2011.02.19 – MGM Grand, Las Vegas, USA

Date: 19th February 2011
Event: Linkin Park Concert
Venue: MGM Grand
City: Las Vegas
County: USA
Support: none

1. Breathe
2. Omen
3. Poison
4. Thunder (Dubstep)
5. Firestarter
6. Run With The Wolves
7. Omen (Reprise)
8. Invaders Must Die
9. Diesel Power Beats
10. Smack My Bitch Up
11. Take Me To The Hospital

Extra info:
Notes by Dims:
I was so embarrassed to be at the VEGAS show….I was sitting in the chairs area, but straight on looking at the stage. I was sitting next to an elderly couple who were like 99% of everyone else in the arena SITTING DOWN. Hardly NO ONE in the audience even moved (except for my boy PINKY who I got to meet after the show – wasn’t hard to spot the PRODIGY fans). I just felt disappointed surrounded by a bunch of people kicked back like they were gonna watch a Elvis tribute show or some shit. Made no sense….I will either wait til they come back to HEADLINE a show, or just save and save, and go watch them in Europe somewhere where they get the crowd response they deserve.
But despite it all they put on a killer show and they sounded great. Did not stick around for any Linkin Park.

Review by neko:
I went to the Vegas show last night – had been in US with work all week so a weekend in Vegas seemed the right thing to do
I have to say I was expecting this to be quite weird, as a huge arena with Linkin Park fans, in Vegas, Prodigy on very early at 8pm etc
But they were fantastic – they were so intense and it was fantastic to see how they got a huge audience reaction after really bringing the people along.
The set list was something like this: [setlist]
The set list as expected was shorter than usual, but i think worked well.
Breathe worked really well as an opener, as relatively well known amongst US audience who may not know the Prodigy otherwise. Omen and Poison were great and really showed off the variety Prodigy bring from different eras. Thunder was probably the one track I was less sure about.
Firestarter was well recognised, as expected. I am glad they played Run as it fit well for this audience (and i think it’s a fantastic live track).
The strongest track though was SMBU I thought – for me this was kind of the culmination of the whole show with the entire audience now fully into The Prodigy. It was great to see people in the whole arena now really into them, going along with the sitting down and dancing along.
The one track I was surprised not to hear was Their Law, I would have thought this would have worked well with this audience; maybe instead of Thunder this could have been interesting.
But it just goes to show time and time again what a strong live band they are. We watched quite a bit of Linkin Park as well afterwards (not the whole show though – Vegas called) and they just didn’t come close to Prodigy!



Photos from the show:

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