1997.07.27 – Fuji Rock Festival, Narusawa, Japan (cancelled)

Date: 27th July 1997
Event: Fuji Rock Festival
Venue: Tenjinyama Ski Resort
City: Narusawa
Country: Japan
Support: see timetable


Extra info:
The first year of the festival, held on Tenjinyama Ski Resort near Mt Fuji (and hence the name), was a disaster. It was scheduled to be a two-day event, but by sheer bad luck the first day of the event was struck by a typhoon. The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ headline set, played through a storm despite Anthony Kiedis having a broken arm, is almost legendary amongst Fuji Rock veterans. The festival-goers were poorly prepared for the heavy rain and strong winds, and many needed medical attention from hypothermia (although no deaths occurred). The organisers decided to cancel the second day of the event (which turned out to be sunny), and thus ended Japan’s first outdoor rock festival. The organizers were criticized for being poorly prepared for bad weather, and for not organising enough buses to link the site to the nearest train station.

The day before planned gig Maxim and Keith performed with Rage Against The Machine, they played We Take Their Shelter.

Mainstage timetable:
11:00 Sugizo
11:40 Southern Culture On The Skids
12:30 ??
13:10 Weezer
14:20 Hotei
15:40 The Seahorses
17:10 Beck
18:50 Green Day
20:30 The Prodigy





Photos from the show:

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  • Aaron

    Hey mate this is a really strange request. I am a massive seahorses fan and have been looking for a tour programme from this festival for a long time! I was wondering if there was any possibility of you scanning the page with their information in it? Or even just taking a HD photo would be excellent. Sorry for niche request. Thanks in advance. My email is aaroncurrie66@icloud.com.

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