2007.07.06 – Volt Festival, Sopron, Hungary

Date: 6th July 2007
Event: Volt Festival
Venue: Lővér Kemping
City: Sopron
Country: Hungary
Support: see timetable

1. Army March Intro
2. Wake The Fuck Up
3. Breathe
4. Their Law
5. Spitfire
6. Back 2 Skool
7. Firestarter
8. Action Radar Link
9. Warning
10. Voodoo People
11. Poison
12. Diesel Power Beats
13. Smack My Bitch Up
14. Out Of Space

Extra info:
Soproni Mainstage timetable:
23:00 The Prodigy
21:00 Tankcsapda
19:30 Neo
18:00 Hiperkarma
16:30 Balkan Fanatik

It was the first gig with another new drummer (white, long black-haired guy)

Review by ©@rm4g3dd0n:
Officially, they’d start at 11 p.m., but of course they late again, as always:) at 11:30 there’s still no music, just soundcheck. The crowd is crazy, everyone shouts PRO-DI-GY, but nothing happens. Then the people who checked the sound go off, everyone shouts again PRO-DI-GY, but nothing happens, they just switch off the lights. So this is the point where every of the people went really crazy in the first rows, where I was with some of my friends. 5 minutes, but still nothing happens and I joked with my friends that here’ll come a man and will tell us that Liam, Keith and Maxim are still sleeping or something Smile Then smoke comes to the stage, some people walking on it with flashlamps, I see the guitarist’s face at the left side of the stage.
But finally, ARMY MARCH INTRO blows our mind, everyone shouts, screams and go very fokin mad when Liam and the new guitarist come to the stage. Liam greets us, then he starts to play WTFU and Keith and Maxim appears. The crowd was soooo fokin loud that I couldn’t hear what Maxim says to us, even that he was only 5-6 meters far from me. The track was crazy, as always, but I guess every people’s throat died at the end of this song, cos everyone shouted the whole lyrics so loudly. Breathe comes, the crowd is again so loud that I can’t hear Maxim Smile The usual track, nothing new with it, but anyway, I think it still beats. Then Their Law comes, the track to make us very very mad. All the prodigy fans here love this song the best on live shows. Maxim was very satisfied with us by the end of this song. Then Spitfire, the usual version. Back 2 Skool is also the usual version, nothing new effects, but Keith did more vocals on it than ever. Well, at least I haven’t see a video yet where he’d do so much vocal, although I saw every videos those are availabe to dl from this site. Action Radar was very very hot, I thought that will be a track when the crowd will go a little bit calmed, but heck no, they went just crazier. It is only cos they knew what will come. Warning of course. I don’t know why, but Keith did not want to come off the stage. Last year, on Sziget, he came down 3 times so I could touch him, but now he just doesn’t wanna do it. So all the people in the first 6 rows started to shout him that “Keith, come on, come down!!!” but he just didn’t. Smile Then Voodoo People, the “last” chance to rock. After it, Maxim tells us how satisfied was he with our hungarian crew then they go off and the soundchecker people come up to the stage. I said WTF, won’t the come back???????? Everyone shouts PRO-DI-GY, but the soundcheckers just don’t wanna get the hell of from the stage. Then the lights switch off again and Liam comes back. OH YEAH Smile After the usualy Poison, Blow Ya Mind really Blew Our Mind!!!! That was very wicked, powerful and sounded even better by fans, that all of them shouted: BLOW YA MIND DRASTICALLY, FANTASTICALLY!!!! Smack My Bitch Up, to rock hard, jump, bang your head, put your hands up, clap double times and shout: VAU, VAU!!!!! Then Maxim says again thank you, but he asks us if we want a little more? Someone from the first rows shouts: FUEL MY FIRE, but I guess they didn’t hear it and if they’d they wouldn’t play that song. So, of couse, Out Of Space as an outro. Maxim tells us again, he is satisfied, Liam also says good-bye for long time, he beckon to us. Then they go off and the soundchecker come up again and start to disassemble the stuffs. The crows still shout PRODIGY for a quite sometime, but of course we all knew they won’t come back now. Anyway, the gig was very WICKED!!!


Photos from the show:

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