1999.04.17 – SKK Sports Complex, St. Petersburg, Russia

Date: 17th April 1999
Event: The Prodigy Concert
Venue: SKK Sports Complex
City: St. Petersburg
Country: Russia
Support: some local DJs, Spirali

1. Rock’n’roll 98
2. Smack My Bitch Up
3. Funky Shit
4. Prepare For The Rush
5. Breathe
6. Fuck What You Want (v.1)
7. Voodoo People
8. Voodoo Beats
9. Their Law
10. Firestarter
11. Mindfields
12. Poison
13. Rhythm Of Life
14. Fuel My Fire

Extra info:

Review by SedOY:
We arrived in St. Petersburg on saturday morning and went to the hotel SOVETSKAYA. We slept a bit and than we went to SKK (the place the Prodigy gig was) by metro (underground).
Of course we bought a lot of beer, bottle of vodka (best way to get acquainted) and food and then went to park (near SKK), there were hundreds of fans. Most of them were already drunk and shouted ‘Prodigy – is life!’. We met there fans from Europe (from England, Estonia, Latvia) and from russian towns.
After a few bottles of beer we went in front of the SKK. There were a lot of milicia (cops). At 15 min to 7p.m. they opened the barrier,- and we got in,- there was a totaly control, so I had to give to cops all drinks and my big chain. My friend had my kodak (with it I made all photos), so he had to hide it in his pants. Actually we bought ticket by 490rur (=20 dollars), but we were not ready to sit/stand so far, and we run near to stage.
To say, that ‘warm up’ before Prodigy was crap/full shit – is to say nothing. I mean everybody was shouted to St. Peter’s DJs: ‘na hui’ [‘fuck you!’ in eng] and threw all plastic bottles from COLAs to the stage.
Even Moscow break-beat band ‘Spirali’ didn’t make us to dance/slam. All that shit lasted 2 hours, I and some guys couldn’t tolerate that and went back. But we were still there and only 4-5 rows of fans were beetween us and the stage.
And that was the moment I expected 2 years , since Prodigy concert in Red Square: Liam went to his dj stuff and all the crowd was in full ecstasy. And then Maxim did really fired the crowd with ROCK’n’ROLL.
That day Maxim sang his new song from future solo album. There were also such tracks, as:
from Fat Of The Land:
SMBU, Breathe, Serial Thrilla, Funky shit, Mindfields, Firestarter, Fuel my fire
from Music for the Jilted Generation:
Their law, Voodoo people, Poison (i ‘m not sure),
… and Rhythm Of Life and maybe others…
That day, I noticed, the front man was Maxim, Keith was real cool too (he did fired guys with ‘Firestarter’), but it looked like he was a bit tired, or something else.
After 5-6 we were ‘dead’, we couldn’t breathe in that crowd, so we went to the toilet (we were very sweaty) and bought water.
But it wasn’t the end. We went back to the place located far from stage. There was some space, so we danced/slamed there. I think SKK was almost full (there were about 10-14 thousand people). So the last track and the lights went out. The gig was finished. I really liked it!



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Review from Fuzz, May 1999:

Photos from the show:

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