2023.11.16 – OVO Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland

Date: 16th November 2023
Event: The Prodigy Conert – Army of the Ants Tour
Venue: OVO Hydro
City: Glasgow
Country: Scotland
Support: Jack Saunders, Soft Play

1. Breathe
2. Omen
3. Light Up The Sky
4. Voodoo People
5. Climbatize
6. Everybody In The Place
7. Omen (Reprise)
8. Firestarter
9. Wild Frontier
10. Roadblox
11. No Good (Start The Dance)
12. Get Your Fight On
13. Their Law
14. Poison
15. Need Someone
16. Smack My Bitch Up
17. Take Me To The Hospital
18. Invaders Must Die
19. We Live Forever
20. Out Of Space

Extra info:
Review by Craig McConnell, www.thenational.scot:
The Prodigy at OVO Hydro – An unforgettable night
IF you’re around my age, The Prodigy are one of those bands that always seem to have existed. They turned club success into stardom with live shows that were more thrilling than any other; and captured a fan base that spanned from ravers to metal heads.
They continue to be one of the most influential bands in the world today, most notably seen in Scotland’s own Dead Pony who are already making huge waves of their own thanks to a similar blend of genres. It could be argued that dancer-turned singer Keith Flint was the most instrumental element in their leap to super stardom thanks to his unique punk-cum-raver attitude and style.
The nation woke up to the heart-breaking news of Keith’s passing on March 4th, 2019, and tonight is the first night The Prodigy played in Scotland since. It’s bound to be an emotional return for the group and we’re at The Hydro to soak up every drop of it on the opening night of The Army of the Ants tour.
The show is opened by Soft Play. This rock duo had previously gone by the name Slaves, which is what you may know them by. The transition to a more socially acceptable moniker hasn’t taken the edge off their music in the slightest, however. We get a sharp, abrasive, and raw punk rock that you just know Keith would have approved of. Drummer and vocalist Issac Holman spits vitriol out from behind the drum kit that he’s stood at while Laurie Vincent thrashes around with his guitar (despite technical issues causing it to cut out every now and then).
The guitar work is part Dead Kennedys with tastes of Ramones and Black Flag. The energy of Holman is something to behold as he channels the spirit of Lydon, Pop and Strummer – all while boiling it down to the purist fury the stage at The Hydro has ever seen. Normally such a large space allows too much energy to evaporate before it hits the fans at the back, but Soft Play is a nuclear reactor of anger that could rile up any crowd. By the time Soft Play’s onslaught is over, the atmosphere is beyond electric.
While the road crew set up for The Prodigy, Radio One mainstay Jack Saunders keeps the crowd running with an impressive show of genuine DJ skills. It’s easy to dismiss popular DJs as nothing more than presenters, but this interlude would prove you wrong. Saunders is orchestrating the collision of numerous songs at once which forces you to move your body. There’s trance, drum & bass, and even cheeky nods to the rock fans including a singalong to Linkin Park’s Numb.
The mix of electronic and rock supports is perfect for The Prodigy and having Jack Saunders fill the gap between live acts keeps the crowd hot for our headliners. For the short time between the end of Saunders’s set and the main act coming on, the crowd are on an amber light and revving their engines. Glow sticks are being passed back and shared amongst strangers whilst they sing along with Slipknot’s Duality which is playing on the PA.
The moment we’ve been waiting for arrives before very long, and the emotional release from 14,000 people hits the stage like a tidal wave to the scene of strobe lights and sounds of siren-esque synths. Frontman Maxim enters to the instantly recognizable intro of Breathe and repeats the words as if they were an instruction to the crowd to stay calm.
Guitarist Rob Holliday darts across the stage while laying down powerful guitar lines that confirm the rock status of the night. At every break and opportunity, Maxim speaks to the crowd – fondly referring to us as his “Glaswegians” – and it makes for the warmest connection. The highlight and most emotional point of the night came with a massive mannequin standing over the sound desk firing lasers from its eyes to form the figure of the late Keith Flint as his anthem Firestarter begins. The crowd erupting does Keith proud with the most raucous of tributes.
The set leaves the crowd with nothing more they could ask for. The hits are peppered through the night with the strongest of tracks holding them together. The lightshow and lasers are breath-taking as we find ourselves in the best rave in the world. There is not one member of this band who isn’t pouring everything they have into this performance and the crowd are returning every drop of that energy. Although Keith may not be here in person, his spirit of rock ‘n’ rave is living inside every fan tonight.
Scotland finally got to pay tribute to the unparalleled showman with a night that no one is going to forget.




Photos from the show:

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