1994.12.27 – Leisureland, Galway, Ireland

Date: 27th December 1994
Event: The Prodigy Concert – The Jilted Generation Tour
Venue: Leisureland
City: Galway
Country: Ireland


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1 comment to 1994.12.27 – Leisureland, Galway, Ireland

  • Gary Vaughan

    Was a great first rave for 14 year old me and I never looked back, the Dutch hardcore at the beginning by Jamie Smart was amazing, can remember 6 million ways to die was dropped in his set, the 4th Dimension O Leary brothers raised the roof and Howlett and the boys took all our brains to another dimension after, ye played rolling rock with Liam on the snare, also remember funky shit was dropped, Flint arrived on stage in an inflatable ball at one point, my mate Niall Egan got to go on stage dancing for one love and when the tune was over he hit a couple of keys on Liams synth that played out on the PA, I even got given Flints reflective glasses at the end cos they feel off his head didn’t the dry and the security passed then or to me, they looked like Geordi Lá Forge from star treks futuristic sight glasses, amazing night lads and thanks for the memories <3

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