2005.08.01 – Auditorio do Parque de Castrelos , Vigo, Spain

Date: 1st August 2005
Event: The Prodigy Concert – AONO Tour
Venue: Auditorio do Parque de Castrelos
City: Vigo
Country: Spain
Support: Deluxe

1. Wake Up Intro
2. Wake Up Call
3. Wake The Fuck Up
4. Their Law
5. Warning
6. Breathe
7. Spitfire
8. Back 2 Skool
9. Firestarter
10. Action Radar Link
11. Hotride (El Batori Mix)
12. Voodoo People
13. Poison
14. Method Beats
15. Smack My Bitch Up
16. Out Of Space

Extra info:
Review by FinalX:
Me and Alien took a bus from Lisbon to Vigo to see for the second time our favourite band, The Prodigy.
We took off at 10:30 and got there at 19:30 (8h trip), but well worth it.
When we arrived at the terminal bus station we got anther bus to “Parque de Castrelos” (15mins) where the “Prodigy” and another band “Deluxe” were going
to play. It was a very nice spot, the stage was set in a sort of arena surrounded by trees.
People that wanted to go to the arena had to pay 12 euros for the ticket while people standing outside the arena, after the pit, DIDN’T HAD to pay, never saw anything like that.
Of course i already had bought my tickets online but still i would have bought them in Vigo, cause the arena is the place to be to watch a band like the Prodigy.
The arena was almost empty when Deluxe started playing but as time got by it got full (guess for what?).
Deluxe started at 22:30 and played for an hour or so.
They are a spanish rock like group and it was nice to hear them warming up for the main stage band, the Prodigy.
We managed to get to the front, I was on the second row and Alien on the first.
As “Deluxe finished people started screaming “Prodigy, prodigy…”, you could tell that everybody was there to watch them.
Prodigy started at 00:00 give it or take.
They started with Wake Up (intro) and then Liam comes in and all you can hear are whistles and people applauding the electronic gods that are about to incinerate the place.
Following the intro comes Wake Up Call everybody jumping and screaming, Spanish people going wild.
I realize the track is shortened, i find it cool, because i still thought it was a little repetive, but i couldn’t expect
what was about to happen next.
A new track, or jam, or whatever you wanna call it.
Wake the Fuck up Jam is so fast, and so agressive that everybody was jumping and enjoying it like it was the best track they ever heard.
Maxim was great on the track, Liam was on the keyboard like a maniac and Keith was boucing wall over the place. The flute arabian melo was explosive.
Next was Their Law awesome live track, always kicking high. Maxim gave me that psycho look and then laughed (priceless).
Next track was the New Warning, back in SBSR i heard the previous version of Warning, that was perfect imho.
This version isn’t bad, but it has less melodic parts into it.
If this was the first version of Warning i had heard i hadn’t been impressed as i was with the previous one.
Keith was really into it tonight, always moving and feeling the vibe.
Breathe was next, always a crowd rocker, Vigo people were insane during the tune.
Then was Spitfire and Back To School with Keith saying “I take you back to school”, Liam also extended the finale signaling Maxim that he was going to drop the beat on us again.
Firestarter was the next tune to drop in. Vigo went mad. People got confuse in the new guitar parts of this remix, but you got to love them.
Action radar link couldn’t have come better after Firestarter, i was tired of jumping and screaming and this link gives you the time to refresh and get ready for the next tunes.
As the sound fades out Liam teases us with the intro sound of Hotride and everybody gets ready for part 2.
This mix of Hotride is weird as i had heard in some live recordings but Keith was giving 200% on the track and it really has some good parts in it. Kieron was really giving in the drums really hard.
Next is the new mix of Voodoo People with the cool slow parts in it giving a refresh vibe, really nice actually, although this
track is the less hard bass track in their current set.
Prodigy left the stage leaving a hungry crowd begging for more.
The band returns.
Maxim starts shouting something like (i don’t remember correctly) “You want more, what do you want Vigo”.
Of course he was refering to Poison, but Vigo people were shouting Smack my Bitch up.
Poison came followed by Method Beat and the place was shaking.
I think it was during Poison that Keith walked through the front row to touch the fans.
Then the track most of Vigo was expecting, Smack My Bitch Up. People just jumped and pushed like animals in a cage.
Keith and Maxim were jumping and rocking the crowd.
Out of Space kicked in and i jumped till my legs were no more singing the lyrics.
I love this tune, it’s so full of energy, it would be great if Liam brought back other Experience tracks, like Jericho.
After Out of Space it was over, some people still waited for more. People were pleased and i think the band too.
The Prodigy rocked the place.
Best gig ever, 100x better than Super Bock Super Rock 2005 in Lisbon.
Keith, Maxim and Liam were 200% even though they had given 2 previous gigs 2 days ago.
Hightlights of the night to me were definitly Wake the fuck up Jam, Poison and Out of Space.


Photos from the show:

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