2009.03.26 – Roseland Ballroom, New York, USA

Date: 26th March 2009
Event: The Prodigy Concert – Invaders Must Die Tour
Venue: Roseland Ballroom
City: New York
Country: USA
Support: Busy P

1. Invaders Must Die Intro
2. World’s On Fire
3. Their Law
4. Breathe
5. Breathe (Dubstep)
6. Omen
7. Poison
8. Warrior’s Dance
9. Firestarter
10. Action Radar Link
11. Run With The Wolves
12. Thunder
13. Voodoo People
14. Comanche
15. Invaders Must Die
16. Diesel Power Beats
17. Smack My Bitch Up
18. Take Me To The Hospital
19. Your Love Link
20. Out Of Space

Extra info:
Premier live performance of Thunder.

Highlights by NEOREV:
Busy P was pretty wicked, got the place bumping and dancing. thought the time in between him and Prodge was a bit too long. after a while people were like COME THE FUCK ON ALREADY!
the crowd was fucking intense, i mean everywhere you went, everyone was moving. went with my girl Erin and my friend Joe, this is our 2nd gig, both times we all went together. brought my sister Danielle along this time for her first Prodigy experience. she loved it, she said The Prodigy’s crowd was the craziest and most into it audience she ever seen and she’s been to plenty of shows including NIN and Marilyn Manson. she was like everywhere i looked, people were just rocking out and never saw a show where EVERYONE is going nuts. hearing Maxim shout “Where the fuck is New York City” was euphoric! Liam did a lot of crazy tweaks and sounds and there were a few cool little jams. people went mad for the classics, but honestly it was more intense when the new tracks kicked in. i mean people went apeshit for the new tracks and a lot of people were singing along to the new stuff which is always good to see in NYC. they had a couple of shirts in XXL so i grabbed the album cover shirt and old horror IMD looking one. all in all, fucking awesome. much better than 05′ Their Law NYC show. had a great time. me and my mate wanna try and head out to the Boston show in May.

Review by Break’n Enter:
Anyways, I just managed to make it in time for the warm up and get a spot in the front lines. The Dj wasn’t that bad, kinda repetitive but after the long wait the crowd went absolutely crazy when Liam came out.
World’s on Fire kicked in and it sounded so good live and it got a great vibe from the crowd. Next Their Law was also greatly received and Rob was mad on that guitar I thought he was in great shape tonight. Omen was next and I think that was one of the highlights of the night. The crowd totally loved it and went nuts! It was a little unexpected but the new material I think got the best vibe of the night. Take me to the hospital was probably the other big tune the crowd loved.
Breathe Dubstep is amazing I have to say. Breathe is ‘meh’ for me but everybody knows it so its alright to have it in the setlist. But on the Dubstep Maxim was on top of his game ‘This is how we do it in the UK!’ everybody loved it too.
Comanche was the other Maxim favorite of the night I think, all three of them seemed go to insane on this one. I think I’ve never seen Liam jumping so much and Keith and Maxim where all over the place, they were really enjoying it.
The Diesel Power remix is also amazing! It uses the melody that Liam was mentioning in the interview and it works great live. I was probably one of the few that recognized it and I went crazy and I was pointing at Liam and I think he saw me and pointed back at me for like 5 seconds. That was so awesome!
Thunder has a different intro than the one in the album but I was insane live the crowd loved it! When I realized that they were going to play Thunder I went berserk but unfortunately I stepped on the site on my foot from the excitement and I thought I broke it or something it really hurt so I had to go to the side. I went back after a while though I decided I was ok. Still hurts but who cares I hear Thunder for the first time live, totally worth it :]
Some highlights of the night.
The crowd was really into it, it was a small venue so it had a great vibe to it.
One has to see Maxim live to appreciate how good he actually is, the vids do him not enough justice.
All three of them seemed in great mood they were constantly joking and smiling.
The new songs all went amazing and everybody recognized them.
I had the best one hour and a half ever! Can’t wait to see them again.




Photos from the show:

Various photos:

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