2005.11.21 – S.E.C.C., Glasgow, Scotland

Date: 21st November 2005
Event: The Prodigy Concert – Their Law Tour
Venue: Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (S.E.C.C.)
City: Glasgow
Country: Scotland
Support: DJ Richard Keyte, Vatican DC and Backstage Sluts

1. Intro
2. Break and Enter
3. Wake The Fuck Up
4. Their Law
5. Breathe
6. Hotride (El Batori Mix)
7. Jericho
8. Spitfire
9. Back 2 Skool
10. Firestarter
11. Action Radar Link
12. Warning
13. Claustrophobic and We Are The Ruffest Link
14. No Good (Start The Dance)
15. Voodoo People
16. Climbatize Link
17. Poison
18. Diesel Power Beats
19. Smack My Bitch Up
20. Charly
Encore 2:
21. Out Of Space

Extra info:
Highlights by Sesame_Streete:
As for the show, the tracklis was superb. ‘Wake the fuck up jam’ was superb, and No Good sounded fantastic. Gone of that song recently but that just put it right back up there. The usual tracks were all brilliant and im sure the bass was turned up for Spitfire. It sounded like they played a sample from Voodoo beats in with Breathe, but that could just have been my imagination. Charly and OOS went down a bomb at the end, a nice way to finish the show, especially with the disco ball and back lighting for it. Awesome.
Nothing from the set was shit, just the ‘Bawbags’ in the crowd that were annoying, but it didn’t ruin another class performance.





Photos from the show:

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