2005.04.22 – Columbiahalle, Berlin, Germany

Date: 22nd April 2005
Event: The Prodigy Concert – AONO Tour
Venue: Columbiahalle
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Support: DJ Tanith

1. Wake up Intro
2. Their Law
3. Wake up Call
4. Warning
5. Breathe
6. Spitfire
7. Girls / More Girls
8. Back 2 Skool
9. Firestarter
10. Action Radar Link
11. Mindfields
12. Poison
13. Method Beats
13. Smack My Bitch Up
14. Dead Ken Beats
15. Out Of Space

Extra info:
Review by maxreal:
I have no words to describe my feelings when Liam came out on stage, on front of me, and he thanks us all for that we were there, and when music starts i was most happiest man on the world, because it was my first prodigy gig ever. After Their law i havent any more power to go on into next song, but i was jumping and jumping, and screaming, and jumping:). Most incredible day in my whole life i must say. German fans was kindly nice as I spot it, but german people on the way back to Poland was a fucking morons. They dont know any word in english or they just dont want to help us in finding way to Autobahn. But fuck’em, I’ve been there, on the front of Liam, Maxim, and Keith. Keith looks like psycho on drugs, couple of times he did some stupid. funny things. One was that keith found some glasses and he put them on his nose, he tried to act some proffesor im think, he did couple of funny faces, and put them off to start some next wicked things. Fucking amazing stuff. Tracklist was like Montana written before, but he isnt right, Dead ken beats was played on the end of show, before or after Out of space, i dont remeber exactly, but definetly this song was played. The best part of the show was on “BACK TO SCHOOL”, “Firestarter”, BREATHE, and SpitFIRE, ,,fuck everything was great:)) cheers, and respect for all who been there, I havent spot many polish fans there, but it was great to see couple of them aswell. See ya”

review by neko:
“ext day have to wake up relatively early (well, 10ish) to get a lift with the German promoter of the shows. She’s been very nice and offered to take us along to Berlin , so that’s really cool. Poor Yuki though isn’t feeling too great today and goes for a nap as soon as we get to Berlin at about 4pm. I can’t rest and instead go for a very compact 90 min tour of Berlin , it’s a great city.
At about 8pm then we’re off to the Berlin Columbiahalle. Very nice change, Columbiahalle is a great venue. Small, intimate, with a size of about 3k it’s perfect for Prodigy. I have been here once before about 2 years ago to see Rancid and it was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to, so it’s great to be back.
The fact that the warm up DJs are really cool tonight helps a lot as well and as soon as we walk into the venue I can tell it’s a much better vibe than last night.
I’m not going to go into each track separately here (mainly because I don’t remember), but this is an absolutely amazing show. Despite the fact that there’s a slight setlist change, we don’t really hear anything new tonight, but the intensity of it all, whoah! This gig is now definitely up there with the Australia solo shows the band have done recently. It just all feels so right tonight, the sound, the atmosphere, and the gig as a whole is one of the kind you never want to end.”

review by Montana:
“i was back in town from hamburg at 7am in the morning. with car only 2 hourst to berlin. my legs were very cramped from the gig last night. i go to bed and sleep until 5pm. than eat something take a shower so on.. and then i went through the hall.
i was wondering that they start the gig at 20.31 not 20.41 like yesterday. that was the first surprise. but than the next surprise. the wakeup intro strats. but liam cut it and droped THEIR LAW at first. it was fucking great, me and my 3 friends put the motherfucking middlefingers in the air and jumped like hell. excellent surprise. good start…maybe the learned from the gig before in hamburg. nobody reconized that the show begin.
after then, WAKE UP CALLhit us!! now everybody was warm from the start. now time to take some air! warning starts. everybody get a bit slow and began to dance. good track too relax for the next bombs. i like the track much. the melody is in my head and dont stop running. nice performance from keith.maxim was off the stage and came back to drop Spitfire or BREATHE i dont know anymore . it is too much with two gigs. cant remember. but both performaces were fucking amazing. berlin went crazy. and i was in the center, iwas totally knockout after breathe cause two gigs rock like hell. i cant lift my legs cause they were so cramped. but nothing can stop me. Now Maxim ask the ladys in da house, but no lady understand that. very funny situation. everybody was screaming “yeah” also the guys, and maxim aks again..”where are the ladys in tha house!?” still the whole crowd screams! very sick. GIRLS+MORE GIRLSstarts an all the girls went crazy. now a lillte fill intro through back to school. and well, the track kickz ass like hell. You must hear it live to reconize the power. very impressive bass. and maxim with his 1-2-3 count as fast as he can
everytime a great performance. after the second count at the end of the last part of the track,everybody ticked out and rumbled everyone . it was simply sick but great ! after then the FIRESTARTER REMIXbegan his way. i dont like the version much. the performance of keith is very different too the older gigs back in the 90’s. in the old gigs keith grabed the mic and screamed the lyrics out and jumped like a psycho on the stage. but now nothing from than but still cool, cause everybody love the track and went totally crazy. and after than my favorit track from AONO starts. the action radar fillin combination with Climbitaze Horn. both build a perfect fill throug MINDFIELDS. and yes, one of the alive tracks from FOTL.and it rockz like back in the 90’s maybe more more. i love the track. than the little break starts. the band was off the stage and everybody screamed poison !!! than liam was back on his equip and ask “you want more!?” than maxim and keith came back to, and liam starts the poison samples. MAXIM said “EVERYBODY IN BERLIN…..BRING ME DA POISON!!!!”Now, the 2nd time in 2days i totally crossed out and went crazy. POISONdroped like a bomb and the whole crowd jumped!! very impressive performance from maxim like in old days!
i was finished on my strengths. but liam starts the Release your delf MIX of POISON. Maxim raps teh lyrics and teh beat bombed me away. great perfromace!really! maxim was fucking great! without a break SMBU kicks in, and everybody were in the final round and totally went out! just freaking amazing! i tried to scream out the vocals but i cant anymore. the perfect night ends with the big beats before Out of spacestarts.
the whole gig was great. my fith prodigy gig and everytime a new EXPERIENCE! fucking great! after the gig i cant walk anymore. the two gigs blast me away. *FATALITY!!* but I’m happy!


Photos from the show:

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