1997.06.03 – Irving Plaza, New York, USA

Date: 3rd June 1997
Event: The Prodigy Concert
Venue: Irving Plaza
City: New York
Country: USA
Support: n/a


Extra info:


Photos from the show:


2 comments to 1997.06.03 – Irving Plaza, New York, USA

  • lsh

    The last photo marked as “Central Park, New York, NY” is really interesting to me. Let me explain why: I just have never seen it earlier. Almost 20 years ago I got a few pirate cassettes that I’ve put onto Discogs a year ago to keep the history:

    * Part 1: https://www.discogs.com/release/7940528-Singles-Remix-98-Part-1/images — not sure about this one (probably another date and location? but still very similar)
    * Part 2: https://www.discogs.com/The-Prodigy-Singles-Remix-98-Part-2/release/7940565 — seems to be exactly the same date

    I’m still wondering where did the pirates take those photos that, I believe, belong to this date. Really. I’ve never seen any more photos from this photosession.

  • lsh

    Another the only thing I could use to identify the photosessions is just Keith’s hair spikes style and color. At least they give some hints for certain time ranges of their touring. Still highly impressed by the last photo of The Prodigy in the park.

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