1993.02.04 – Rave New World, Metropolis, Montreal, Canada

Date: 4th February 1993
Event: Rave New World
Venue: Metropolis
City: Montreal
Country: Canada


Extra info:
Review by Francois Dion
Ok, so i went to the moby/prodigy show last week at Metropolis. Got there at 9:45 pm. In short it was great, but…
As a lot (and i do mean a *LOT*) of people told me, they expressed a concern as to why 3/4 of the stuff the DJs were playing seemed to be the same thing.
The thing is that 2 were from +8 (hardcore label with groups like cybersonik and F.U.S.E.), and another one from DNA (Tiga) who is also a lot into hardcore. The fourth was Robert Dela Gauthier who is less centralised on one style. As a DJ i prefer that approach. Anyway, most of the people were there to listen to Moby or Prodigy. (Got someone who called last friday at the station and asked why they wouldn’t but anything by the Shamen… So i played Jesus loves amerika). Anyway, at some point Cybersonik got on stage and played for about 20 minutes. Bleedin’ hardcore. Real good. Then a bit later it was Moby’s turn (in New York and Philly it was Prodigy, then Moby instead of the inverse here). He got on stage (i wasn’t sure it was him), then suddenly the music starts and lots of lights coming from one point behind the guy.
Slowsynths… until he says: “Bonjour, mon nom est Moby!”. At that moment ah-ah starts playing and he’s dancing like a madman! (BTW, i did record the intro and friday i made a simulated live recording of ah-ah with PZM mikes).
The moby part was the best with Next is the E (with the “i feel it” vocals) And yes, Stuart Moby not only think he’s god, he really is! 8) Last, it was prodigy. Bummer. I tought i was watching early EMF with a guy trying to rap or something… BTW, i have Jericho live, and i recorded it at Metropolis, and it’s the same exact thing except for an error they made at the beginning and they had to reloop the thing. The problem here is that in studio they sound pretty good, but live they suck. And they didn’t even play some of their best songs like charly, everybody in the place or
pandemonium. Well i do have to give them credit for the fact that they were more “live” than Moby who had a DAT for the music, and was faking on his keyboard. But he was really using the mike.


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