2009.06.14 – Rockness Music Festival, Dores, England

Date: 14th June 2009
Event: Rockness Music Festival
Venue: Clune Farm
City: Dores
Country: England
Support: see lineup

1. World’s On Fire
2. Their Law
3. Breathe
4. Breathe (Dubstep)
5. Omen
6. Warrior’s Dance
7. Firestarter
8. Run With The Wolves
9. Voodoo People
10. Comanche
11. Omen (Reprise)
12. Invaders Must Die
13. Diesel Power Beats
14. Smack My Bitch Up
15. Take Me To The Hospital
16. Out Of Space

Extra info:
Mainstage lineup: The Prodigy, Biffy Clyro, The Wombats, The Cuban Brothers, Tommy Reilly, Baddies

Review by Cogglesz:
The gig was great, managed to get to the front row right at the sub’s it was kind of mixed though it was like the croud wasn’t up for this at all, i think most of the girls there were looking to see placebo, there was no chanting to the voodoo people synth as well which i never like to see missed out at a scottish concert so yeah most of the croud was tired and not up for it, i knew however there was a great amount of fans there because there was a great infestation of people wearing prodigy tops some of them are fairly young so maybe thats the new fans.
as the concert got underway these glitchy computer noises started, then this weird beat came on so i presumed the music before they come on isn’t finished but their lights were flashing and the eyes were pulsing and liam came out first followed by leo then maxim and then keith and rob together, so the night started off with worlds on fire, it was a good performance from them and the bass was totally unreal, i’ve been to a decent amount of concerts to know how bassy things can get but it was so strong when a beat hut i had to exhale then inhale before the beat hut once again it was a great feeling.
more into the concert everyone gives a good sing for omen and seen alot of shocked faces from the Breathe dubstep, it really fucked my chest up it was like literally being punched not so hard all the time, it eventually takes the air from you, i think the favourite for that night was Warriors dance i feel liam is doing alot to promote it as liam did play alot of warriors dance sounds including the high notes during the vocals near the end of the song, maxim also kept on saying things like “All My Fucking Warriors” so i think there doing a good job in promoting that and they had a great response from the croud, maybe it was a smarter idea for a single than we thought.
further into the gig and firestarter kicks off i absolutley love this track again due to never ever listening to it in any place apart from a concert, the new keith lyrics “Together We Can Burn It Down” and then he says more things that rhyme with it and it really went well, keith screams are still bobbling around in my head, action radar came on and i tried to make the best of it, it was one of my favourite live version tracks from that 05 – 07 period of time, but i’ll be honest they should have just kept the 05 version on it. i could even think that it was kept out because leo couldn’t drum on it, its not because of run with the wolves because it has the exact same pitch and bpm as warning and it even has parts of warning in it but run with the wolves was great the bass was really crazy on this one aswell i thought i had a decent sub at home but the deepness of their bass is incredible when i sung to omen my voice was actually all distorted because the bass was vibrating off my voice box literally, i’m sorry i keep going on about that but it was unreal this time.
Voodoo people was next on the list with the same good old recipe theres not so much i can say about this track apart from the new changes applied to the voodoo synth was great, i know we’ve had it for a while but liam does this live distorted beat on his keyboard now and i heard it in a previous video but i thought it was one of liams “One Off Stunts” that he does.
Commanche was real good too the bass was great and i do believe some changes have been made to it hence its name Commanche, kinda like diesel power and blow your mind, the start of it but after the western samples the voices seem to have been edited to different pitches or something, the bass also seems to have changed maybe it was the sub but the high bass notes were alot lower this time, and by the end of this song they left the stage for an encore.
This was the time the croud as a whole actually did something together asking for one more tune but i knew they’d have more than that.
Omen reprise kicks in in its glory as ever, but seems to have been cut short perhaps for the festival the ARP trumpets sound really good on live stages its a perfect beginning to something amazing, its a shame they never used it as their actually intro at the beginning it would fit in well but then the track goes into Invaders must die, this still sounds a bit fucky to me like theres too much stuff going on in the track like the new beats that are not made by leo, it ruins the clarity of the song for me and clarity is the reason i like the studio version of this track so much.
On to blow your mind, this one certainly did, liams got better use of that pain sample thing he’s added to the track, its used alot less now so it doesn’t make the track boring, also he’s added a little dubstep version which liam done awesome as i could tell he done it live from a couple mistakes, maxim Was saying Diesel Power Part Two so i think this is like poison chapter two, eventually the track slows right down and liam gets rid of the hi and mid levels so its only bass, and this one really made the wax in my ears vibrate, it might sound like im freaking out but its like 20 seconds of this huge bass note that just shakes everything.
take me to the hospital, i dont care what u say about this track sounding lame with keith and maxim already, i think they’ve went back with the track and made some changes on how they play it live, the drum fill that kicks the track off is used just before the bass kicks in on the intro, but its been cut in half so its like half a fill, makes the track sound alot more open, i’ll make a sample of it and edit this post later if you want to know what i’m on about, the intro bass also seems to have changed, once again it might be the sub thats made me think that but instead of being a squishy kind of bass its turned into a really raw bass that is beyond deep, i heard this the first time in glasgow and it wasn’t really bassy at that part, i also think keith and maxims lyrics on the studio version have changed, like liams took out certain parts of the song, like the intro had maxim singing it and unlike before i never heard the studio voice but i hear d the Take Take Take during the chorus so maybe he took out To The lyrics from the studio track, either that or maxim mastered the sync of his lyrics with that track, keith also sings along with maxim in it too during the chorus and keith says Hospital in a really evil way during the intro its awesome.
Last but i’ll never say least is out of space, theres a fairly funny story behind this one, liam starts off with this cool airy sound, it has been there since 2005 but he always played it with the beats at the same time, never on its own, so the security guy walks into the massive subs at this point infront of me, then leo hits the drum and the guy actually falls down sideways with the blast 😆
Liam ended out of space with everyone singing as usual, tho sometimes he stopped the track at “take your brain to another diemention” i really didn’t like that at all because the croud would just stop.
They waved there goodbyes with that evil ice cream van song and then stand up came on and it stayed on until the fire work show was finished which was great.
Good Points For Me:
The Subwoofer: Was Incredible
Breathe Dubstep: is like something i’ll not be able to get bored of like i was with action radar link.
Take Me To The Hospital: it was awesome its been improved but i wouldn’t call it an edit theres still not enough stuff changed for that.
Maxim: i gave him a hi five when he was down at the guard rails.
Bad Points For Me:
Croud Control: although the croud wasn’t up for much there were stll a good group of people going mad at the front middle and there was 1 girl with a broken nose and blood everywhere on her, 6 people getting stretchered out, i mean is funny to see the odd person or two but all i seen that gig was girls running past me crying holding either there bra’s in place or holding there stomachs due to lack of air and cramp.
Take Me To The Hospital: It really isn’t long enough as it should be, it was all over in a flash.
Sleeping In a Bus Shelter In a place full of homeless people and heroin addicts and mostly both put together: this really fucking sucked, missed the bus back to glasgow so we had to get a bus back to the nearest city and then wait till 6:30 am, i got home at 12 this morning i’ve had like 3 hours sleep on the bus and i was up at 5 the previous morning to get ready.
Sunburn: yes i burn at these festivals all the time but this time was taking the piss, i was wearing a hat and now i’ve got this big fucking line on my forehead
All in all though it was a great gig for a festival gig, i wish it would have been like the concerts but festivals just cannot provide what the prodigy needs to give it their full strength i’d say rockness was a 6 out of ten for me and the prodigy’s performance a 7 out of ten





Photos from the show:

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