and near the corridor.
When I was like 6 metres away from the stage, and just an arm away from the corridor, I saw a guy wearing a white t-shirt with MFJG’s inlet drawing and I thought “yes, this is good, he’s probably a Prodigy fan, and he doesn’t seem to be a “new” fan”.
When I was next to him I said “hey, nice t-shirt!”. In response I got a “yes, I love it, this is going to be great!”.
He was with his cell phone, getting on top of what was between us (the crowd) and the corridor, trying to find somebody. He started looking to the left side, “no way, I won’t go there, come over here, here’s a great place!”. And then his friend arrived, with the exact same t-shirt, and one more guy that seemed to be with them.
So we started talking, they were all excited. One of them told me that he saw them there, in Argentina, back in 1998 and it was a great show. Then the other guy says that he saw them live at Madrid, Spain, I’m glad to be with people like this, real Prodigy fans, so I stayed with them. I was in a very good spot, the stage was just there, very close, and I was next to the corridor where I could have a real close look at Maxim and Keith.
There was another cool guy that didn’t seem to know The Prodigy, but he was a real cool guy and we were sharing our excitement with him, he also asked which kind of music he was going to listen, etc. He seemed to be really interested in what was going to come.
Only 5 minutes!!! Just 5!!!
While we were waiting, there was a DJ playing some music, and some guy bothering with a whistle. I wasn’t the only one that was going to get pissed off if that ****ing thing kept sounding, the guy I was with said “****ing moron!”, “don’t worry, he’ll swallow it when the pogo and jumping begins” I replied.
People on the stage are coming and going.
Liam’s weapons were at the back of the stage, I saw them in my first visit to the main stage.
The lights and the big globe start going down, not in intensity, just from the ceiling, we were getting closer to the start of the show and I was getting more more more and more anxious, excited, nervous, etc.
Then like 4 or 5 of these guys on the stage get to where Liam’s equipment was, and… OMG!!! OMFG!!! OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!
They brought it almost up to the front, the guys that were with me couldn’t believe it either, we were uber happy! Liam was going to be right there, just some metres away from us!
“Please, bring the drums, please, bring them to the front, cmon, I want live drums, please!”. The cool guy asks me if they play with live drums, I told him that they have been doing that lately, and the live guitar was going to be played, 100% sure about that.
But the dark set of drums was still there, at the back, while everybody was trying to do a soundcheck or something, and others sticking papers to the floor.
A guy appears with the guitar and starts playing a little bit to do a soundcheck.
A couple of guys went to the… YESSSS!!!! YESSSS!!!!!!
They were bringing the drums up to the front, CONFIRMED LIVE DRUMS!!!
At that point I was about to explode, uber happy and excited.
It’s already time to start the show, but the guys keep coming and going on the stage.
Some people start shouting(me included) PRODIGY, PRODIGY, PRODIGY!!!
“What?!” I shouted, the sound was good enough, but surprise, they brought more speakers and they put them behind Liam’s equipment!
“OMG, we’re going to get blown away!” said the guy I was with.
They started with the drum soundcheck and then a guy started the soundcheck with Liam’s equipment, he was blonde, so I said to the guys that were with me “hey… look, it’s Liam! He’s a little bit fatter isn’t he?”
The show was already 5 minutes late, and I kept taking a look at this guy’s watch.
Then he tells me “look it’s Liam”, so I looked over his shoulder, and there was Liam, behind the stage!
A couple of minutes later some people started shouting, like if the show was going to start, so I take a look at the stage and this guy says while he was laughing “ha! they thought that Liam was the one standing there!”, and there he was, the “fatter Liam” once again, the guy that was doing the soundcheck.
10 minutes… still nothing, everybody started getting nervous and started shouting “cmon!” while others started whistling.
Meanwhile I was talking to these guys, we were talking about what they were going to play that night, and I said that they might play some new songs from The Singles. Then I remembered, and asked them if I could get The Singles in any record store, but they told me “No, it’s going to come someday”.
15 minutes, still nothing, I started to get a little bit pissed off, I didn’t want a shorter show because of any kind of delay, I wanted a FULL show.
I’m still with these 3 fans, and the cool guy.
One of these fans said “here there are like 100 like us, people that will really enjoy the show, the rest will just be here because they cannot miss this name, they are the headliners, some others will just jump and do some pogo”. I took a look around and I felt the same, but the people on the right side of the corridor seemed to be cooler than the ones on the left.
He also noticed that we were going to be a lot in a very small place, so I replied to that “oh… what a pitty, we won’t be able to dance”, and we started laughing.
The lights started to go off… I was already shouting as loud as I could.
I look up at the sky and say “This one is for you Juancho!”.
Liam gets on the stage, comes to the front, raises his hand, everybody starts shouting, it was a total madness, and then he gets to his weapons.
Behind him, the screen starts showing some planes, so I thought that we wouldn’t have any intro, but just Spirfire.
I was wrong, an intro slowly started, warming everybody up, getting everybody’s anxiety to the max.
I see Maxim, the drums and the guitar!
Keith was with his black jacket, and Maxim had his eyes in black, I could barely see his face.
It was a hard intro, and we were all already jumping, it was very hard to remain standing still
I also remember Maxim saying things like Buenos Aires and Argentina, but I’m from Montevideo – Uruguay, so I didn’t shout when he said things like that. I only shouted when he said things about Creamfields.
No Good as an opening song? I thought that this was more like an ending song…
I didn’t really want to hear this one, but there it is… wait…. it’s not, it’s gone…
THEIR LAW!!!!!!!
What a great start! Their Law!
This is one of my favourite songs!
As always, Maxim asking if we’re ready, OF COURSE WE ****ING ARE!!!!!!
I’ve been waiting for this moment for 8 years!!!!!!
My feet were already ready to let the hardcore jumping begin!
It was a great start, I was already singing as loud as I could, we all started jumping, and everybody around me was singing.
Some of us were following the rhythm, shouting “HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY”.
I turned my head to the left and the pogo had already begun.
Oh God!
One more great song and we can all sing it!!!
You cannot imagine how good it felt to sing all these songs as loud as I could!
It was like a dream come true, for the first time I was singing along with Keith and Maxim!!!!!!
I know that for some people this sounds lame, but this is the group that I love, this is the moment I’ve waited for many years, THIS ISN’T A DREAM ANYMORE, I’M LIVING IT RIGHT NOW!!!
I was wondering what was going to happen, if people would jump, sing, etc.
Yeap, we were already jumping!!!
Each time it was getting harder and harder to jump, people kept coming to the main stage, at least that was what I could feel, I couldn’t see what was behind me.
People were singing, but I was the only one singing the live lyrics, at least the ones that were around me didn’t know the live lyric.
Nooooooo…. nooooooooooooooo… this cannot be possible… oh my God!
What’s this? Is this a dream?! Of course it isn’t, I’m being hit by other people all the time!
I closed my eyes and let the music take control of my body.
I could have a deep breath, feel the music and rest a little bit from all the previous jumping.
What a pitty, they didn’t play all this song, this was just a transition from one song to the other.
Hotride starts, everybody was singing, but I felt that this was a “light” song, I sang and jumped, but I didn’t feel all that energy that I’ve felt with all the songs that they played before.
Now I can barely move, we’re all wayyyyyy too close.
My hair, t-shirt, underwear, trousers, socks and my shoes were already wet because of me, the ones around me and also because of the water, Speed and beer that some people were throwing.
I was hot as hell, and I could barely breathe, not only because of me, but because of the amount of people that were surrounding me.
This sounds like I was having a bad time, right? YOU’RE WRONG!!!
I was having a LOT OF FUN!!!!
All those things were nothing compared to my excitement and my joy!!!
Back 2 Skool!
To tell you the truth, I was waiting for Razor, but I guess that they have picked this song from The Singles era.
As soon as the song started everybody started jumping, and I was like “wait, wait, this isn’t the time to jump”. Seems that none of them got The Singles.
After some time they noticed that it wasn’t time to jump, but people from behind us started pushing everybody to the front.
That pissed me off, I saw one guy that passed by my side, pushing everyone in his path, he didn’t care about the music, he didn’t care about anything, he just cared about pushing people. I took a look at his face and he was smiling, he was having fun, and of course, bothering everyone else. ****ing morons!!!
Well…. here it comes… it’s going to be time to start jumping!!!
I started jumping and I was the only one doing that! Everybody was standing still!
After some seconds everybody started jumping as well, it was really funny.
The song didn’t last too much, at least that was what I felt. When it was over I was like “is it already over? “.
I don’t remember when this happened, but when Maxim walked by the corridor, I was smashed against the ones that were standing next to the corridor, all of them with their digi cams and cell phones.
I couldn’t see him the first time, I was paying attention to the music at that moment, but I had a very close view when he was heading back to the stage.
The guitarist aka “bottle thrower” , well, he threw a bottle of water almost every time a song ended, but everybody was happy about that, we were so hot!
Fortunately they were 1.5 litre bottles, but unfortunately, that was happening on the right side, and I was on the left side.
He also played a little bit with Keith, he was on top and throwing water into his mouth, then he drank some water too and they both started spitting it out on the stage.
Wait, what is this?!
It was like a remix or something, I didn’t like it as much as the original Firestarter, it was a real pitty, doing that with one of their most known song, a hymn, a classic.
It lost a lot of its original energy.
I have no idea why they’ve decided to do that with such a song.
It wasn’t any remix I knew, it was something new.
Wow!!! It sounds great!!!!!
A lot of people didn’t know this one. I could see that just looking at their faces.
I can tell you that this fixed the mess that Firestarter’s remix did.
I took a look at the drummer, and he was totally insane, all the drums were shaking!!!
I was totally insane, head banging, jumping, singing, and I started feeling something wrong in my feet while some morons kept trying to push me.
Some people start looking at me like “wtf are you doing?!”, omg, haven’t you noticed that this is The Prodigy?!!!! Why do you look at me that way?!!!!!!
Keith gets down from stage and comes to the corridor, he was very very close, the girl that was almost next to me touched him, and she went mad, like when some girl went to see the Beatles back in the 60s.
Warning is over…
“Nooooooooooooooo NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!” I started shouting.
The guy that’s in front of me turns back, he thought that I didn’t like what we were listening, but then he saw my uber happy face…
Another of my favourite songs, and I would have NEVER waited for this song to be played live!
There I thought “if they happen to play Weather Experience or Skylined I’ll die!”.
I closed my eyes once again, took a deep breath, tried to relax, let the music take control of my body and have a little rest, it was a refreshing song.
It was just another transition, but it was a GREAT time and I enjoyed it a lot!
Remember the “Beatles” girl? She made me laugh when Climbatize started… she shouted “NARAYAAAAN!!!!!!”.
I was having sooooo much fun, I was so excited, and the best thing was that I had the feeling that this was lasting a LOT!
I was already tired as hell, breathing was almost impossible, I couldn’t move.
Many times I tried to jump, just tried, because there were a lot of people around me, we were very very very close and some of them weren’t jumping.
I don’t remember when this happened, but Liam started pointing at something, and he looked desperate, I was begging that it was just some minor problem, but I got really worried, but that just lasted 4 or 5 seconds and I kept enjoying the show.
The guitarist wasn’t the only bottle thrower, Maxim did that as well, he grabbed a bunch of 0.5 litre bottles and threw them, unfortunately, once again to the right side, I wanted one, but I wasn’t going to open it if I got to catch it.
And where are the 3 fans? Well, I saw them from time to time, it was hard to remain on the same spot. Two of them were trying to tie their shoe laces, so I helped them a little bit, I grabbed them from their waist. Their face was the same as mine, they had a very big smile.
We were having a lot of fun and we were really enjoying the show.
I’ve seen something strange on my left side so I turned my head to the left… oh God, now I’m really mad, and I’m not joking! There’s a MAN, at least 50 years old, trying to jump, I take a look at his clothes and they had nothing to do with this event!
That was bizarre!
Now it’s Maxim the one that gets to the corridor and some people smash me against it once again. All of them with their digi cams and cell phones.
At that moment I was more worried about having a close look at Maxim than paying attention to the music, I knew that it could be the last chance I had to do that. I sound like a fan right? Well, I AM!!!!
Maxim and Keith were the two reasons why I was next to the corridor.
They played a classic, which I won’t tell, since some people are going to see them live, and it’s better to be a surprise.
I never though they would play it, but they did!
The show is about to “end”, I already knew that they were going to come back.
So the “last” song was Voodoo People.
Once again that was a total madness, I was singing as loud as I could, but this time I could barely shout, I was almost dead.
Everybody was jumping once again, and I started feeling some more pain coming from my right foot.
Voodoo People is over, the show is “over”.
Everybody started shouting and whistling, we wanted more!!!
Now I get next to the corridor, time to have a nice clear view of everything.
After some seconds, that felt eternal to me, they are all back to stage!
What a great return!!!
I was already dead, tired as hell, I had also killed my voice, but I kept trying to sing, sometimes nothing came out of my mouth.
The guy in front of me was standing still, but I could see that he was head banging and singing, so I grabbed him from his waist and I started jumping, of course, I was trying to make him jump!
He looked back, saw my uber happy face, he smiled and started jumping with me!
Then he looked back once again while I was still grabbing him from his waist, but this time with a bigger smile and a face that I got as a “thank you, this is great!”.
I have no idea how I did that, I could barely jump and I was helping this guy to jump, and he was bigger and taller than me!!!
Release Yo’delf
What is this doing here?!
“Will Maxim sing this one, are they going to play it? I don’t think it’s a good idea” I thought.
It was just another transition.
WOW!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!
The bass was amazing!!!!!!
It was so ****ing hard!!!!! I never felt something like this!!!!
You could feel the bass PUNCHING your face, your body and BLOWING your hair off!!!!!
Everybody was singing, seems that nobody missed its video.
Keith got off from stage and he started walking by some tubes, with the help of the security guys. He could be seen from every place.
Then he got like 2 metres away from me, so I start moving my hand telling him to come to the corridor, then another guy that is like a metre away from me starts doing the same, but he didn’t come. It doesn’t matter, I was having a very clear view.
Out of Space!!!!!!
This is the second time that I hear this song in this place, first by Audio Bullys with their remix and then the original by The Prodigy.
It was so great to hear ano… ermmm, I mean, listen to an Experience song!
I was already destroyed at that point, I tried to sing, but this time NOTHING came out of my mouth and I couldn’t jump anymore, all I could do was to “semi jump”, I mean, just get on the tip of my feet.
Now yes, the show is over, Maxim thanks everybody and they all went down from stage.
I realize what I’ve just done, I was singing, jumping, with the group that I love!!!
I’ve achieved one of my dreams!!!!!! I just saw The Prodigy live!!!!!!!
People started going away.
Now I can breathe, but my body is dead.
I’m drunk, not really, I just walk like if I was drunk, my feet felt really heavy and all the garbage on the floor was making it even harder for me.
I start walking back very slowly.
My idea was to stay and see Infusion, but I’m destroyed and totally wet from head to toes.
I had some serious lung problems when I was born. My parents always remind me about that and they tell me to take care of it or something bad may happen.
I was away from home, alone, and I didn’t want any of those bad things to happen, so it was better if I got back to the hotel.
Oh I’m so thirsty, but I decided to wait some more time and instead of buying 0.5 litres of water, I could have more than 3 litres of coke in some minutes.
I knew that I would have to take a taxi, but I didn’t have enough money, so I went back to the merchandising tent once again and bought a line up with some dollars that I had, that way I could have some more argentinian pesos.
There wasn’t any line, so I did that really quick.
Now I’m out of Creamfields, I look back and remember all the great things that happened that night, I’ll never, NEVER forget it.
I thought that there would be a line of taxis waiting at the exit, but I was wrong, I had to walk like 6 blocks, and I was really tired.
I got into the taxi and headed back to the hotel, but I was going to stop a couple of blocks before, I wanted to buy some coke.
Fortunately I found a place that was just 3 blocks away from the hotel. I just grabbed two 1.5 litre bottles of coke and some cookies, I didn’t have dinner that night.
People were looking at me in a very strange way, well, my clothes were “unique” and I was all wet.
Now I’m at the hotel, when I’m at the door the guy inside says “no vacancy!”, “no, I’m already staying here!” I replied
Seems that he didn’t like my appearance.
He asks my surname and gave me my room’s keys.
I started getting naked(I already said that I didn’t have a cam, so don’t ask for pics ) and I see a bruise in my arm and some in my leg,
Remember that I was feeling something wrong in my right foot? Well, I had a blister, a big one, and also something that I got before, but it got worse, my nail.
Many people stepped and landed on my nail that night, and you can see the results in this pic (not recommended).
I’ve achieved one of my dreams, I was waiting for this moment for a lot of years.
I had a great weekend. On Friday I went to see Buddha Sounds and on Saturday I went to Creamfields, where I saw The Prodigy, the band that I love.
This wasn’t a good year for me, I’ve lost two people; the girl that I loved and one of my best friends.
My girlfriend dropped me by the end of 2004, some of you already know about this.
My best friend Juan committed suicide just a week before his birthday, in July, he was two years younger than me.
As you might imagine, I was sad and depressed.
I have to thank The Prodigy because you guys filled me with energy to keep going, I really needed something to push me up and you really did.
I have to thank one more person that isn’t with me anymore, Juan.
You might remember that I said “This one is for you Juancho!”, before The Prodigy started playing, it was because of him.
He was the one that one day showed me a CD with a crab in its cover, put it into the CD player and I fell in love with that sound. That was back in 1997, and of course, that CD was The Prodigy’s The Fat of the Land.






Photos from the show:


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