2022.07.14 – Mountford Hall, Liverpool, England

Date: 14th July 2022
Event: The Prodigy Concert
Venue: Mountford Hall
City: Liverpool
Country: England
Support: Jaguar Skills

1. Breathe
2. Omen
3. Wild Frontier
4. Light Up The Sky
5. Climabtize
6. Everybody In The Place
7. Voodoo People
8. Firestarter
9. Roadblox
10. Their Law
11. No Good (Start The Dance)
12. Poison
13. Get Your Fight On
14. Need Someone
15. Smack My Bitch Up
16. Take Me To The Hospital
17. Invaders Must Die
18. We Live Forever
19. Out Of Space

Extra info:
Review by by Billy Vitch, www.newsoundgeneration.co.uk:
It’s a hot and humid evening here in Liverpool as I find myself walking towards Liverpool’s Mountford hall ahead of the show, they first played in this venue in 1992!
I take a seat on a bench to relax before the venue starts to let people in. Outside I notice several ticket touts and a guy selling his own PRODIGY merchandise, which I rarely see at shows in Liverpool and I guess it just shows you how iconic and adored THE PRODIGY really are!
This is the 3rd date of the tour with the first two dates being in Sheffield last week.
I get to wondering about the show ahead, sadly as many of you will know Keith Flint the charismatic singer and frontman of the band tragically passed away in 2019 at the relatively young age of 49. His passing shook the music world to its core and changed the music world forever. As time passed, a lot of us must have started to wonder if the band would ever play live again and if they did, then how would that look? Well, tonight, just over three years since they lost Keith we find out as they emerge on their first tour since his passing.
THE PRODIGY was formed in Braintree, Essex, in 1990 by keyboardist and songwriter Liam Howlett. Liam Howlett met dancer and vocalist Keith Flint in 1989 at a rave at which Howlett was DJing. After Flint requested Howlett make a mix tape for him, Howlett said he would and upon returning the tape several days later Howlett had scratched the word “PRODIGY” onto it later saying the name came from the Moog Prodigy analogue synthesiser he used. Keith and his friend keyboardist Leeroy Thornhill developed new dance sequences to the music Liam had recorded for them and suggested to Howlett that they begin a group together. They were then joined by Maxim who was then known as Maxim Reality who then became the band’s MC and collectively became one of the best bands and dance groups to ever come out of the UK and quite possibly, the rest of the world!
As the venue starts to fill up we are treated to a DJ set from Jaguar Skills who plays us bangers from the early 90s rave days, this really sets the tone for the night as many of the audience although surprisingly mixed, grew up on this music in the early 90s!
I was 12 when THE PRODIGY released their debut full-length album ‘Experience’ and I still get goosebumps thinking about it. The album was the first time I had listened to something seriously and I can say it definitely helped me survive through some traumatic stuff at the time. Listening to these guys back then and seeing their photographs in magazines also taught me not to give a f**k about what anyone thought of me and to dress how I wanted!
Anyway back to the show! Even though I love the band, I have never actually seen them live before and I am also going to be photographing them! To say I am excited is an understatement, although at the same time I am feeling extremely nervous too! Who wouldn’t be right?
I have a million things racing around my brain as the venue fills up to its 2300-person capacity and one question on my mind that will undoubtedly be on a lot of other people’s minds too is, will they be as good without Keith? Well, I can tell you now that yes, they are! Different but just as good, Maxim has really stepped up and it’s amazing and very emotional to see him take on the now solo role of frontman without his trusty wingman Keith, Liam as always is flawless in his delivery and I feel the set as it goes forward is a constant homage to their fallen brother!
The show kicks off with their hit song ‘BREATHE’ and for the next hour and a half we are treated to other bangers like VOODOO, EVERYBODY IN THE PLACE, NO GOOD, GET YOUR FIGHT ON and many more from more than 7 albums that span over 30 years!
Their energy on stage is immense and I find it hard to believe that they are all now in their early to mid-50s!
As I mentioned earlier, I had never been to a PRODIGY show and didn’t really know what to expect so I was blown away to realize when the show took off that it felt just like I was back in one of the warehouse raves of the early 1990s, although this time I was lacking the chemical enhancement of those days LOL, it really was magical with all the Laser lights, to see people hugging, dancing with their eyes closed, and dripping in sweat with big smiles on their faces, god I have missed this!
This show was just one big old rave from start to finish and the atmosphere is likely one that I will not experience again for a long time, if ever! It has truly been an honour and privilege to see this band live after first listening to them in my bedroom aged just twelve. I truly believe Keith lives on in them and their music and it just felt right!
Thank you guys for the music and memories!
Fly high Keith, we will always love you! x



Photos from the show:

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