2005.06.02 – Flippaut Festival, Bologna, Italy

Date: 2nd June 2005
Event: Flippaut Festival
Venue: Arena Parco Nord
City: Bologna
Country: Italy
Support: see timetable

1. Wake Up Intro
2. Their Law
3. Wake Up Call
4. Warning
5. Breathe
6. Spitfire
7. Razor
8. Back 2 Skool
9. Firestarter
10. Action Radar Link
11. Mindfields
12. Poison
13. Smack My Bitch Up

Extra info:
22:30 Audioslave
20:45 The Prodigy
19:20 Slipknot
18:15 Shadows Fall
17:20 Wednesday 13
16:35 Marla Singer
15:50 The GA*GA*s
15:05 Gizmachi
14:20 Rumoreros

Review by Brainkiller:
Everything started bad but turned out wicked…
Phone ringin on June 2nd: “your bandwidth exceeded again, server is overloaded, we risk it’s crash.. and we found some illegal files uploaded..” We have closed the site temporary
Here I am driving to Bologna all alone, listening to Spitfire at the max with 2 tickets i my hand as ‘this girl’ from London couldn’t make it for this show, and my mate is at home with flu. My bitch lost my digicam in malaga a week ago, had no time and no cash to buy a new one. I have no mp3 recorder, no camera to take some pics, nothing.
Arrived in Bologna at the Flippaut Festival things not going better: 3000 Slipknot fans, 10 Audioslave t-shirts and 2 Keith Flint ones.. Oh well, let’s hope Prodigy fans are doing the line on the higway coming to blow this place away.
Drinkin’ my soda all alone in the middle of those drunk skinheads full fo tatoos and piercings asking me every 3 minutes: “hey man, you have any drugs?”… my phone ringin’: I got text from the girl in London: “hope you have fun at Flippaut”
shit, I’m here for Prodigy, they’ll be on in about 2 hours and all I’m doing is just waiting here depressed as they just left the stage. damn!
“B R A I N K I L L E E E R ! ” lunatic bloke I met in Zurich last year in november is screaming at me with the huge pot in his hand smoking weed delighted and another 3 weirdos around him doing the same. all of them wearing AONO cover t-shirt. “hey man are you alone? we are 12 and we have 2 digicams” WHOA! TOP SHIT! I’m here with my people and finally I’m having fun. I do spot some top blonde ‘clean chick’ after all those dark ladies.. YES! That’s the way I like it!
Slipknot minus “The Clown” as he couldn’t make it are playing now. I have never been into them but they do rock live. Corey shouting blasphemic words in Italian as “Porco Dio (Jesus the pig)” everybody laughing and having fun. When the front stage crowd started to jumpclowds of dust rising we couldn’t even see anything. One of my new mates filming the show as he’s really into it. Oh well, we still have another digicam.
Thank you Flippaut, will be back, Slipknot leaving the stage. wicked show, full of energy, I enjoyed it, now i’m ready for the boyz yeah!
Preparing the stage for the Prodigy all the Slipknot fans left the front of the stage and now is terribly EMPTY. shit man, ok they are full of dust and sweat and have to drink some water, but where are the prodigy fans?
Suddently Wake up intro everybody running back to the front of the stage, if my mate filmed it you’ll see. All the Slipknot fans running to see the Prodigy. Wicked! Their Law everybody recognized this one so total madness, Maxim and Keith on stage both rocking. Dunno why but Keith seems more funny than usual today. Wake up call as expected then Warning new version. What do we have now? New track with Keith and Maxim not their best ever but hey.. Tracklist then was the usual don’t have time to write it right now.
Breathe again, everybody went crazy as for the Firestarter. A longer version of Back to school or is just me? then they leave the stage. Cool, best part is coming. Poison and Release yo poison then Smack my Bitch up. Shit! no Out of space, damn! My mate digicam ended battery during Poison. Oh well, better than nothing, from what I saw turned out a cool movie, the sound should be rocking too as we were far away from the stage, on the hills.
Good things: The whole show rocked some major Slipknot fans ass. oh, and we have the video, except for Smbu
Bad things: No Dead Ken, Girls or Out of Space
Can’t wait to see the tape and def to see them again! more coming up next


Photos from the show:

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