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“So I’m taking my work underground, I can’t let it fall into the wrong hands again.”

I’ve decided to continue the work I did for on my own. The aim of this site is gatering as many informations about The Prodigy gigs as possible. The site is based on official informations, fans review and stuff found on the Internet. I expect some informations may be wrong, some are incomplete. If you have been or you know of some other Prodigy liveshows that are not listed in this web, please share your information. I need reviews, tracklist, pics, posters and flyers. I do my best to won’t infringe a copyrights. On the other hand, you can use any information you find on this site. They are not mine anyways.

About copyrights: I want to apologise everyone who feels angry or displeased becasue of using someone’s materials without author’s consent or knowledge. I did my best to get authorization to all materials and not to offend anyone.

All dates are in format: yyyy/mm/dd.

Because of server limits almost all photos are downsized (resolution and quality). If you’re interested in some particular photos in better quality, contact me.

admins and the band

zbyniu, Buczo, LoBo and the band

Special thanks goes to the band, all Prodigy fans, BK crew, my family, especially to my wife and son, and to my friends. Big respect goes to Buczo and LoBo, whos did a great job with Thanks to Maxim Buryak (aka Keeti Palmer) for all his help and contribution, Makiba, DENOX for help with Spanish stuff. Special thanks to DJ Scotto for help with Rave New World tour (Scotto founded NASA – a NYC rave crew that was co-producing the Rave New World tour; designed and ran lights for The Prodigy, Moby & Richie Hawtin; also seen in the skate cult movie “Kids”. Visit his site: Thanks to facebook’s The Prodigy Memorabilia Appreciation Society. My inspirations was also David Stater and his not existed now site
Love you all!
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