1997.06.27 – Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, England

Date: 27th June 1997
Event: Glastonbury Festival
Venue: Worthy Farm
City: Pilton
Country: England
Support: see timetable

1. Smack My Bitch Up
2. Voodoo People
3. Breathe
4. Poison
5. Funky Shit
6. Their Law
7. Firedrill
8. Serial Thrilla
9. Climbatize Link
10. Mindfields
11. Rock’n’roll
12. Firestarter
13. Fuel My Fire
14. Gabba

Extra info:
Pyramid Stage timetable:
18:45 Supergrass
20:30 Smashing Pumpkins
22:45 The Prodigy

Breathe performance of this gig is avelible on Glastonbury Anthems – The Best Of Glastonbury 1994-2004 DVD.

Notes by glastonburyfestival.co.uk:
Torrential rain just before the weekend resulted in this being the “Year of the Mud”. Undeterred, festival-goers boogied in their boots to more live performances than ever before. This year’s highlights included a “dubhenge” made from upended VW beetles and campervans and the first ever Greenpeace field with a reconstructed Rainbow Warrior and solar heated showers. The site expanded to 800 acres, a daily newspaper was published by Select and BBC2 broadcast live. Greenpeace, Oxfam, Water Aid and Mid-Somerset CND were the main beneficiaries.

Review by phantomlord@hotmail.com:
From the reckless abandon of Mr Flint and Maxim?s random moments ofinsanity to Liam and Leeroy’s skilful attacks on the synthesisers and mixing decks….I was begging for – “more, more…” is the sound that echoed for an age after this truly magnificent performance by the band that simply doesn’t give a rats arse!!
Yes…the Prodigy @ Glastonbury 1997.
Dennis Pennis’ introduction left me sceptical , but only for a second. Starting with the truly awesome Smack My Bitch Up to Voodoo People. But then catastrophic disaster technical problems resulted in the Prod evacuating the stage. Did they smack their bitch too hard???
After 13 minutes and 49 seconds of my eager anticipation of their return, Dennis reappeared assuring a hot sweaty (and very muddy) audience that, “the best Australian Prodigy tribute band” would resume their set. Too late for the two lads in front of me who left after 5 minutes of waiting remember boys – good things come to those who wait.
Returning to the stage with Breathe, the audience responded brilliantly indulging in non-stop oblivion for the rest of the set as did the boys on stage. Highlights being “Poison”, “Firestarter, and “Fuel My Fire”, the latter being a cover of the Cosmic Psychos, not L7 as I originally thought.
On returning to my tent, the chanting of “I’m the bitch you hated”and requesting screams for “Narayan” and “Charlie” continued till the early hours of the morning.
Overall the performance being absolutely fabulous darling!






Photos from the show:


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