1991.10.05 – In-ter-dance Allnighter, Sterns, Worthing, England

Date: 5th October 1991
Event: In-ter-dance Allnighter
Venue: Sterns
City: Worthing
Country: England


Extra info:
Sterns was located in an old mansion on the southern slopes of the South Downs. It was also known as “The House on the Hill”. The building was based on 3 floors and had a number of rooms, the “Top Floor”, “Garage Club” & “Underground” each playing different genres of electronic music.
The main room was called the “Underground”, complete with signs in the style of the London Underground Logo. It boasted a massive 30 kW sound system, incredibly powerful for the space. The underground had an impressive array of lighting including a smoke machine, UV and a Laser.
Other rooms included the Garage room and chill out room and small cinema located on the first floor where ambient music was played. The club had an outdoor section with a tea room and seating. There was also the “Top Floor” just after the main entrance where there was another DJ playing and a bar area.
Sterns held regular weekly events. Some started at approx 8.00 p.m. and lasted until approx 2.00 a.m., usually on a Friday. Allnighters were held monthly on a Saturday and started at 9.00 p.m. and lasted through until 6.00 or 7.00 a.m..
To attend allnighters you had to sign up for membership of In-ter-dance. At its peak in 1992 In-ter-dance had 25000 members.
Often the party would continue well after the club closed in the adjacent car park where club goers cars fitted with sound systems would provide the music.



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