2005.06.21 – Siemens Arena, Vilnius, Lithuania

Date: 21st June 2005
Event: The Prodigy Concert – AONO Tour
Venue: Siemens Arena
City: Vilnius
Country: Lithuania
Support: DJ Ignas Iv, Amatol

1. Intro Intro
2. Wake Up Call
3. Their Law
4. Warning
5. Breathe
6. Spitfire
7. Back 2 Skool
8. Voodoo People
9. Hotride (El Batori Mix)
10. Firestarter
11. Action Radar Link
12. Mindfields
13. Climbatize Link
14. Poison
15. Method Beats
16. Smack My Bitch Up
17. Out of Space

Extra info:
At the beginning the gig was planned for June 20th but it was postponed to June 21st.

review by ailon (translated by kermitn):
Yes, it happened. The show I was waiting for 13 years, since I first heard Experience, the show I was waiting for 2 months since I bought a ticket in February, the show I was waiting for another 2 months after April show was cancelled. In case you are only wondering whether I liked it or not, the answer is YES, ALOT! But if you want some more details, read on.
I’ve arrived at 19:40 (7:40 PM for those who call normal time – millitary). Small crowds of people were hanging near Siemens Arena. There were free parking lots (which is quite rare in this place). There was a note on the doors about ticket exchange for those who bought tickets to the upper rows (which were empty and hidden behind the black curtains). It became clear that this wont be a sellout show. After an erotic check by the security guard I was allowed entrance. Some dude represinting show sponsor gave me a couple of earbuds (or how do you call these things peope use on the planes).
ignas iv
There was something going on the stage already. That was lithuanina DJ ignas iv. He played the kind of music which drives me away from the clubs. His set was over by 20:30
At half past eight DJs equipment was taken away and russian band Amatol entered the stage. The band is mostly known because of it’s frontman’s participation in the first russian reality show “Za steklom” (Behind the glass). The dude would probably like to kill anyone who mentions it, but he should admit that their participation in this event is probably due to that fact not less than their music.
Warm-up set by Amatol was announced only 1 day before the show. Great part of the crowd didn’t even know that they will be there. First reaction of the crowd showed that they don’t know very well how prodigy members actually look and they met Amatol like they were The Prodigy. But after half a minute people understood that these are not their gods and started shouting, but after another half a minute it all calmed down and people accepted them as good as warm-up act deserves.
Amatol were playing something that sounded like early prodigy drafts (not early prodigy, but early drafts). Hearing the beats it wasn’t difficult to tell who influenced them and their faces reflected that the day they were told they were chosen as a  warm-up for The Prodigy they had at least 10 consecutive orgasms. Amatol consisted of 3 members and 1 sexy dancer who was shaking her behind like crazy. I stood not far from the stage, but not close enough to be under huge influence by her butt.
After a 30 minute set Amatol left the stage and the crowd started shouting “Prodigy! Prodigy! Prodigy!”. But… not so fast
ignas iv… again!
At 21:00 ignas iv’s equipment entered the stage once again. He even started playing something interesting but after 10 minutes interesting stuff ended but he didn’t leave. It lasted for 40 minutes. At 21:40 some nice guy turned off power and ignas left the stage. This time for good.
Prodigy! Prodigy! Prodigy!
WAKE UP! WAKE UP!… Drummer entered the stage, guitarist and … here he is – the god himself – Liam Howlett. Firestarter generation welcomed Liam not as noisy as he deserves. And here their are Maxim and Keith. The crowd is going upside down. Wake Up Call. Not everybody in the crowd heard AONO and Wake Up Call is welcomed not because they know or like it, but because the waiting was finally over. I think there were about 5000 in the audience (capacity is about 11000).
Their law. This time everybody know what that is and even last laziest old office rat (like myself) goes nuts. Keith shows his middle finger to them and their law and they show it back. One meter from me Erica Jennings (singer of one of the top lithuanian bands Skamp (http://www.skamp.lt)) enjoys the show to the fullest.
Btw about old rats. On the photos I’ve seen from St. Peteresburg the average age of the crowd looked to be 16-17. I don’t actually get what are they doing there. Average age at Vilnius gig was about 25 and this sound more logical to me.
Warning. Least known track of the show and the least crazy crowd during it.
Then was Breathe. The crowd gone crazy and stayed this way till the end. Among the next tracks I wasn’t impressed by messy Firestarter (I never liked it a lot), but I was impressed with Hotride with Keith Flint replacing Julliete Lewis.
After Mindfields guys left the stage with only one objective – to come back after a minute for the encore.
Maxim: I got the…
Everybody: … poison
Maxim: I got the…
Everybody: … remedy
Maxim: I got the …
Everybody: … pulsating rhytmical remedy
Smack My Bitch Up. Audience goes nuts. Maxim enters the crowd and hangs with people for a couple of minutes. Orgasm.
Out of Space. The whole crowd sings. Everybody want to find another race. Complete and total insanity.
That’s it. The end. 22:55. 70 minutes only. Not enough for the soul, but the body is not in a good condition already. This was 100% worth years of waiting, worth the price to the last cent. SUPER! I’ve never seen so much energy in one place and I’m afraid I wont see it again. Everyone who hesitated and decided not to go – dumbasses.
P.S.: according to reviews from russian gigs, Keith left the stage a lot and wasn’t present in the end at all. In Vilnius he was on stage even more than Maxim


Various photos:

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