1998.06.23 – Insomnia, Montreal, Canada

Date: 23rd June 1998
Event: Insomnia
Venue: De Maurier Tennis Stadium (known also as Jarry Park)
City: Montreal
Country: Canada
Support: n/a

1. Run DMC Intro
2. Rock’n’roll
3. Their Law
4. Funky Shit
5. Breathe
6. Voodoo People
7. Voodoo Beats
8. Firestarter
9. Mindfields
10. Serial Thrilla
11. Smack My Bitch Up
12. Fuel My Fire

Extra info:
Others on stage: Bran Van 3000, Meat Beat Manifesto, Danny Tanaglia, Way Out West from the U.K., Kardinal Offishall, Das EFX, Josh Wink, DJ Honda from Japan, A-Trak

Review by Kenny Almeida:
This is my second prodigy gig ive saw in my life and of course , its the best one i saw !!! (first one,1995 in portugual).
The Show : After a boring band stopped playing, it was dark for about 20-30 minutes and then, a normal guy went on stage and said in french “Montreal !!!!! (crowd yelling madly) are you fucking ready ?????
please welcome from the UK one of the most popular band in Canada , its t-h-e PRODIGY !!!!!!!!”
Of course everyone yelled coz they were so exited so was i 🙂
Liam was walking and was clapping his hands and a bigger louder crowd me and my friends were almost squashed we were almost in front.
Then Liam began doin a little jam track and the smack my bitch up intro was coming so was Maxim and Keith (you cant imagine the crowd getting hyped :))
“Montreal !! , this is yours !!! ” said Maxim with the beat kicking in everybody was fuckin pogoing like crazy motherfuckers !!!!! 🙂 (so was i 🙂
After , during the night , they did : Smack my bitch up – breathe – their law (wich was the greatest song from the show coz everybody sang and jumped)-funky shit – serial thrilla – voodoo peoplechem bros remix-rock n roll-breathe-poison-a phat jam track and they have finished with Firestarter everybody yelled and wanted more of the pounding sounds of the Prodigy 🙂
The End : when they left Liam said Thank you (with a smile on his face) and the members seemed to enjoy the gig and Leeroy was fuckin crazy during that gig he danced PHATLY 🙂 . When the Prodigy left the stadium, a boring band was next and almost the half of the crowd whent back to the rave and I’m sure that the floor was 6 feet more deeper coz at least 10 000 people were pogoing 🙂



Backstage pass:

2 comments to 1998.06.23 – Insomnia, Montreal, Canada

  • Paul Keleny

    Dude, this is priceless. Thank-you.
    Here is my recollection:
    Somehow we decided to go – probably for Bran Van, as we know some members (Dave, Sarah and Liquid)
    Set the scene:
    Jarry Stadium – no roof, hot summer day, biggest holiday of the year (St-Jean) celebration in session. Me with my schroom-distributing ever-hyped but super chill friend, who proposed we do some. We did, but they had not kicked in yet. Bran Van was good (Local band, home-town advantage). They finished. We waited. It was hot, too hot and crowded. The crowd was getting restless. A small, dark cloud came over the stadium, Prodigy came on – opening with Smack my Bitch Up, the cloud let go – rain relief at the same time as the schrooms kicking in – it was AWESOME. I was a punk in adolescence but had never heard Prodigy before that epic moment. Concert finished. There was a rave in the next building that followed. I had never been to one – I remember this first taste of electronic music and the tiger balm smeared asian twins in dayglo bikinis. So much fun in one day!

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