2006.03.22 – Nokia Theatre, New York, USA

Date: 22nd March 2006
Event: The Prodigy Concert – Their Law Tour
Venue: Nokia Theater
City: New York
Country: USA
Support: Adam Freeland

1. Symphony Intro
2. Break and Enter
3. Their Law
4. Wake The Fuck Up
5. Breathe
6. Hotride
7. Spitfire
8. Back 2 Skool
9. Firestarter
10. Action Radar Link
11. Warning
12. No Good (Start The Dance)
13. Voodoo People
14. Dead Ken Beats
15. Poison
16. Diesel Power Beats
17. Smack My Bitch Up
18. Out of Space

Extra info:
highlights by MyKeyZ:
overall, WICKED show. crowd was nuts, the entire place was moving. the bass was LOUD as fuck. Keith was right on, his vocals and screaming were right on. Maxim was tearing the place up. They even walked around the crowd a bit and got people all pumped up. It was awesome to see ’em get such an outstanding response. it was insane. and you could see it on Maxim’s face. he was just staring at everyone and smiling. Keith started to say something to him during one part of the show, like to do something, and Maxim laughed and waved him away (i wonder what Keith was up to). i also heard rumors that the newer tracks “Warning” and “Dead Ken Beats” may not show up on the new album. all i gotta say is this is a BIG, BIG MISTAKE. the crowd went nuts for those 2 tracks and i could tell half the people had no idea what tune it was… but they still fucking went NUTS. this album could definitely bring the boys back to America’s attention. i can’t wait for ’em to return in due time… when the new album’s out.

Review by Dave:
Yeah, that show was fucking amazing!  Cheesy  The venue held either ~2,000 or ~3,000 people.  Completely sold out.
The front half of the crowd on the lower level, maybe 1,000 people, was a giant fucking mosh pit the entire night right up to the very end.  I started second row back slightly to the left of center stage.  The crowd was so nuts that I got pushed all over the place and ended up front & center in the 6th row by the end of the night; completely drenched in sweat.  The half of my leather wallet that was in my pants is completely ruined now.  Smiley
Loud as fuck, energetic as fuck, insane as fuck.  I’m lucky to have escaped unscarred.  Peeps were getting ejected left and right by security throughout the show.  The first was about 10 seconds into the first song, which totally set the mood for the rest of the night.  Some bald-guy who looked like Moby pissed off a bunch of crowd members.  I have no clue what he did to them, but everyone was trying to get him ejected the entire night.  About 9 or 10 songs into it, they got their wish.  Smiley
Oh, and Adam Freeland wasn’t liked very much.  Techno/Dance people like me were kind of into it, but were really like “this shouldn’t be playing at a Prodigy concert.”  No offence to Adam, but they need something with more energy next time.
Funny story.  I walked over to Smith’s Bar at 6:30 for the meet up.  I walked in and overheard a British-sounding girl speaking to a couple of guys.  I went up to her and said; “Do you mind if I ask you a question?  You’re either going to know exactly what I’m talking about, or are going to think I’m completely out of my mind.   Is your name Neko?””
Nope, wasn’t her.  She started laughing and thought I recognized her as some porn star, Neko, I found on the internet, and asked me what website I saw her on and such.  Wink  I think everyone had left the bar by the time I got there.


Photos from the show:

1 comment to 2006.03.22 – Nokia Theatre, New York, USA

  • John O

    I was at that show and I’ll never forget it. Keith pushing into the crowd with a wall of bouncers. It was fucking bananas. RIP Keith

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