2004.11.20 – Revolution, Amsterdam, Holland

Date: 20th November 2004
Event: Revolution
Venue: Heineken Music Hall
City: Amsterdam
Country: Holland
Support: see timetable

1. Wake Up Intro
2. Wake Up Call
3. Their Law
4. Warning
5. Sptifre
6. Dead Ken Beats
7. Breathe
8. Girls / More Girls
9. Medusa’s Path
10. Firestarter
11. Hotride
12. Back 2 Skool
13. The Way It Is
14. Mindfields
15. Poison
16. Smack My Bitch Up

Extra info:
Premiere performance of Dead Ken Beats.

Black Box timetable:
22:00 Michael Caine
23:00 Chicks On Speed
23:30 DJ Mad Ed
00:30 Prodigy
01:45 Freestylers
04:00 Joris Voorn
06:30 Curfew

Review by ET:
Well it was all at the Revolution party in Amsterdam. First they took my digital camera. We came in, some intro music played, and waited. Then a DJ started playing some tekno with breakbeats on it, was ok. Then a group called ?Chicks on Speed? performed on the mainstage. I rather call them ?Chicks on LSD?. They were insane, and the music was crap, a big laughter! Then a DJ started playing again, and we were losing our patience! It was 8 years for me since I saw them at the Pinkpop festival!
At last 0.30 am. The Prodigy!!!!
Liam came up, with Jim Davies and the drummer. Liam did some soundchecking 1st, as usual.
01 Wake Up!
Back on tour, Maxim and Keith joins on the stage performing the lyrics, people started jumping, screaming and dancing!
02 Their Law
What can I say, one of the best (live) tracks ever! Middlefingers raised and jump, jump ,jump!
03 Warning
Well Keith and Liam are getting the hang on this one. Improvement since their 1st one in Athens! There is a better intermezzo with some more and heavier breakbeats! Only I could not hear Keith singing that good. I know the lyrics, but many people did not hear them L.
04 Spitfire
One of the best on their latest album, and live also an amazing experience! Maxim and Keith on vocals, better then the album version I say. 05 Breathe
Best duet ever by Keith and Maxim, they fill in each other perfect, and the crowd?????.going MAD!
06 Girls, remixed Girls, More Girls
?For all the ladies in the house?: and there were some hot girls in the Heineken Music Hall 😛
07 Medusa?s Path
Time for relaxation and a cigarette break, or joints (Amsterdam 😉 ) Liam alone on stage, and the scream sample is so cool.
08 Hotride
The Prodigy have learned from their previous gigs. The sound sample of Juliette Lewes was louder then Keith?s singing. He did sing along, however not that loud and not in the beginning of the track.
09 A new track
Ausum track track real fast! With Keith and Maxim on vocals together!
10 The Way It Is
?That?s just the way it is????That?s just they way we are?: Maxim expressed his philosophy.
11 Back to school
Unfamiliar to me, new track, and indeed oldstyle. Heavy real fast breakbeats,
12 Firestarter
I did not expect to see the moves Keith does in the video. But he did it again! Keith old? In years maybe, not in his mind.
They paused, the Prodigy just chatted round the Jam of Liam. Real cool, keeping the temptation up!
13 Mindfields
It is a thriller track, and when Maxim said: ?I walk on mindfields, ergh!? Most children would start to cry! He?s such a cool MC They all went backstage, but the lights were still on So???????:P
14 Poison (hyperspeed remix)
At first just ?Bring me the Poison!? but then??.faster, heavier, faster, heavier??..
15 Smack my Bitch Up
le grande finale!
Keith and Maxim applaused to us, we to them. They went backstage. Then Liam slowly turned his sounds of and also thanked us! A technician turned the base of definetely.
Well 2 new tracks on it: Back to School and another unfamiliar one (new album?). However, hard to hear Maxim and Keith on vocals when you are 5 meters from stage and boxsets! The tracks are real good anyway. Fast, extremely fast! Most satisfying of the gig for me was to see some dancing of Keith. An inspiration for my moves and to all of us. I did not thought about Leeroy during the Gig. There was some room to dance, not like in an outdoor gig! I felt that breakbeats are still hot! And it continued! 2.00 am
The Freestylers DJ-set
Well they started with my favourite track of The Prodigy: Out of Space! I am ET after all. They took some samples of the part of the lyrics and then some heavy breakbeats. So one Experience track after all!
Then they did some other DJ?ing with samples of other artists. Some old school HipHop, some new shit, and of course the promotion of their latest album: ?Raw as Fuck?. After 2 ˝ hours of Freestylers a dutch DJ performed (modern) tekno: Joris Voorn. It all lasted till 7 am. For the complete line-up go to the Revolution?s official site!
Hope to see The Prodigy soon again, when they are hopefully going to tour in Europes next festivalseason!

Review by neko:
So Germany was good, but the one we were really looking for was of course Amsterdam. Had a pretty cool day in Amsterdam already, a few drinks in the evening and got to the Heinecken Music Hall shortly after 10pm. Very cool place, 2 different rooms with DJs on, all kinds of little bars and generally very nice atmosphere. I was having such a great time there it almost felt like a bit too much that now Prodigy would play as well. We watched ‘Chicks on Speed’ (not too bad at all) had a couple of cocktails and then just before midnight we went a bit towards the front of the stage where Prodigy would be on. Everyone’s so relaxed and chilled here, we just find a nice little spot at the front.
Now, ready for The Prodigy!
Wake Up Intro & Wake Up Call, oooooh, brilliant to get the crowd going. Atmosphere here is just great, everyone’s dancing and having a good time. Next on are Their Law and Warning, probably still my two favourite tracks in the set, but it’s getting harder and harder to decide. And I don’t know what’s happened to Keith. He’s always been an amazing performer, but these two shows in Cologne and Amsterdam he is actually better than ever. One look at him and you could tell he’s having the best time ever, he loves what he’s doing and that makes him even better – So much energy, enthusiasm and audience contact as never before.
Spitfire …. Maxim more in the spotlight again, Keith also doing his bits, going down to the crowd for the first of many times this evening.
Now after this has finished the totally unexpected, yet ANOTHER NEW TRACK! Makes you think, how many more treats has Mr Howlett got in store for us inside his apple mac? The track appears to get played mostly through the mac directly, heavy beats, vocals by Maxim, Keith performing to it as well, very very nice. It’s one of those great moments, being there at a show, hearing a great new track for the first time, live there and then. That’s what makes it all so worth it.
The track gets a very good reception, but even more reaction now for Breathe. And Girls & More Girls. I know I can’t stop praising Keith at this show, but Maxim’s pretty good as well. You all know what he’s like, staring at random people in the audience with a look that would scare the shit out of every little kid and then shouting the roof off the building.
Now Keith and Maxim are leaving the stage and it’s back to Liam behind the keyboards with support from Kieron on drums and it’s Medusas Path. As I said before, I’m usually all for the full-on energy tracks, but this one is different, and I like it. Not just because it is a breather in the set, I really like the track for what it is, and I love the studio version since they’ve been playing it live. After this is finished, Keith and Jim come back on stage and the slow fill from yesterday is cut very short tonight and they start right into Firestarter.
It’s a good performance of the track tonight, but generally I think I am a bit less keen on Firestarter live than I used to. Not sure what happened to that ‘transition to a new version’ [see interview] Liam said we would hear during the shows preceeding the UK tour. He’d have to make it a very quick transition with just two shows left until Birmingham! But with the amount of (good!) new stuff he’s been spitting out lately I think we can forgive him really.
Next on then Hotride. I actually like how they’ve got Firestarter a bit earlier in the set now, i’ts a good way to get the crowd going again after Medusas Path, with Hotride this was usually a bit more difficult. The start of Hotride is always quite good, but before it can go further now suddenly some amazingly stupid asshole throws at glass bottle on stage and it hits Keith’s forehead directly. Keith now dissapears behind the stage, but they continue to play Hotride and what we get to hear as a result is of course a much clamer version of Hotride with the Juliette Lewis voice samples only. Where’s Keith?
After about 2 minutes Keith runs back on stage and finishes the rest of the track. He’s got 3 scars on his forehead and there’s actually blood running down his face, but he doesn’t seem to care, just continues being as good as he’s been all weekend. Gotta say it, huge RESPECT for that!
Now of course the Back to School track. Maxim is back on stage doing his vocals, Keith doing his old skool dance to it and then the beats in this track… soooo good! Like at each show I’ve seen this track played people ‘get’ it immediatly and go crazy to these massive beats.
Now The way it is, usaually a Maxim-only track, but Keith, despite still having blood running down his face stays on as well. Still probably my least favourite track in the set now, but tonight nothing’s any less than brilliant. Now Mindfields, and even here Keith stays on for a while, then leaving Maxim to deliver a very strong performance of this. The sound at this show is good, but sometimes a bit weird, as if someone turned down the volume or turned off half of the speakers, just in the middle of a track. It’s not all that bad, but a bit weird sometimes. As last night after Mindfields now, the band are leaving for people to cheer for more, then of course they return.
Liam now starts with some intro beats, leading into Poison. Maxim of course leading this track, but Keith is already back as well, it’s like he doesn’t want to leave that stage tonight for a single minute (and that’s definitely a good thing)! Finally then the always amazing Smack My Bitch Up. Nobody wants this to end, but we all know it has to at some point. At the end, everyone’s leaving, but Liam remains on stage on his own, playing wome pretty cool outro beats again extending the show just one last minute now.
Now that’s it, gig over, European tour over. Yes guys, that’s the end of my little 2 months stint to shows almost every weekend. I have to say I knew it was going to be good and already Istanbul blew me away. But I would have never ever thought they would manage to get back into such great form with Liam bringing us so much great new stuff, not just the new tracks, but also various little fills that keep changing at every show. I wish I’d remember all these little things that make each show so different and special and great. The rest of the band as well though, performance-wise they’re definitely all on a high and it’s getting better and better.
As you can probably guess my little reviews are always slightly subjective and depend a lot on my personal experience, but as an overall judgement I’d definitely say Amsterdam, Barcelona and Zurich were the best ones for me – best shows, best venues, best setlist and as it happens also the nicest cities on the tour.
The band are also playing Japan next week, and then it’s the start of the UK tour, which I’ll hopefully be able to follow in full. Watch this space …

Review by Steve:
After a day of waiting finally at 6:00pm I catched the train from Dordrecht up to Haarlem, where a good friend Gino lives. At 7:00pm we meet at the station. We walked to his house, there we had some drinks, ordered some nice food and waited to go to Amsterdam. The food arrived too late, it took almost 45 mins before we had it. So we had to hurry if we wanted to catch the train for 9:30pm to get there. We didn’t wanted to arrive at the party to early (bad decision). Finally we finished eating and were running to the station to catch the train. Too late, just when we arrived the train was leaving… gladly another train went 10 mins later to Amsterdam. Finally at Amsterdam Central Station we had to take the metro that would stop next to the Heineken Music Hall. In the metro we met 7 ugly dudes that were touching eachother and making fun of everybody, dunno why they didn’t diss us. Arriving next to the Heinken Music Hall we walked into the music hall, damn crowded there. It was a bad decision we were there at 10:30pm, I heard from people who were already there that when the Hall opened 1 hour before people could walk straight to security check in. We had a problem we needed some type of coins to buy drinks, but the line up was so long that we waited 15 mins for some fucked up coins. Ok finally, check in! Damn, in line again…. Before we could give our tickets it was 30 mins later… and; we were in. Pfff, first getting some beer and then up to the party! While standing in line for drinks the bass finally came up, damn I wanted to get to the party. There were 2 party rooms, 1 named The Black Box and 1 named Future Rebels Room. The black box was a “small” party area. The Black Box is where the mainparty was (see picture). We decided to go to the balcony to check out the party, it wasn’t very crowded, on the dancefloor there wasnt many people either. On stage were ‘Chicks on Speed’. From what I could hear they really sucked, their yelling and shouting didn’t made sence and the crowd didn’t really react to the performance in my view. Anyways, we were there for the Prodigy. 23:30 DJ Mad Ed showed up after Chicks on Speed, damn that Ed did a really good job, more people on the dancefloor but still not fully crowded and we went into the Blackbox. Ed was playing some good dancemusic and we danced a bit. 00:00 we went to get some drinks and were relaxing on the balcony again. Checking our watches till prodigy came on stage (00:30), damn 30 mins can be a long time. Finally Ed went off stage and there was silence.
Prodigy began to play an intro before the first song Wake up Call. The whole black Box was crowded and Booom! The bass of Wake up Call boosts in, the whole crowd jumping. Everybody screaming and having fun.
Then Their Law began, one of the best live tracks in my opinion, everybody singing FUCK EM….!
Warning was next, also a great live track which the crowd appreciated, the party was going on! Keiths performance was great with all his expressions on his face imposing the audience.
Spitfire: Everybody screaming When I was in World War 3 they called me Spitfire! Maxim and Keith on the vocals, great live track!
Mr. Howlett had finished another new track that was to be played live for the first time, heay beats with an industrial flavour. I think it was in the style of Who u Foolin’ (if I’m right). Maxim and Keith on the vocals.
Breathe begins, everybody screaming jeaaah! Maxim and Keith confrontating eachother on stage.
Girls began, less live track but audience liked everything from the prodigy, morphing into More Girls made the crowd jump like hell again.
After More Girls Keith and Maxim left the stage Liam was alone with the keyboards and 8 blue lights turned on his set, very cool, Medusas Path began. Great track to build up the upcoming tracks.
After this song Keith and Jim came back on stage and Firestarter began. Nice performance of Keith, screaming his lungs out. Crowd was going crazy!
Hotride next, Keith doing his thing on stage, halfway through this track Keith disappears from stage… (Later I knew why, someone out of the audience threw a bottle at Keiths head.) The stage was empty but after a while Keith was back on stage with some blood on his head doing his thing again.
Concert continues… Back to School. On stage Maxim was on the right hand side of the stage and Keith on the left side of the stage, while making contact wit the audience.
The Way it is, with Maxim and Keith on stage. A great live track with sort of disco influence, very cool.
With Keith still on stage Mindfields starts. Maxim Kicking and punching in the air going crazy, what an energy!
Intro of Poison leading into to main track, Poison is and has always been a great live track, crowd going out of his mind!
Last track, Smack My Bitch Up. One of the best live tracks of the evening, everytime u hear the scream in this song the lights went similar to the scream, very cool. At the end of SMBU Liam remains on stage alone while playing the outro, some sort of old school sound, very cool.
My first Prodigy concert and I must say “it’s a must do thing in your life”. Definitely not my last Prodigy concert!!



Photos from the show:

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