2004.10.22 – KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Date: 22nd October 2004
Event: The Prodigy Concert – AONO Tour
Venue: KB Hallen
City: Copenhagen
Country: Denmark
Support: DJ 2000F

1. Wake Up Intro
2. Wake Up Call
3. Warning
4. Their Law
5. Spitfire
6. Girls / More Girls
7. Breathe
8. Medusa’s Path
9. Hotride
10. Frequencies
11. The Way It Is
12. Mindfields
13. Firestarter
14. Poison
15. Smack My Bitch Up

Extra info:
Premiere performance of Frequencies.

Review by Lectro:
I were at KB-Hallen were The Prodigy were to play at 18:30 pm. The doors were supposed to open at 7 pm but there was a bit delay. When the doors open not many had arrived… I dunno exactly how many were at the place but I would say about 500 or maybe even less. Though the lack of people the vibe was all good. Listening to people who were talking about the band that I love was a really good thing ’cause in my daily-life in Viborg, Denmark not many I know likes the band so therefore you must be able to imagine the blessing I felt of being surrounded by people who like me likes real music! Funny to listen to different conversations about Prodigy ’cause I really realised how much I know about the band when people didn’t have their facts strait. Anyway another cool thing was that I felt so much at home and I could talk with the guys about the music… -So yeah the vibe was there but still people were needed when the doors opened at about 7:30 pm. Then me and my two mates went in and we got standing-places in the right at the front so that was really cool. I thought those standingplaces were awsum ’cause in the front of me there were two loud-speakers which were set up like the usual standing-place Prodigy always have close to the audience. The security told us to sit down untill the dj got on the stage – that was a little after 8 pm.
The music was good – old skool breakbeat – but the danish dj just had a really rediculous look. He just made me laugh really. He just didn’t fit in with the music he played and when he went baserk and tried to dance like a maniac he looked like an idiot. When the dj had played for half an hour two of his mates joined him – a MC and a guy in a yellow t-shirt saying “Missekat” (“pussycat”) who just drank 7UP and danced a little bit – he was a weird fuck too and it was just fucking hillarious. The MC were cool enough though but when these three persons had played for over an hour I were just praying for Prodigy. And then the dj announced that Prodigy had asked them to play some slower tunes because they wanted to get on the stage in 15 minutes and they thought it was a little too fast the music that the dj-played – probably compared to the music Prodigy were gonna start out with.
Then the dj and his mates finally fucked off and the Wake Up Call-Intro got played. Wow man that was fucking fresh! Wake Up! -That voice was really cool made and it just got my adrenaline pumping and I finally realised that The Prodigy were gonna be in front of me in a little while. Then Liam, Maxim, Keith, Tony and Jim went on the stage and the crowd went nuts – I should say that half an hour before Prodigy came on stage more people had shown up and now about 2000 or more were in KB-Hallen so the floor was filled up. Anyway… looking at this band in reality was just fucking unreal! It was amazing and when Keith Flint went out on the standing-place in front of me during Wake Up Call and pointed at me and looked me strait in the eyes I just really felt alive. And I really realised how much Prodigy likes to connect with the crowd. -Keef looked me in the eyes at least 3 times and Maxim 1 time and you know that was just amazing for me. It all were so overwhelming and fantastic – I was looking at my favorite band for the first time of my life – Fucking yeah! And the feel got better and better through the gig – of course – not because of beer but because people just went crazier and crazier and all danced like maniacs! Expecially after they played Breathe people began pushing at the front but I didn’t let anyone get in front of me so I pushed the mutherfuckers back! But during the last track Smack My Bitch up Maxim went out in the standing-place in front of me and people behind me wanted to reach out for him so I couldn’t move, hehe. -That was kinda funny. Also funny was the fact that some guys behind me kept yelling: “Spacehopper”…
Well… now I wanna let you know concrete what I thought about the tracks and the way they were played. The set were almost the same as in Athens but there were a few differences! […]
Wake Up Call-intro / Wake Up Call:
The intro was fresh and new-sounding. In generel the links etc. between the tracks were a lot better than the recorded ones at Athens. And man! The sound when you are actually there is a sound you cannot capture in a recording. I’ve never heard a live-recording which captures the real live-sound – that is one of the major things the gig made me realise.
When Wake Up Call were played of course all people were going nuts since the band came on stage and the sound were also really good for me. Cool thing is that I think Liam did some live-stunts like in the old days. This is not just about Wake Up Call but in general. The ends and the beginnings of the tracks were something I’d never heard before and it just sounded like something Liam would do live – so I think… not just playback this time!
Never realised how good Keith sounds live. On the various recorded live-gigs it varies – sometimes Keith is good sometimes not, but at this gig he definently sounded good and this track is just a killer live. It fits Keith and Keith fits it. I’m not a punk, I’m just a cunt, You’re talking to me?, Yeah I’m probably drunk!!!
Btw. Keith were wearing the same leather-pants as in Greece.
Their Law:
What a great live track! People rocked at this one so what more can I say? It has always been good so it was just a big buzz hearing it live…
Blew me away you fuckers! Maxim doing them vocals and you know he can…
Girls / More Girls:
Yet another new track and when this was played it only really made me realise why Liam choosed this to be the first new single-track. It is a fresh track and it does stand out. It really is a very special track and therefore it’s good that it gets the attension it does by not only being an albumtrack but also a standalone single-track. Anyway live this one sounded a lot better than on the Athens-vidz too. The link between the Girls and the More Girls parts were perfect – Actually I didn’t hear the link which is why it was so perfect. Actually it just sounded like one track and that works very well.
This fucker is good. Same verison as in Athens but Keith sounded better here in Copenhagen. He performed it really well and I was once more amazed, hehe. The whole gig was like a dream come true to me but I am not lying to you or to myself – Keith did sound good on this one!
Mad crowd so far? Well they got really mad when this champ-track got played. Pushing, jumping, dancing, yelling, reaching etc. – all were getting wilder now! And fuck this was a dream coming true! Breathe is still the best Prodigy-track and it rocks live!
Medusa’s Path:
When this track came on I was sweathing like a pig. I’d been dancing and jumping through all the tracks so I took the liberty to smoke a cigarette and just relaxe for a bit. It’s actually quite nice that this track is played to give people a chance to breathe a bit. Sound was also good on this one as with all the tracks!
New untitled track:
Surprised me a lot to hear another new track which apparently were made the same day as Liam played it here in Copenhagen. Was a wild live-track and when I accepted that I’d never heard this one before I just danced to it. Sound was like the Who U Foolin-pitching sound, beat was a bit like Serial Thrille/Fuel My Fire as I remember it and then Maxim were doing some freestyle lyrics for it. Really nice to hear new stuff!
The Way It Is:
Just cool just cool. Whoa the bass!!!
When I saw the Athens-vidz I didn’t think this track fitted the rest. It sounded dated on that recording but now I understand why Liam wants to play this one live. It is one of the best tunes from The Fat Of The Land so it deserves to be played.
After playing Mindfields the Prodigy left the stage and all yelled them back to play a few extra-tracks as some people call them. -Namely Poison and Smack My Bitch Up. Poison will always be one of the Prodigy’s all time best tracks and you all know why so I wont bother writing a lot to this one either. -It goes without saying and the sound was perfect!
Smack My Bitch Up:
After the downtempo-track Poison Smack My Bitch Up got played as the final track. All went crazier than ever and it just blew me away. I was happy though I knew the gig would be over after this one. When the track ended Maxim, Keith, Tony and Jim left the scene leaving Liam alone doing some freestyle sounds just before he went down before the crowd to receive his blessing – then he left the scene and the gig was over.
It was the best experience in my life – fucking top notch quality gig! There’s not enough words… Prodigy is the best band ever! Nothing can beat their music not ever… After the gig I bought the new sweatband and t-shirt (the black one saying “The Prodigy”) and me and my mates went to the Prodigy-afterparty were they played old experience-era tracks – not only Prodigy of course. The place was crowded because Prodigy was supposed to come. After an hour or so we left the place since the guy who had invited us said that there only was a very very little chance that they’d come (that was not what the fucker said when he handed the invitations out – when he did that he said that they definently would come). But I don’t care it was cool being in a bar where they played old skool Prodigy-tracks!!! Everybody In The Place, Wind It Up, Fire – YEAH!
If you haven’t seen The Prodigy live do so when you have the chance – I am so happy that I didn’t let this oportunity pass! It was simply just the best!!! -Or let me refrase it to this: “Was the gig good? -Let me say it to you this way: My neck and legs still hurts, hehe”!


Photos from the show:

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