2005.05.26 – Aerodrome Festival, Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Date: 26th May 2005
Event: Aerodrome Festival
Venue: Civitas Nova
City: Wiener Neustadt
Country: Austria
Support: see timetable

1. Wake Up Intro
2. Their Law
3. Wake Up Call
4. Warning
5. Breathe
6. Razor
7. Back 2 Skool
8. Spitfire
9. Firestarter
10. Action Radar Link
11. Mindfields
12. Smack My Bitch Up
13. Dead Ken Beats
14. Out Of Space

Extra info:
Premiere performance of Razor.

Rockstage timetable:
12:00 Still Remains
12:30 3 Inches of Blood
13:00 Trivium
14:00 Dog Eat Dog
15:00 Clawfinger
16:30 Sick Of It All
18:00 Paradise Lost
19:30 Turbonegro
21:00 Incubus
23:00 The Prodigy

Review by jaksa:
I arrived at the Wiener Neustadt somewhere around 1pm, checked in the hotel which was only 2 mins walk from the festival side. You could actually watch everything from your “balcony”. Anyway, after checking in I decided not to go on the festival until 11pm, when Prodigy should start playing, because line up was very poor.
I was bit of dissapointed with the festival, because there was to much dust, not very good organisation and most important thing is that Prodigy were presented just if they are some 3rd class band and you couldn’t get in the front of the stage if you didn’t have a VIP pass Angry. The crowd was pretty wierd also. They were more interested in the Incubus, Rammstein and some other hard core bands than in the Prodigy.
But nevermind, get back to the gig. It was somewhere around 11pm when the gig started. Wake up call intro was played and Liam gets behind his keyboards. When wake up intro was played crowd didn’t realised that it was Prodigy’s track until Liam came to the stage. After that Kieron gets behind his drums and this new guitarist gets on the stage while Their law already started. Of course, Keith and Maxim came out and finally there is some positive reaction from the crowd.
One funny thing about Maxim was that he was always shouting “Vienna, are you ready?”, but he didn’t realised that he was in Wiener Neustadt (city near Vienna). Wake up call was next track and Maxim and Keith started to warm up the (sleepy) audience. While Maxim was leaving the stage, Keith already started to sing “I’m not a punk…” so it was obvious that the next one is Warning, but a little bit reworked. I just couldn’t believe that no one was dancing or jumping?! It seemed like they heard this track for the first time (and maybe they did)  undecided. BTW, Keith was great, he started to dance a little bit like in old days and you can see that he is in good mood. Maxim gets back on the stage while Breathe kicks in. Finally crowd went crazy. Shocked They waked up a little bit, but as soon as New track started they got down again.
New track was great, beats are so strong, that they almost blow speakers away. Maxim and Keith were great at this one, just like through the whole gig.
Then Liam throws in Back to school which really sounds great. After this one he played Spitfire. This track is just great for performing live and Maxim surrely knows how to “present” it to the crowd. Next one was the Firestarter, (remixed version) and the Action radar fill as intro to the Mindfields. Great tracks as always, but I preffer more the original version of the Firestarter.
Mindfields ended and band leaves the stage. People started to shout “Prodigy, prodigy…” which surprised me a bit, because I expected from earlier reactions that many people are going to leave the gig. Band gets back and SMBU starts.  Grin Then the Dead Ken Beats and the Out of space as final track. It was great to dance with few people around me while Out of space was on (couldn’t say that for the rest of the crowd…).
Anyway, gig was great, a little bit short; approx. 60-70 minutes. Someone already asked here about the Poison, but unfortunately it wasn’t played at all.



Photos from the show:

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