1992.01.23 – Mountford Hall, Liverpool, England

Date: 23rd January 1992
Event: Tunes 2
Venue: Mountford Hall, Liverpool University
City: Liverpool
Country: England

1. Android (’92 Live Jam)
2. Everybody In The Place (Fairground Remix)
3. Music Reach (Beta)
4. Your Love
5. Trouble At Sandy Heath
6. G-Force (Energy Flow)
7. Fire (Burning Demo Version)
8. Charly (Alley Cat Mix)

Extra info:
From Martin Roach’s book “Electronic Punks”:
The Liverpool show a week later [week after Sheffield’s Sound City] recived excellent coverage in the two main music weeklies, who portrayed The Prodigy as something much more substential than many people gaev them credited for, as theis review from NME shows: “The Prodigy are a riot. Liam Howlett meybe crouched centre stage over his heyboard, but he cleverly componsates by engaging three athletic, flamboyant dancers to embroider his breakbeats. The bare stage suddenly becomes a compulsive multifaceted enterainment extravaganza. The fascination lies in the layers of sounds, the crashing, supremely hedonistic beats, which weave to a crazy consluion. He’s a prodigious master of sound. The future in now.”

Photos from the show:

3 comments to 1992.01.23 – Mountford Hall, Liverpool, England

  • lsh

    recently a video from this show was uploaded on YouTube with video ID xqaQ2JWZ7T0 (I’m not going to post the full URL since I’m not sure if the “Leave a Reply” form would ban me for attempting posting links). The video is entitled “The Prodigy live 1991 (RARE UNSEEN) Keith Flint Tribute”, and Setlist.fm seems to be pretty accurate about the setlist too (it’s still based on the video, and might be probably incomplete; setlist ID is 2bc590f2):

    * Android (’92 Live jam)
    * Everybody in the Place (Fairground Remix)
    * Music Reach (1/2/3/4) (Beta)
    * Your Love
    * (Unknown)
    * G-Force (Energy Flow)
    * Fire (Burning Demo version)
    * Charly (Alley Cat Mix)

  • Makiba

    Unknown track is “Trouble At Sandy Health”. In this track been sampled phrase “One for the Trouble” from two different sources. Also “Trouble At Sandy Health” was on poster for next gig.

  • Makiba

    “Trouble At Sandy Heath”, not “Health”, sorry.

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