2008.07.13 – T In The Park Festival, Kinross, Scotland

Date: 13th July 2008
Event: T In The Park Festival
Venue: Balado Airfield
City: Kinross
Country: Scotland
Support: see timetable

1. Intro
2. Their Law
3. World’s On Fire
4. Breathe
5. Beat55
6. Spitfire
7. Warrior’s Dance
8. Firestarter
9. Action Radar Link
10. Warning
11. Mescaline
12. Voodoo People
13. Poison
14. Diesel Power Beats
15. Smack My Bitch Up
16. Your Love Link
17. Out Of Space

Extra info:
NME / Radio 1 Stage timetable:
12:10 – 12:40 Mindless Self Indulgence
13:10 – 13:40 Little Man Tate
14:10 – 14:40 One Night Only
15:10 – 15:45 Powderfinger
16:15 – 17:00 The Hoosiers
17:30 – 18:15 Goo Goo Dolls
18:45 – 19:35 Panic At The Disco
20:05 – 21:05 The Zutons
21:40 – 22:50 The Prodigy

Review by Cogglesz:
10 out of 10 to start with, my ears are still buzzing and the music is still in my head.
30 minutes before launch, the stage was getting set up and fans started coming in from left right and centre all trying to get to the front, i was about 3 feet from the front row so it was pretty good, everyone started shouting and going on about “Wheres My Plow” which i think was somejoke to some one but not prodigy related but random and funny.
intro: the intro kicked off just the same as the one in the birmingham gig, it was wild and crazy and liam came out first looking like god, followed by keith, rob, the drummer and maxim, the clothes are the same as well as the stage setup but the position of things have changed, everyone pushed from left to right and i was right in the middle getting it full force.
Their Law: their law started of course sparking off a type of pushy moshpit and some people got carried away and some even got injured, the tune was spectacular but i was being pushed about so much its pretty hard to remember.
Worlds On Fire: this tune hasn’t changed but to hear it live and had sounds the live recordings can’t really pick up, it was an awesome tune and since like only a few in the croud had heard it, the croud went wild about it and it got even more mental than their law, some more people got picked up and carried away, was a great live but my ears where stuck in peoples clothes due to all the pushing about.
Breathe: this was the crazy one, i couldn’t believe how mental the croud went, everyone was at the NME arena and all of em wanted to be at the front row, just the same crazyness as usual, the amount of room one person had was incredible i think i had about 10 cm of space to move about and u just had to jump when they jumped, the problem with me is im a pretty short guy so i got fucking trashed alot, feeling dizzy and i don’t really remember breathe at all, only some of it, i think theres a chance i could have been knocked out while it was playing, i remember alot of people asking me if i wanted to get out, i kept saying no of course and continued.
Beat55: to be honest i don’t remember much at all about this, once again people thought this track was brand new so it just went crazy, they still have the molotol cocktail sample in it, but i remember those mental guitar lines that where played and maxim repeating “This Is The Shit”
Spitfire: this track came on and everything went just crazy, this time people where getting trampled on and i ended up losing my 120 pound jumper and my watch, eventually i got picked up due to an accident i got involved in and fucked my left leg and got took from the croud, i was about 12 feet away from the band right in the middle of the stage and i looked at maxim and raised my right fist a couple times and stood for about 20 seconds before getting dragged away, that was the highlight of the whole night i feel.
Warriors Dance: now from live recordings theres a fair amount of “Bass” and sounds that get missed out on this track, i aint too keen on warriors dance before i went to T but now i think its a pretty good track, the bass is crazy, the vocals are awesome.
Firestarter: This Was the track everyone loved, it was bouncing hard, everyone was dancing to the sound and the beats, those monitors really brought out the sound in it, keiths vocals where amazing, the croud was loving it and rob was awesome with guitars and the drums where so amazing, the best drums i’ve heard all night.
Action Radar Link: One Of 3 of my favourite tracks, liam done a little editing to this one, and the female voice only goes “A Little Action” instead of “A Little Actions All I Need” but my god the beats on that track, the lead, the drums, the guitar and those amazing horns, it was just a complete orgasm, i couldn’t have heard a better version before.
First Warning: this track was good, believe it or not but alot of people thought this was new, i just had to sing along to it just like every other track that had been played, the drums in this sounded a fair bit different and robs guitar work on it was amazing, it had some extra drum rolls and it rawked the house, it was a rockers dream prodigy wise.
Mescaline (New Version): I Do Not care what you guys say, but mescaline is by far the greatest new track, the bass has been redone, the beats are pretty much the same, new parts are in, and it runs a whole lot smoother, i could not believe how amazing it got, i can guarantee you wont know what im on about until you’ve went and heard it live, it was the best track out of the whole night, i couldn’t stop shouting “Celebrate The Noise Maker” and “Taste The Mescaline” it was the best tune out of the whole night, the new version is amazing, and i hope it can stay like that until a studio release.
Voodoo People: This was another track that was just amazing, had a different set up from different gigs, the drums where amazing live, keiths vocals in it aswell kicked ass along with maxims, and it had the cool edit to it once the lead part came in which was awesome, and when the bass drum hut again everyone started shouting “Du duu daa du du do do da da du du” and so on, the atmosphere of the gig was incredible, it just seemed to quick, but boy was i having alot of fun dancing around with a fucked up leg.
Break: The Prodigy Walk Off after those heavy tunes to give the fans a break, i think we all needed it, i feel i’d have been in hospital if they kept on going (take me to the hospital haha) the music stopped and people started shouting mental shit like “Lets Go Fucking Mental” while i tried to get everyone shouting “Prod-i-gy” which happened earlier on.
Poison: this track was awesome, i know why you all want it to stay on the tracklist, its such a strong tune live, the little edits and the screaming and shouting just made everyone there go wild, i really couldn’t believe i was actually there watching the prodigy give it there all, chapter 2 kicked total ass aswelll, everyone was bouncing instead of jumping and pushing, this track made the fans become one instead of going mental wanted to hurt one another.
Blow Your Mind: This tune was fucking crazy, before the beats started i could hear the rawr of the bass, and maxim shouts “Get Ready, The Bass Will Take Your Fucking Head Off” and *BOOM* what a tune, the thing that was most about this track was the Bass and the Drums, all those drum rolls and the massive bass taking out everyone, it was such an incredible song, my addiction has been fed, 3 fucking years i waited for this day to come and now i had it.
SMBU: This got everyone crazy again, it had some more drum rolls aswell, but its basicly the live version they’ve been using since 05 so theres no real changes to the track at all, but it didn’t sound that booming because the bass compared to blow your mind was a big difference, i feel liam should have dropped SMBU before blow your mind, but of course whenever we hear this track we will shout “Change MY Pitch Up, Smack My Bitch Up” and scream along with maxim shouting “Woaaaaaaah”, there was so much magic in the air, although the bad thing was i knew there was only one track left and it wasn’t to hard to guess what.
Your Love/Out Of Space: Just Like Gatecrashers This Tune Starts with Your love, the beats where so strong in the track, its just been so long since i heard somthing so amazing, your love sounded a bit tweaked with the piano’s it sounded a bit fresher. eventually of course we all started to sing along, there was a new bass tone in out of space that made my hairs stand on end, and what was even more epic was this time liam shut off the sound and everyone kept singing, then he brung it back, just like in tokyo 06 and for liam to do that with OOS was a dream and now it came true, problem was when liam brung back the music he kinda fucked it up and when the croud was singing “Im Gonna…” the music was saying “To Find Another Race” so it was only a minor fuck up but to be honest i don’t care, eventually we all started to sing with the music, liam ended the track really good this time, it wasn’t just like the put an echo on it and that was it, the track really really did go well, there was even some guys wearing white boiler suits and those masks just like keith did in the OSS video.
Overall: the gig was a straight ten out of ten, it couldn’t have been better i feel, i may have some really bad sun burn to my face and arms and i fucked leg and lost alot of money’s worth of stuff but i feel it was all fucking worth it and i raise my right fist up to everyone who would think the same



Photos from the show:

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