2006.03.21 – Kool Haus, Toronto, Canada

Date: 21st March 2006
Event: The Prodigy Concert – Their Law Tour
Venue: The Kool Haus
City: Toronto
Country: Canada
Support: Adam Freeland

1. Intro
2. Break and Enter
3. Their Law
4. Wake The Fuck Up
5. Breathe
6. Hotride
7. Spitfire
8. Back 2 Skool
9. Firestarter
10. Action Radar Link
11. Warning
12. No Good (Start The Dance)
13. Voodoo People
14. Poison
15. Diesel Power Beats
16. Smack My Bitch Up
17. Dead Ken Beats
18. Out of Space

Extra info:
Review by BigSugar316:
Doors opened at 8pm. Got there around 8:30ish. There was a big lineup outside, but they got everyone in pretty quick actually. I hadn’t been there in a couple years, the venues a bit smaller then I remembered it being.
Same set as Chicago. Adam Freeland opened up with a wicked set. Thunderstruck and Whole Lotta Love were definitely the highlights. He put on a great set, the crowd was really into it.
Prodigy came out to a big ovation. Intro started and went into B&E beats… “Where The Fucks Toronto? It’s Gonna Get Fuckin’ Hot Tonight!” Wicked intro track as always. Then into Their Law. The crowd seems really into it. The sound is a bit off. Sounds a little bit muffled. Doesn’t really sound like the speakers at Kool Haus (the venue) can really handle them. I could even hear Liam trying to mess around with the sound volumes in mid-track at some points. The Freeland set seemed to be really clear and a good loud volume. But then once Prodigy came on it was like they really tried to crank the speakers into overdrive, and they just couldn’t handle it.
Anyways… Next up is WTFU… “If that didn’t wake you up, then this surely is gonna wake you the fuck up… And if it doesn’t wake you the fuck up it’s gonna fuck you the fuck up” (LMAO). Good energy track as always. It’s just a fun track in the set, simple as that. Next up is Breathe. There was the Payback Time fill (aka Usual Suspects) before it. The crowd gave it a good response at first, but seemed to die throughout it. I know I’m a bit biased b/c I’m not the biggest fan or Breathe live, but it really didn’t get the response I thought it would have. I find the track a little stale live to be honest, but I’ll be the first to admit it was really rockin the place at Brixton. But something was just slightly off with it tonight. Next up is the “off and on” Hotride. Wasn’t the greatest version of it to be honest. Crowd didn’t seem that into it. Spitfire follows it and gets a good response. Good rocking version as always. The bass on the speakers is really being tested at this point lol. Was a funny point after Spitfire when Maxim said something like “this goes out to all the people at the back at the bar (there’s a bar at the back of the venue if you were looking straight out from the stage)… wrong fuckin’ place”.
B2S starts and seems to get a surprisingly good reaction. Then into Firestarter which of course gets a big pop. Again, it basically starts off as the remix, then goes back the regular version, then finishes off as the remix. Action Radar Fill follows and then into Warning. Great song to go mad too, but it did sound a bit muffled. The speakers couldn’t really handle it.
No Good starts and you can still hear Liam messing around with the sound. It sounds really stripped down, it’s mainly just the beats and drums. Crowd didn’t seem that into it, but it did get a pretty decent “You’re No Good For Me” chant at the end… “All the Toronto People… All the Canadian People”… Voodoo starts to a really good response. Somehow I lost track of Maxim, and the next thing I know he’s over at the bar on the right side of the venue standing on top of it lol. Great track
After Voodoo People ends they go off stage. Crowd gets a good “Prodigy, Prodigy” chant going. They come back… “you want a little more?” and into Poison. This is really rockin’ the fuckin placeĀ  Then into Diesel Power aka Blow Your Mind. The bass is fuckin’ pumping. This track is just so f’n amazing live. Smack My Bitch Up comes on and tears the house down. Mosh pit starts going and the place just goes nuts. Definitely the track of the night for most people.
“Who wants to go the distance?”. Dead Ken Beats starts. Great version. The crowd wasn’t so into it, but really the only problem with it is it’s position in the set. It simply can’t follow SMBU which is arguably the most popular Prodigy track. It’s a great track, but it just needs to be repositioned. Would be much better before say Spitfire. Out Of Space drums kick in and everyone of course has no idea what’s coming up next… then that little riff and everyone knows what time it is.
OOS ends and then of course “Love is in the Air”…
For me personally, there was no way this could live up the Brixton shows, which were just insane, but for Toronto it was a good show. The crowd was pretty good and receptive to almost all of the tracks. SMBU was the most popular song of the night by far. The crowd was really going insane for it. For me, Poison & Blow Your Mind were the highlights, and hearing Dead Ken live of course.



Photos from the show:

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