1991.12.31 – Raindance, Leicester, England (cancelled)

Date: 31st December 1991
Event: Raindance
Venue: n/a
City: Leicester
Country: England


Extra info:
The Prodigy didn’t play at this event.


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  • David

    It is a well known fact that the Prodigy begged Stuart Reid the owner of The Eclipse club Coventry to play there they weren’t scheduled to play and weren’t on the flyer but Stuart allowed them to do a PA and The Prodigy were paid £60 for it. I note that on here the first time they are shown as playing the Eclipse was on a Friday night at an event called Shrine 12/4/91 alongside Shades of Rhythm the other PA of that night but when was that first PA the one they were paid £60 for. Although Shrine was held at The Eclipse Club it was Shrines responsibility for DJ’s and PA’s not Stuart and they would have earned a lot more by playing at Shrine. Can you please help in providing a date???

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