2002.02.01 – Big Day Out Festival, Adelaide, Australia

Date: 1st February 2002
Event: Big Day Out Festival
Venue: Royal Adelaide Showgrounds
City: Adelaide
Country: Australia
Support: see timetable (picture)

1. Army March Intro
2. Their Law
3. Trigger
4. Breathe
5. Little Goblin
6. Smack My Bitch Up
7. Baby’s Got A Temper
8. Mindfields
9. Nuclear (v.2)
11. Poison
12. Benny Blanco
13. Firestarter
14. Fuel my fire

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Photos from the show:


3 comments to 2002.02.01 – Big Day Out Festival, Adelaide, Australia

  • Makiba

    Hello, here is a tracklist for this & next show (Perth), taken from ‘Q’ magazine: http://funkyimg.com/i/2PqXu.jpg

  • Makiba

    Thanks man! Also noticed in all 2001-2002 tracklists different remarks of Trigger & Nuclear versions – V.1, V.2, V3. But this remarks are not correct. Trigger was only one, and been played for 2 years in same version. It didn’t have any differences! But Nuclear really had 3 versions:
    1) first beta been played only once on 2001.08.17 – Rock ‘Oz Arenes Festival, Avenches, Switzerland – https://www.theprodigyontour.com/?p=1302
    2) second beta been played on all gigs since 2001.08.18 – Bizarre Festival, Weeze, Germany till 2002.07.26 – Fuji Rock Festival, Yuzawa, Japan
    3) and a final version been played 3 times on last 3 gigs in 2002 since 2002.08.23 – Leeds Festival, Leeds, England

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