2007.06.23 – Coke Live Festival, Bucharest, Romania

Date: 23rd June 2007
Event: Coke Live Festival
Venue: Insula Lacul Morii
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania
Support: see timetable

1. Army March Intro
2. Wake The Fuck Up
3. Breathe
4. Their Law
5. Spitfire
6. Back 2 Skool
7. Firestarter
8. Action Radar Link
9. Warning
10. Voodoo People
11. Poison
12. Diesel Power Beats
13. Smack My Bitch Up
14. Out Of Space

Extra info:
Main Stage timetable:
12:00 – 12:20 Danger
12:40 – 13:00 Grimus
13:20 – 13:40 Trooper
14:00 – 14:20 E.M.I.L.
14:40 – 15:15 De Shifer
15:35 – 16:10 KUMM
16:30 – 17:15 Zob
17:35 – 18:20 Iris
18:50 – 19:50 Backyard Babies
20:20 – 21:35 The Rasmus
21:35 – 22:05 DJ Seb
22:05 – 22:35 The Prodigy
00:05 – 01:05 Vanilla Ice
01:05 – 02:05 Tom Novy

Report by 4ever2mind:
still my ears are “burning”…dunno with what to begin…
i arrive around 17:00. i saw Iris, a romanin rock band, very nice. in this time i saw a guy with the Prodigy t-shirt, and on the back : “СМЕРТЬ” – you have a place in the first row…you lucky…
after Iris was Backyard Babies – not bad and Rasmus – very very nice…
according to the officil program, Prodigy was planed to begin at 22:05, but they begin to play after 40 minutes delay. meantime was a warm up, by DJ Seb-nothing special, just Overseer – Doomsday and the Crystal Method-keep hope alive(j.d.s mix), the most interesting tracks in the setlist(aprox 30 min).
and at aprox. 22:45 the Army March Intro i hear – “YES, FINALLY MY DREAM COME TRUE”.
Liam come on stage, then Maxim and Keith.
Nothing changed – just the “SEX” lamp is missing and the star from “BGAT” era in the back, and yes Boubafeet the four flags was there
and there is the start.
nothing new. and no War…
what i see during…
– i like the new drummer : shit, the man is too fuckin good…
– the guitarist was ok, nothing special, but in some moments i was afraid for him – he make some moves… 😀
– Keith and Maxim was in good form, this is my opinion.
– aprox. 15-20.000 peoples.
– Back 2 Skool was longer than the usual.
– if i don’t like so muck Diesel Power, the live version is so FUCKING GOOD
– professional recording and photos with cameras, mobiles…will see what will be shared – i don’t make photos&videos because i want to feel every second of the show
– sound and lights OK
and everything was too fast, shit i want to was a bit longer..



Photos from the show:

Contact me for more photos.

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