2007.03.09 – Desert Rock Festival, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Date: 9th March 2007
Event: Desert Rock Festival
Venue: Dubai Country Club
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates
Support: see lineup

1. Intro
2. Wake The Fuck Up
3. Breathe
4. Their Law
5. War
6. Warning
7. Sptfire
8. Back 2 Skool
9. Firestarter
10. Action Radar Link
11. Voodoo People
12. Poison
13. Diesel Power Beats
14. Smack My Bitch Up

Extra info:
Premier performance of War (cover of Dog song)

1st day lineup:
22:00 Iron Maiden
• The Prodigy
• Stone Sour
• In Flames
• Mastodon
• Lauren Harris
14:00 Junkyard Groove

info from the official site:
yo yo, its been a long time. i lost my computer! we played great show last nite in dubai.never been there before so thanks to the people . bizzare line up with iron maiden on after us(rawk). it was a metal concert but we brought the beats. we played a cover version of war by dogg , one of keefs fav tunes. not sure what we will do with it but it rocked.
i got the new label up and running now ‘ragged flag recordings’ as you may have heard, we are all excited about it.
see ya soon
mr H (appy) ”

review by Electronic_Punk:
we had to wait for all the shit bands to get to see prodigy, it was amazing they totally rocked the whole place as usual more than any band who played today….their looks didnt change much except that keith has a fauxhawk, blonde one and it looks wicked !! maxims hair is shorter than usual and liam looks ace as always!!
now for the happy news : THEY PLAYED A NEW TRACK !!!!
the new track maxim says \\this is brand new!!// and keith adds : \\yeah! straight out of the box!!//
Now remember Liam told u that the new album is ast scary and raving? its exactly all baout this track is the FUCKING BOMB omg i coudlnt blie it its sooooooooo fast and fucking heavy with keef and maxim exchanging vocals quicky it has the usual prodigy bollox of a distinctive middle and begining and ending part its very very punky when i first heard it i remembered NUCLEAR, its the same concept s nuclear wit the Punk attitutde but this is MUCH faster and even much more HEAVIER , its like fast punk heavy rock i cant explain it , it is NOTHING like fat of the land,aono,jilted and experience NOTHING this is FRESH FUCKING FRESH.
now i took shitloads of photos and some videos but dont worry much about that cos theyll broadcast it on tv and ill definatley record it. the setlist didnt include no good and out of space.
anyways im very very tired i wanna sleep for fucking days, ill come back with photo and vids for all of u BK crew.
Maxim,Liam and Keith thank you for raping my ears, you fucking rock. Definaley a night to remember.”

some reports from www.phride.com forum:
“Ok, the thing about prodigy is….
they not only raped maiden and every other band that played desert rock, they also raped you and ur mum.
fuck me, im still recovering from their set
after seeing them i was like…..maiden who?”

“prodigy were fkin amazin despite the fact that i didnt (prior to today) like that sort of music.”

“Prodigy: So much energy. So much enthusiasm. Their lighting was amazing. I loved the set and especially loved firestarter and spitfire. Bass was a bit too loud, anyone agree???? I could actually feel my heart vibrating.”

“Prodigy were fucking insane, i swear to god wallah ive never smiled so much! ”

“Prodigy dominated the fucking festival no fucking doubt about that…but it was Iron Maiden that made my day.”

“The Prodigy: I like their music and all, but I didnt get what was so special about them live….oh yeh and got batter rammed by some utha 400+ pound muthafucka agen…”

“The Prodigy : This was the second best after Maiden and the black rap guy was so cool man.”

“The Prodigy: I was dead tired at this point, but you can’t just not go crazy to this music, danced my ass off. ”

“Prodigy-I was ecstatic when they just came out of nowhere,pumped their fists and destroyed the place..Jumping,dancing,screaming,everyfuckingthing possible.Best band after maiden,without a doubt.Is it just me or do the have the best stage presence ever?”

“Prodigy:- FUCKING MURDERED!!! it was un-fucking believable!! the vibe was amaaaazing, so energetic everyone was pumped up on the beats! the sound was superb, i could feel the bass thump through my chest. and everyone, including people at the back were jumping around. i want them to come back again, both singers put on an amazing show i loved when they stopped at certain beats to look at the crowd with intensity. just fucking amazing.”

“The Prodigy:
fucking insane!!! i had just gotten them this past week and it was so much fun dancin and goin nuts! they had sooooooo much energy on stage and i think it’s awesome that they keep the songs interesting by improvising tiny parts of the songs or adding more instead of playing it like it is on cd, but yeah, it was insane, definitely an awesome experience”

“Prodigy – The pits tooks it toll on me, Great Great live show…but i could just nof my head as everyother bone in my body was sore.”

“The Prodigy – They were bloody fantastic! Brilliant music, brilliant energy and just loads of fun! The lighting was awesome and I love how at some points it was like one huge rave! Haha the bass was brilliantly loud! I loved the crowd reaction when they started Firestarter! That and Spitfire were AWESOME! It was fabulous! They were amazing, and seeing them live was an awesome experience!”

“The Prodigy = Excellent Fucking Performence. Yet, they were in the wrong bill because you dont headbang to them, you RAVE and take Extacy pills but they had a fucking exellent set. Great fucking tunes!!!”

“Prodigy – wow! the bass was too high, i cud feel the force!! but good show, reallyt got the crowd on its feet”

“The Prodigy just shocked me! They were insanely good! I really hope these guys come back – Liam was fucking insane, he looks fucking demented!”

“Prodigy : simple AMAZING!! i could still hear their music in my ears lol”

“PRODIGY were Amazing… but towards the end i got a litttle bored… oh well…”

“Prodigy: Put on an absolutly amazing show, really enjoyed theyre setlist. They really know how to get the crowd moving. Had a great time during theyre set, were fab”

“Prodigy : I agree with you all, it was a great show and a great live performance they hypnotized the crownd and there wasn’t a single living creature in the club that didn’t dance or jump…remarquable, unforgetable but not legendary like other could say”

“Prodigy: Had to rush off for a seat and some water at this point because I was tired. Progressively found myself moving back into the midst of the madness. I was extremely pleased to hear old favourites like Spitfire and Voodoo People! KICK ARSE TO THE MAX! The light show and the sound was perhaps the best at the show to say the least. Hats off for the work on that. Both vocalists really had this commanding presence and image that truly encompasses the meaning and record of Prodigy.”

“the prodigy: pretty much pwned all the other bands that came before them. ”

“Okay, I listened to their stuff before on disc and I personally thought that they sucked. But live…LIVE they were AMAZING! I’m not a raver, I don’t like to dance, I’m not a big fan of industrial, I don’t even know how to dance!….but I dunno what the hell happened for the first time in my life I just lost control and whoa miracle…the girl dances. I loved the bass and the vocalist with the white mask paint thingy around his eyes. But personally, I’d rather have BODOM here! Prodigy shouldn’t have been here…their music didn’t really fit in with the other bands…but still great performance”

“Prodigy: I grew up with my cousin, who blasted firestarter and breathe almost daily in my ears..so i was excited to see them live..let me tell you..I mustve moved and jumped during prodigy’s set more than all the other bands combined..well, except for..”

“he Prodigy: What can I say. Abso-fucking-lutely rocked!! These guys are awesome!! The lights, the smoke, the music, the bass!!! I have to hand it to them, they are fucking talented, and I am VERY impressed by the fact that they played LIVE INSTRUMENTS!!! Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. Fucking crazy guys. I would DEFINITELY go to a Prodigy show again. I SAW A DEMON SHAPE THROUGH THE LIGHTS AND SMOKE!!!!”



Photos from the show:

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