1999.03.22 – The Big Nite Out, Cape Town, South Africa

Date: 22nd March 1999
Event: The Big Nite Out
Venue: Bellville Velodrome
City: Cape Town
Country: South Africa
Support: see lineup


Extra info:
Probably premiere performance of Fuck What You Want.

The Prodigy
Sister Bliss
Heavy G
Battery 9

Review by Steve Downing:
The evening before (Sunday 21st March) we were lurking at the goth / metal Purple Turtle in Cape Town having a few drinks. Not too full, maybe 40 or 50 people. At about 10 pm (? time sense is not my strong point!) all the Prodge walk in together with a few relaxed bodyguards for a drink.
People were almost too polite in not making a fuss about them, so they pretty much sat around the bar and pool area having a few (wickedly cheap as Leeroy noted! – about 90 UK pence each) beers. Keith was fairly reserved but seemed friendly enough.  Leeroy chatty and friendly.
I said I hoped they would get a chance to get up Table Mountain via the cable car for the stunning views, maybe to the beaches, etc.  Pity ’cos visiting bands always in such a rush the cities they visit don’t get much chance to give something back.
Talked for about 10 mins, then said we are off, enjoy the evening, have a blast on Monday night cos we certainly would be! oh, and please try not to develop too big a hangover from the cheap beer!
The concert
Um, Faithless playing first were WAY impressive.  Very good sound and lighting.  We really enjoyed ourselves and I am NOT a big fan of Faithless (esp. HATE that ”This is my church…” song).
But the Prodigy burst on, playing a set to about 20 000 that was not exceedingly long, but high-energy nevertheless and wot a PHAT bass!  U could feel the air. People were not jammed in like other concerts so I could easily move right to the front middle, then back a few rows to mosh a while, then back out to the front left to dance, upthe stands to watch the crowd go wild.
Loved to hear 2 versions of SMBU.  Really superb. Radical concert.  Way surpassed expectations. Just a pity there was no sign of Sister Bliss and Heavy g’s DJ-ing we were expecting.  I was expecting a rave till 10am. Midnight after Prodigy all the lights went on, and everyone shuttled out.  All wired to the hilt with B I G  Pupils and urgently needing to party!


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