2006.07.14 – Dance Valley Festival, Spaarnwoude, Holland

Date: 14th July 2006
Event: Dance Valley Festival
Venue: Recreation Area
City: Spaarwoude
Country: Holland
Support: see timetable

1. Intro
2. Wake The Fuck Up
3. Breathe
4. Their Law
5. Spitfire
6. No Good (Start The Dance)
7. Back 2 Skool
8. Firestarter
9. Action Radar Link
10. Voodoo People
11. Dead Ken Beats
12. Poiosn
13. Diesel Power Beats
14. Smack My Bitch Up
15. Out Of Space

Extra info:
Live stage timetable:
19:30 20:45 Phillipo
20:45 22:15 The Crystal Method
22:15 23:30 The Prodigy

Review by Arie:
Only a short review. I arrived late on the scene. Only went there to see Prodigy. Getting there wasn’t very easy as there were hardly any Dance Valley roads signs as they promised on their web site. Anyway, I arrived almost an hour before the gig. Didn’t even have to show my ticket to get in, I could just walk in. The show was planned from 22:15 to 23:30. The Prodigy was planned for the biggest stage at the event. When the band would play, all other tents would be quiet, so everyone who wanted to dance had to come to this live stage. I was standing all the way at the front, just left of the middle of the stage. Cute girl at the front a bit more to the left of me. Blond, blue shirt. Drifting off here 😉 Both Keith Flint and Liam Howlett peeked on the stage to check it out.
The band started 15 minutes too late. No girls this time walking with those four flags on stage, instead the flags just stood there as decoration. The set opened with a new intro. It’s a recycled version of the army march intro beats and it sounds very good in my opinion. After this the regular set, starting with Wake The Fuck Up followed by Breathe and Their Law. Great opening tunes which everyone recognizes. Wake The Fuck Up ended with the “you’re no good for me” samples which everyone sang along. Press were only allowed to take photos during these three tracks.
The band continued with Spitfire, which could also count on a good crowd reaction. Next on was No Good (Start The Dance). It sounded slightly different again compared to the last time I heard it. Seems like Liam Howlett is still tweaking it. Seeing the crowd moving, in this reworked version, No Good (Start The Dance) could be a good single still. Then Back 2 Skool starts playing. Half way the track it sounds like Liam Howlett has stopped playing the track completely, but it builds up again nicely. The whole track sounded more tweaked than last time I heard it and I liked the building up of the track again.
After Back 2 Skool the reworked version of Firestarter started which ended with a very extended Action Radar Link. This link almost sounded link a new tune on itself. Action Radar would have made a good single, with this link a bit reworked to a remix as a B-side. Anyway, next up was Voodoo People in it’s tweaked 2005 form. You could notice that the crowd knows this tune as everyone was dancing. When Voodoo People was done, Keiron Pepper threw one of his drum sticks into the crowd and the band left the stage.
A while later they appeared again and they started playing Dead Ken Beats. This track is probably still new to some people, but I would rate the crowd reaction very good to it. Everyone was dancing. This track seems to have changed a bit again as well. One of the heavier bass lines was now also hearable as a higher sounding synth line. The track sounded great and so thought the rest of the crowd judging by their reactions. Next up was Poison. Good response from the crowd again. No Method Beats, but Diesel Power kicked it. They played it quite long even, so I wouldn’t even call it a link anymore.
In Smack My Bitch Up, the next track played, I could hear Rob Holliday best of the whole show. It’s a shame that his guitars were hard to hear. Good crowd reaction with everyone singing along. Last track of the show was Out Of Space. Of course everyone was singing alot with this one as well. Half way through Liam Howlett turned down the volume to let the crowd sing. When he turned up the volume again he and Maxim were laughing as the crowd wasn’t completely in tune anymore. Out Of Space finished, the band thanked the audiance, left the stage and the sound slowly faded away.
The show finished at 23:45, 15 minutes too late, but since they started 15 minutes too late as well, they played exactly the time which was set for their performance. I was counting on Heatwave Hurricane to be played, but unfortunately they didn’t. According to the tracklisting, they were going to play Warning, but it was blacked out. Instead they played Dead Ken Beats as the first track in their encore, just before Poison.



Photos from the show:

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