2007.08.10 – Lokeren Festival, Lokeren, Belgium

Date: 10th August 2007
Event: Lokeren Festival
Venue: Grote Kaai
City: Lokeren
Country: Belgium
Support: see timetable

1. Army March Intro
2. Wake The Fuck Up
3. Breathe
4. Their Law
5. Spitfire
6. Back 2 Skool
7. Firestarter
8. Action Radar Link
9. Warning
10. Voodoo People
11. Poison
12. Diesel Power Beats
13. Smack My Bitch Up
14. Out Of Space

Extra info:
20:00 Stijn
21:30 Audio Bullys
22:30 Ed & Kim
23:15 The Prodigy

Live drummer: Brain

Report by ET:
The Prodigy played a random show at Lokerse Feesten, Belgium. There is really nothing new to write about, except: Liam can mix Poison with Diesel Power and Mindfields, Maxim is still the best MC in the world, Keith got his pre-Fat of the Land-look again, The Rev is a good guitarist but seems to emo for the rest of the band, the new drummer is a cool looking black guy who makes kick-in nice beats, Belgian girls are hot, The Prodigy can do far better if they just did some new stuff….. should be really boring playing 10 year old tracks every week…. when you can hit us with new fresh and raw shit!
All over performace was suberb again, the crowd ate it and loved it.

Report by Arie:
Had a nice evening last Friday. The show was good. Sound could be better, but was not bad. No new tracks were played, which was a shame. Standard set list as always lately. It really needs to be changed. They didn’t play War unfortunately. Enjoyed myself nevertheless. The whole vibe was good. One minus point, going to the toilets was hell.
I didn’t hear Brian, the new drummer, a lot. The Rev could be heared fine. Keep The Rev, ditch Brian and get Kieron Pepper back. Maxim was his self again. He doesn’t seem to age as others mentioned already. Nice show. Keith Flint had lost some weight a few years ago, but he was more fat than ever now. He was drowning wet after only a few tracks already, whereas he had hardly done a thing. I wouldn’t care about his weight if it wouldn’t affect the show, but it defenitely did unfortunately. Liam Howlett was in control. He didn’t play things very different from other recent shows, but he got the crowd moving for sure.
Conclusion: nice show, but we need a new set list.

Review by archangel_michael:
Let me start off by saying F#*k!n L
It had been nearly seven years since I last saw them perform live and they blew me away. Last time I saw them the audience was not very coop when they asked for a little response and things like that so that kinda ruined it for me. (Belgium has a difficult audience i guess). But last night was nothing like that. As i walked on to the terrain i felt like i stepped into a pile of red haired ants, I think every Belgian Prodge fan was present and ready to give it hell. The band immediatly began playing after a dj duo and it was like nobody noticed them coming on stage and there they were. They had a short buildup and blasted of with WAKE THE FUCK UP. Everybody was wide awake. Maxim followed with the essential BREATHE track. Next song the guitarist got the spotlight started playing that riff en then you know THEIR LAW is coming. Next song was a new experience for me as i had never heard any live versions of the latest album. SPITFIRE, to quote an ass#o!e shock and awe. Next song was called BACK 2 SCHOOL. Never heard this song before and I loved it. They streched the middle and did their keith vs Maxim thing whilst playing the audience with that whispered “gonna take you back”, Keith at his best. They let the song play out very long and Liam played around a little on his synths. Keith stepped on to the catwalk into the audience. When the sound nearly disappeard the lights went up and FIRESTARTER blasted thru the speakers. Fifteen thousand people instantly started shouting and jumping, the place exploded, Keith hardly had to sing anything because the audience was doin it for him. Firestarter was followed by A LITTLE ACTION wich is one of my favourits on the new album. Next song they played must’ve been a new one or one i haven’t heard yet (but that’s virtually impossible). I couldn’t make out what Keith was singing but the chorus sounded something like GOING IN GOING OUT. If anyone knows feel free to respond. After this again a long build off and then a build up to VOODOO PEOPLE. After this the band went off stage. But those freakin Belgians wanted more offcourse. They kept shouting for like ten minutes. First encore was POISON wich has one of the coolest lines in music history to sing along. I got the pulsative rhytmical remedy! Next was DIESEL POWER which actually one i don’t like so much. No idea why maybe because it’s so hiphop. Don’t get me wrong I think it has a banging beat but the whole song just doesn’t do it for me. Next up was SMACK MY BITCH UP wich goes without saying. People love shouting that line wich was noticable. After this they had another interlude with Maxim saying he was gonna take us on a bebop tour but it turned out to be a diversion. Almost unnoticed (i expected it because I saw some playlist on the net) OUT OF SPACE is without a doubt thé anthem of the ravebabies in Belgium. I left the party with a satisfied feeling and woke up with the same feeling, I’m still smiling from ear to ear. These guys haven’t lost a bit of what I always tought they were, The baddest elektro punks this world has ever seen. I’m really lookin forward to the new album, you never know what they will do next and thats what makes the Prodigy such an interesting band.


Photos from the show:

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