2005.11.04 – Electronic Beats Festival, Amsterdam, Holland

Date: 4th November 2005
Event: Electronic Beats Festival
Venue: Heineken Music Hall
City: Amsterdam
Country: Holland
Support: see timetable

1. Symphonic Intro
2. Wake The Fuck Up
3. Their Law
4. Hotride (El Batori Mix)
5. Breathe
6. Spitfire
7. Back 2 Skool
8. Firestarter
9. Action Radar Link
10. Warning
11. No Good (Start The Dance)
12. Voodoo People
13. Poison
14. Smack My Bitch Up
15. Out Of Space

Extra info:
20:30 doors
20:30 – 21:10 Mad Ed (DJ)
21:10 – 21:25 Benny Rodrigues (DJ)
21:25 – 21:55 Northern Lite
21:55 – 22:15 Mad Ed (DJ)
22:15 – 23:15 Stereo MC’s
23:15 – 00:00 Mad Ed (DJ)
00:00 – 01:15 The Prodigy
01:15 – 02:00 DJ
02:00 – 03:15 Audio Bullys
03:15 – 04:30 DJ
04:30 – 06:30 Benny Rodrigues (DJ)

Review by ET:
What a day and night! It was fun, exhausting and massive!
I cycled to Heerlen round 2 pm and got on the train at 3. I already fell asleep and they had to wake me up for my ticket, which was quite hilarious.
Round 6 I was there for the meeting, soon Mac.Nificent came. We already knew many people could not make it that early. We talked about The Prodigy and the website enjoying a few beers. We also met Excidium in the JinSo Café.
Round 8 we installed ourselves in the queue before the doors of HMH. We already noticed that comparing to last year there were many nice woman present! Also the people that came to the festival was quite diverse, some with piercings and tatoos, others just casual clothes, some quite poshy, etc, etc.
The Gates Are Opened: First thing I wanted to do was check out the mergendice. I bought meself a new Prodigy shirt from Their Law. They were also promoting Their Law DVD and 2cd there, which I think many people bought there! Then we went to the garderobe.
Nothern Lite: 1 man on a sort of a keyboard, 1 man on vocals and a guitarplayer. The 3 man formation brought some nice tunes: rock combined with Electronic music. Not that hard though, quite relaxing and good as a warm up. People were dancing and enjoying the band. Too bad they only played 5 tracks, in my opinion they deserved more! Last track was Go with the Flow I think, best track I’ve heard.
After that a DJ came up and Mac and I spammed the tagboard on .nl We met Arie there to and saw Stereo MC’s together. It was an ok show. They missed some interaction with the crowd though, they did not quite connected. Best tracks were Connected and Drop, Down and Dirty. All the girls were dancing sexy on that last 1. After the Stereo MC’s I met BliekenBitter, missed ‘m later on, but he was with other friends there.
Neko messaged me that she was there and she found us before I could find her. We also met 2 others there, forgot their names though. One said: and you are Arie, the Collector. LOL! So it was waiting now, waiting for the thing we came for, The Prodigy! No time for beer now, coz you just can’t get away when you installed yourself in the frontrow, left watching the stage. While waiting a good Drum and Bass DJ was bringing us some nice mixes of Blur, UnderWorld and old skool tunes, mixed into Drum and Bass. There was not really place for dancing, but the girls and the music made the waiting acceptable.
10 past 12….at last. The Prodigy kicked in with the old Symphonic Intro also heard on the fesitvals this summer. Liam installed himself and we applauded for ‘m. For some it was time to Wake The Fok Up, and hearing this great mix of NightBreed Spitfire beats with Wake Up I don’t think they had a choice. Maxim and Keith came on, we screaming and applauding. The Decibells kicked in hard, the boxes were just 5 meters away from us. People started jumpin’, screaming and some dancing. OK that woke us up! And right away Their Law followed, it just never gets boring, it is still the same as in 2004 but noone cares for that. Arie, Neko and Mac  were dancing and enjoying the music at the frontrow. I was going from the MoshPit and back to them all the time. Dancing is the MoshPit is just the coolest thing to do, all people jumping, pushing and all and a little alien is just dancing in the pit. Got some ellbows as usual but when The Prodigy is playing and I had some beer I just don’t feel it and give a fok! There was also a woman that fainted, another guy and I catched her and another man called security. She had been takin’ out.
The Samples of HotRide kicked in, Keith was warming himself up, not that he needed coz he was already sweating a river. And he was not the only one, we were sweating like hell to. “Your a Passenger, just another Passenger” A year ago HotRide was lame, since this summer it is really good and Keith rox on it. People were singing, jumping and dancing along: “My Beatifull, you’re Beautifull!”
Time for an oldie again, Breathe the Pressure, instinctivly I lighted a sig and danced to the beats. Maxim and Keith were one, singing and dancing together. Maxim also said: “Exhale exhale….you’re looking Pale….!” Some time ago I heard ‘m saying that!
SpitFire, damn this is so cool. Maxim on full vocal. Keith dancing and jumping and doing his weird shit like flying on stage. A real arskicking tune with such a nice rhythm. I really like to swing my head from left to right on it, lol donno why 😛
I’ll Take you Back 2 Skool, teach you how to build a Bomb. One year ago I heard it the first time. One Year ago I saw Keith dancing on it, Prodigy dance style. On PukkelPop I missed that. Now, I saw ‘m again, damn he is so good! Crowd going mad, it just starts relaxed, and get’s off and on again. Best live track for me. Keith still does vocals on it to, I prefered the version with Maxim only on vocals and Keith just dancing on the oldskool beats.
Time to burn and sweat even more: FireStarter and Action Radar Link. Damn the old FireStarter was lame, the one is just so much better. You can jump on it, you can groove on it and Keith just got a better voice then a few years ago. The new samples just kick in and when it is over you have A little Action is All I need, which is beautifull.
Warning, quite a welcome surprise, reading reviews of the last gig where it was not on the tracklist. “I’m not a Punk, I’m just a Cunt. Talking to me…propably Drunk!”
OMG, yeah it is really true: No Good (start the Dance) First they played the normal edit version, which was so cool to hear live, one of my favourite Prodigy songs. Some stupid people were jumping and moshing on it, but the most of the crowd were dancing. The edit transfered into a new fresh and Drum and Bass verion of No Good. Damn, you can fok up a great tune by mixing it, but this was better! I really felt it and liked it.
Voodoo People, really cool. Although I miss the old sample in it, the maintheme of the tune. Maxim and Keith are really good on this one. Maxim kicking and Keith was kissing girls on the frontrow. We discussed this later and we agreed that it should be really cool for a girl to kiss a sweaty Keith 😛
Time for a break, Kieron Pepper had enough of his drumsticks and threw ‘m into the crowd. I was looking down and suddenly I said WTF a stick. In a reflex I picked it up, unaware what really was going on. Mac in front of me was aware though, he just felt the stick that smashed on his head. So I got a drumstick of The Prodigy, still can’t believe it! Me the Luxzorz!
After the little break Poison kicked in, Maxim on his best singing and entertaining and moving us with MC’ing. First the normal, then the spelling of P O I S O N, which the crowd loved. And the drums drove it into HyperSpeed.
Smack my Bitch Up followed soon, Keith was on full esteam again. He made the movements of Smacking a Bitch which is so funny to see. Mac and I dropped in the MoshPit again and the MoshPit on SMBU is just the ruffest. After SMBU Keith disappeared, he did well and deserved his rest after a great performance. I was hoping to hear Dead Ken Beats now, but I had to go to Out of Space again to find another Race. I don’t like the drums on it, I just prefer to hear it just with the Beats, however it still owns me. After it they left, I missed the singing of the crowd at the end. It was really over. Mixed feelings: Sweating like hell, exhausted, burned out, but also feeling bad it was over again. This was one gig I won’t forget for the rest of my life, this gig will stay in my sweet memory for ever and brings warm feelings to my heart.
So Gig over, Neko left, Arie left a bit later cause he needed to be stand by at 8 again for work. We drank some beer and rested, my feet and lower legs were extremely heavy. We decided to check on the Audio Bullys and went way up the stairs to the tribune. We danced a bit and they were ok. A 2 man show, 1 musicmaker and one performer singer. No Out of Space again, really expected that. After some time we got back in the crowd and danced. They left for a while and came back with some new tunes which were quite good. Audio Bullys are very cool, but not as good live as The Prodigy, they kinda miss that extra The Prodigy got with Keith and Maxim. Audio Bullys stopped, time for some food etc. Mac and I went to the internetcafé again. There Mac found a mail with the phonenumber of Soof and we met her. We talked for a while about The Prodigy’s performance today and after some time we went to the tribune again to relax a lill’ The DJ that was playing now was not that good, more a man that you can find on Ibiza and Salou. More club and groove. I prefered the Drum and Bass DJ that was playing before The Prodigy. Still we felt like dancing and we danced till 6 am. The poor DJ even tried to mix Smack My Bitch Up, which was cool to hear, however he really fucked the tune up!
Time to go Home, ET using his Phone and playing some Prodigy tunes on it. We walked to the train and Soof and I needed the same train. Said goodbye to Mac, got in the first train, so tired, drunk and doozy that I forgot a trainticket. It was a nice fine, blegh, but I can laugh about it, so fokking stupid LOL! Den Bosch, had to say gbye to Soof to and slept till Heerlen in the train, got my bike back and half drunk cycling trough Heerlen and Landgraaf I saw many people looking at me like WTF, you need sleep 😛 Been awake from 6 am till 11.30 am and had a wonderfull time. Cool to meet other Prodigy fans, some I knew some I did not.
Thank you for this wonderfull gig, I hope to see more the upcoming years! Keep it on!



Photos from the show:

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