2009.07.12 – Exit Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia

Date: 12th July 2009
Event: Exit Festival
Venue: Petrovaradinska Tvrdjava
City: Novi Sad
Country: Serbia
Support: see timetable

1. World’s On Fire
2. Breathe
3. Breathe (Dubstep)
4. Omen
5. Their Law
6. Poison
7. Jaws Fill
8. Warrior’s Dance
9. Firestarter
10. Action Radar Link
11. Run With The Wolves
12. Voodoo People
13. Comanche
14. Omen Reprise
15. Invaders Must Die
16. Diesel Power Beats
17. Smack My Bitch Up
18. Take Me To The Hospital
19. Out Of Space

Extra info:
Mainstage timetable:
04:00 Bryan Gee & Kenny Ken & MC Skibadee
02:00 Chase & Status & MC Rage & Plan B
00:00 The Prodigy
22:15 Madness
20:15 Ebony Bones
19:00 Kawasaki 3p

Notes by essentiaL:
It was great! I was in the same place like at Exit 2007, about 10 meters away from the stage to the left. This was my third Prodigy gig, and I realized that at every gig I have the same feeling: after 2 or 3 tracks I feel like I lost my voice, it becomes hard for me to breathe (lack of fresh air) and at that time I think I won’t make it to the end of the gig, but of course I always do make it and realize that there is much more left in me. I love that. I was obviously most eager to here the new tracks and it was all great. Maybe the favorites being Omen, Comanche and TMTTH. As people pointed out before, IMD sounds better live, with this arrangement and all that bass the synth isn’t too loud so it sounds good. Only thing that maybe bothered me was this version of Diesel Power, it’s not bad but I prefer it without that new synth. But all in all, great gig! So thank you guys, hope to see you at least once more in Serbia promoting the 6th album.
It turned out to be my best day at Exit Festival ever (this was my 5th Exit). After the Prodigy I went to see my good friend’s DJ set at some smaller stage. He was scheduled to play 30 mins but his set ended up lasting hour and the half and it was great (he played No Good and Omen). And after that I watched Carl Cox back 2 back with Green Velvet (it was their first back 2 back ever) and it was a great ending to the festival. They had great interaction with the crowd.


Photos from the show:

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