2004.10.23 – Arena, Stockholm, Sweden

Date: 23rd October 2004
Event: The Prodigy Concert – AONO Tour
Venue: Arena
City: Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Support: n/a

1. Wake Up Intro
2. Wake Up Call
3. Warning
4. Their Law
5. Spitfire
6. Girls / More Girls
7. Breathe
8. Medusa’s Path
9. Hotride
10. Frequencies
11. The Way It Is
12. Mindfields
13. Firestarter
14. Poison
15. Smack My Bitch Up

Extra info:
Review by The_obscure:
I came to the place at 17:30, there weren´t so many people there, we took a place in the line, then the guards opened the doors at about 19:00 (late) and we walked in and went to the stage, we got a great spot just in the front behind some hot girls who was doing some moves which were pretty comical actually.
There were a DJ on stage that I think totally sucked, he was a really amateur DJ, he played music which sounded like some modern rave, and sometimes he mixed in some samples from Prodigy songs, like two times.
Then when he had played for a long time the audience and I got really sick and tired of him, I heard people and I also said things like “I´m so tired of him now” and “Can´t he leave the stage”.
Then when Prodigy were supposed to enter the stage at 19:30 he still stood there, then I was really tired of him when the time were 20:30 and he were still there, thru his performence people “did deep voices” that meens that he sucks. But..20:30 he left the stage, and now it was time for a hell of a show!
The lights got low and the “Wake up intro” started, this is cool.
And the guitarrist and the drummer got on stage, then Liam. “Wake up call” started and Keith and Maxim ran out, now the crowd got really wild, everybody was jumping as hell, it was great!
Then “Warning” started, I really like this song, Keith rocked on the consert and I´ve been listening to it alot from the Athens gig, it´s a killer.
Then it was “Their law”, that rocks live so much that it doesn´t exists, it´s such a release to just put the “fuck you” finger up while everybody´s shouting “Fuck ém and their law”.
Then the show continued but I don´t know the exact setlist, but the next song was “Spitfire”, which was awesome.
Then I guess it was “Breath”, wich was one of my favorites from the show, the crowd were really loosing it (in a good way offcourse) on this song.
Then I think “Girls – More girls” came on, and now I was too exuasted, it was as hot as it can be, and I had first one t-shirt, one hooded fat shirt then a home-made Prodigy t-shirt on that, and in this song I was actually feeling sick. So I walked thru the crowd to the bar and just said “One Pepsi”, then when I got it, it was gone in 5 seconds, then I got another soda which lasted for some minutes.
I was at the back of the crowd for maybe 4 songs, then I walked in to some area were people were jumping, now I didn´t feel sick anymore, then on “Smack my bitch up” I just pushed myself to the front and just raved with all people there until the end.
Prodigy were great on the show, they got everybody going and Keith were wild (not as wild as before I know), and Maxim´s comments are hard to beat.
It´s hard to tell which songs are my favorites from the gig, it depends on so many factors, for example..I didn´t enjoy “Girls – More girls” to 100% because I was just standing there feeling pretty sick. And some songs you like more when you´re actually there, but then you like other songs in the stereo when you´re listening to a recording at home.
But I really enjoying:
Wake up call – perfect to start the show with
Their law – a release, and the crowd were crazy
Breath – the first Prodigy song I heard, one of my favorites, the crowd were insane! Prodigy were insane! Number 1 on the show!
Firestarter – huge to see Keith do this live!
Smack my bitch up – just as I said..a kick to hear these classic songs live, and this song is on my top 10 of Prodigy songs. And we really raved on this.
Warning – I really like that song
Spitfire – just great live
Then when we were at the place were you take the buss home to the town we live in: Uppsala. We discovered that the next buss were to go at 2:00 am, and if we were to take that, we would be home in Uppsala at the time were there aren´t any busses going.
So we stayed the whole night in Stockholm and took the 7:00 train home, we were hanging out with two other guys who were at the Prodigy show, we had really interesting and deep conversations about Prodigy and other stuff.



Photos from the show:

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