2005.03.09 – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, Australia

Date: 9th March 2005
Event: The Prodigy Concert – AONO Tour
Venue: Hordern Pavilion
City: Sydney
Country: Australia
Support: Adam Freeland

1. Wake Up Intro
2. Wake Up Call
3. Their Law
4. Warning
5. Breathe
6. Spitfire
7. Girls / More Girls
8. Back 2 Skool
9. Firestarter
10. Action Radar Link
11. Mindfields
12. Poison
13. Method Beats
14. Smack My Bitch Up
15. Out Of Space

Extra info:
Review by neko:
We fly back to Sydney in the morning and chill out at Manly beach in the afternoon. As I’m sitting there getting tanned I’m thinking, can holidays get any better? I have beach, sun, am in lovely Australia and get to see Prodigy in the evening, what would I want more!
The venue is slightly outside Sydney in the ‘Fox Studios’ area with lots of bars, cafes and all, so we get there at about 9 and have a little drink outside first. As we get in, the venue is really crowded already and once more Adam Freeland is on. As last night, his set is pretty damn cool and hard and totally fits with the Prodigy vibe.
At about 10pm then the band start the gig. Setlist is pretty much the same to the night before, apart from that Dead Ken Beats isn’t played which I am really gutted about. I later hear that they’re just sorting out the lyrics and then it will be back, so that’s reassuring.
The audience isn’t as crazy as the one in Brisbane, but that would have been hard to match. Just like all shows in major cities like London, Sydney etc people are much more restrained at gigs. However, tonight band performance is absolutely amazing. Especially Keith is totally into it all tonight. Whereas at the last two shows he had been more a bit coming and going, he is now so totally there, throughout the whole set, 200%. Very cool. Maxim and Keith make lots of audience contact as well, climbing up to the balconies and all that.
After the show am pretty knackered and we have an early flight (or so we think) so just have quick drink and go back for some much needed sleep.


Photos from the show:

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