2008.12.08 – Carling Academy, Glasgow, Scotland

Date: 8th December 2008
Event: The Prodigy Concert – The Invaders Academy Tour
Venue: Carling Academy
City: Glasgow
Country: Scotland
Support: Fight Like Apes, DJ Nick Halkes

1. World’s On Fire
2. Breathe
3. Breathe (Dubstep)
4. Omen
5. Spitfire
6. Warrior’s Dance
7. Firestarter
8. Action Radar Link
9. Run With The Wolves
10. Poison
11. Voodoo People
12. Invaders Must Die
13. Diesel Power Beats
14. Smack My Bitch Up
15. Your Love Link
16. Out Of Space
17. Comanche

Extra info:
Premier performance of Comanche.

MySpace Liam’s blog:
hey people
fukin mega gig in glasgow last night, big up to the scottish crowd. all the new tunes are getting an amazing reaction. last night played another brand new tune ‘comanche’ which will be on lost beats ep……more on that later…..respect lh

Review by Cogglesz:
tracklist was:
Intro (IMD)
Worlds On Fire (Remixed/Edited)
Breathe: (same old same old)
Breathe Dub: (says that on tracklist, its an awesome remix !)
Omen: (I can see how this is the new single)
Spitfire: (same old same old)
Warriors Dance: (still the same as before, but with that new intro i think)
Firestarter: (everyone went mental for this up on the balcony’s)
Action Radar Riff: (also says that on tracklist, was the horns on a lower pitch and action radar vocals)
Run With The Wolves: (the maddest track of the whole night, everyone went completly mad for this, even more than firestarter)
Poison: (awesome once again live, i never thought they’d play chapter two but they did so i was really pleased about it !)
Voodoo People: (08 Remix, its funny this remix because up here everyone sings to the main lead that kicks in later on but in the remix it fools everybody when it is comming)
Invaders Must Die: (unfortunatly i was having a smoke at the time and missed it !!)
Blow Your Mind: (bass was h-core)
Smack My Bitch Up: (Everyone Loved how they tryed to keep it up to date, with guitars and a new sample, i know we have heard it a million times but the fans were pleased about it)
Your Love/OSS: (your love actually lasted a fair bit longer than before, but nothing new was added to it, out of space was good, liam cut the music out so we could sing to them instead for a couple minutes)
Comanche: (i noticed the boys wern’t leaving, they just stayed there and everyone was screaming for a new tune, then all a sudden maxim says to us all “We Have Never Played This Shit Anywhere Else Before, You Are The First Ones To Hear It!” the place was jumping all over the place, seen alot of people trying to record since maxim announced the new tune, it featured a sorta old hip hop style beats but then this crazy psychotic lead came on (sounded Really Ravish) and then harder beats too, i can’t remember much about the song personally but it is a kick ass tune from what i remember.
Dugdale Finish: (the guy who does those vids for prodigy, the little lullaby at the end of each vid was played)
Love is in the air: (they never stop playing this !! it came with the usual sing along out the doors)
all in all my personal feelings for this gig were amazing, i’ve not had such a great night (even once it had finished was a great kick ass night) there was so much energy in that academy, the thing is the prodigy still give their 100% which makes 10’s of thousands of people jump, but it was all inside in a little academy gig, and met the boys after an hour of waiting round back in the freezing cold with a freind of mine and a couple sweedish prodigy fans, just for a few minutes but its a dream i’ve now accomplished, unfortunately though, keith and rob made it out before we got round back. the track list was great, especially breathe remix, it surprised me the most it just brought back the power it had when i first heard breathe, was a great night for me and i can’t wait till SECC 09
(Bad Things)
: the cold i got rid of 2 days ago is back harder than before
: There Was 3 Lorries Worth Of Gear, all had prodigy ants on them, thats alot of gear for the stage so small so because of that keith and maxim and rob didn’t have much if any space to do there usual run arounds, there where some blocks placed though so they could get closer to the croud, and the drummer couldn’t be seen what so ever

Review by Fifer:
Mmm, the joys of work! My neck has been killing me all day and I look like shit! Key signs of an awesome gig!! First off the crowd was fucking outstanding last night (as is almost always the case in glasgow). You just don’t get a much better atmosphere!
First off I was quite far back so occasionally I couldn’t hear some of the more subtle beats & vocals! So take that into consideration when reading! Cheers. Also, I’m not going to bother sharing my opinions on the old tunes, this shit is all about the new stuff!
Intro: My only real dissapointment of the whole night. Just found it a bit awkward (being the same IMD intro from the festival + warehouse gigs). If it went straight into IMD? That would have made more sense to me. Now that we have IMD as an actual track, why not have a new intro?
WOF: It’s a natural opener now! It just sounds so right to kick the night off! Reworked slightly at the chorus part (if you could call it that). Made me look like a twat because there’s me singing along to the version I’ve had in my MP3 player for the last 5 months (t in the park). Goes like this now: “Too close” then loops the beats “too close” loops again “you’re too close, too close to the wire” That’s not exactly it, but it was something along those lines. Worked quite well I thought! Looks like the album versions of WD and WOF might surprise us a little!
Breathe Dub: Fuck me this was fucking brilliant! I knew this would be a dubstep style track but it still really surprised me. I don’t listen to a lot of dupstep, don’t like it much to be honest. But I love Chase & Status’s ‘Eastern Jam’ and this was the first thing I thought of when the dub style bass kicked in (that coupled with the fact we know C&S are doing a remix of IMD). Basically Liam’s looped the main riff from breathe and then injected it with this crazy bass. Every now and again Keef and Maxim would spit “Just breathe” and so on! I just had a grin on my face the whole tune. Liam’s just a fucking genious!
Omen: We’ve all seen the recording for this one. It didn’t dissapoint! Slightly different from liverpool, it didn’t continue the xlyaphone at the end of the tune (although I may be mistaken as the crowd were making a lot of noise at this point). I was at the 5 pint stage by this point so I was singing my heart out. Getting the usual glances “how the fuck does this cunt know the words”
WD: Slightly different intro! Contender for tune of the night for me! Just fucking brilliant, bulk of this old school screamer hasn’t changed at all really since the first recordings. It’s just a fucking fantastic live tune!
Run with the wolfes: My Personal favourite! Came straight after Firestarter (via action radar fill) and it blew the the fucking roof off! Again I knew to expect something mental here but it just blew me away! Starts off with Rob bombing out these explosive guitar riffs. BOOM…… BOOM BOOM! The constant drum beat a thundering reminder of the pace to come. Then Keef spits some vocals “Bla bla bla you gotta Run with the wolves bla bla bla” (I couldn’t make out any of it but fuck it! I was singing along anyway). Keef’s stint ran onto the explosion! A flurry of drums and guitar! Liam’s evaluation of “banging your head against the wall~” never fealt so true. Then it was toned down again for another vocal stint from Keith (repeated the lyrics 2 or 3 times). Lasted for a good 3 or 4 minutes which, coincidently was probably just right! Any longer and I think I’d have attempted a stage dive from the balconey! Haha. Top tune!!!!
IMD: This track got spoiled for me as I couldn’t hear some of the beats (hardly any of the high pitched shit). For the most part it played as I expected, almost identical to the studio version (apart from the start, which I’m assuming they changed because of the intro). As people have already said it did work great live! Not much more to say about this really.
Comanche: I was speaking with Colin before the gig started and neither of us expected anything different from the liverpool gig! Fortionatly we were wrong! This tune was fucking balistic! Non-stop old-school shit! It was so fucking evil! Fealt really underground. The fact the place went pitch black and there was just this mental red glow pointed at the stage helped! Very little in the way of breaks!. This shit was just non-stop from start to finish. Absolute banger, couldn’t have asked for anything better to end the night on!!
All in all? Top night! Old tunes still rocked like they always do, new tunes rocked even harder! The new albumn is going to be something special! That’s not even taking the Lost beats EP into consideration! Fucking March……. Too long!!



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