2006.08.06 – Hi:Fi Festival, Mullingar, Ireland

Date: 6th August 2006
Event: Hi:Fi Festival
Venue: Belvedere House Gardens & Park
City: Mullingar
Country: Ireland
Support: see timetable

1. New Army March Intro
2. Wake The Fuck Up
3. Breathe
4. Their Law
5. Spitfire
6. No Good (Start The Dance)
7. Back 2 Skool
8. Firestarter
9. Action Radar Link
10. Voodoo People
11. Diesel Power Beats
12. Smack My Bitch Up
13. Out Of Space

Extra info:
Live stage timetable:
17:00 Infadels
17:50 Caged Baby
18:45 Art Brut
19:40 Audiobullys
21:10 Ian Brown
22:35 Arveene
23:30 Prodigy
00:50 Vitalic

Review by gilly:
I went to this for The Prodigy alone as I have been attending every Prodigy gig in Ireland since the new years 95 gig, was kind of weary cos of the rest of the line up,but I had a great time didnt see any mini riots in the campsite yeah there were a few “chavs” but they stuck to their tents….anyway the PRODIGY filled out the live stage when theey came on same intro the army march then we hadd wake the fuck up i cant remember the exact order but we got breathe, their law, no good, firestarter,back 2 skool, voodoo people, same kinda set but NO POISON!!! POISEN wasnt played! and maxim went missing halfway through thier law and for the start of voodoo poeple…..anyway I really enjoyed it had a good weekend im not a fucking chav and either were the majorty of people that were camped around me…so monkey less of the generalistaion alot of prodge fans attended this..


Photos from the show:

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