1998.06.24 – State Theater, Detroit, USA

Date: 24th June 1998
Event: The Prodigy Concert – The Fat Of The Land Tour
Venue: State Theater
City: Detroit, MI
Country: USA
Support: Meat Beat Manifesto


Extra info:
Poster descripction:
Here you have another classic from the always impressive Emek. Done for Prodigy at the State Theater in Detroit on June 24, 1998, this poster has an incredible amount of detail. As said by Emek himself on emek.net, “6 armed samurai, more detail than you can shake a sword at.” This poster is rare.

Notes by C3:
One nice thing about heavy travel for work, it affords you wide exposure to a lot of music across the US.  I was on a consulting gig at the University of Michigan and I just happened to check the area for shows and looky what I find…Prodigy…in Detroit…DONE.
So I went to this one alone…in downtown Detroit.  While walking to the theatre from the dimly lit parking lot a couple of blocks away, all I could picture in my head was the teen thugs from the movie Kids and me taking a beatdown from a gang of children.  I have no idea how I didn’t get mugged/raped/killed that night.
Prodigy was absolutely going off – the beats were so loud that it felt like a full body massage to be in that audience.  I got legitimately nauseated from the gut-punching I received from the speakers located on all four sides of the theatre.  Got my grind on with some random-but-hot, inked and pierced chick…good times.  Meat Beat Manifesto opened and I hadn’t heard of them before, but they were awesome as well and I became an immediate fan.

Poster (1st edition):

Poster (keyline edition):

Poster (reprint):



Photos from the show:

1 comment to 1998.06.24 – State Theater, Detroit, USA

  • steve

    hey that keith flint autographed ticket you got pictured….that was mine lol!! i sold it on ebay after flint passed away and i see the picture is still floating around out there. so the story goes, me and my ex girlfriend we leaving the show and walking down elizabeth street (i believe that was the street). there was a side door popped open and 5 or 6 people standing right outside it. when we walked by, there was keith flint standing there. he took a couple sips of water out of a dixie cup and started signing for the few people who were standing there. i don’t believe he said a word, of course we were probably only standing there for a minute or so. i would have loved to keep the ticket but hey, got bills to pay and after awhile i just realize i have to much stuff. i think i got about $130 for it. it’s the only techno show i’ve ever been to and loved every second of it…

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