2009.04.09 – National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, England

Date: 9th April 2009
Event: The Prodigy Concert – Invaders Must Die Tour
Venue: National Indoor Arena
City: Birmingham
Country: England
Support: Pete Jordan, Dizzee Rascal, Herve

1. Invaders Must Die Intro
2. World’s On Fire
3. Their Law
4. Breathe
5. Breathe (Dubstep)
6. Omen
7. No Good (Start The Dance)
8. Poison
9. Warrior’s Dance
10. Firestarter
11. Action Radar Link
12. Run With The Wolves
13. Thunder
14. Voodoo People
15. Comanche
16. Omen Reprise
17. Invaders Must Die
18. Diesel Power Beats
19. Smack My Bitch Up
20. Take Me To The Hospital
21. Out Of Space

Extra info:
Notes by gnobal:
Just got back from the NIA, Birmingham. Had a better experience than I did in Cardiff. It was a blast! The floor was shaking on some of the tracks. The crowd in the seating area was on its feet the entire show and when everybody sang Out Of Space’s lyrics at the end holdingĀ  their hands up (with Maxim thanking the crowd and saying goodbyes) I was so happy.
Thunder was played – first time for me live. Amazing track. I guess it now replaces Death Of The Prodigy Dancer which was played in Cardiff (I loved it – it was an amazing surprise)
I can’t remember the setlist and the sound mixing desk didn’t have one but it’s very similar to what was on the rest of the tour.
Oh, and the show was dedicated to a friend of the band’s that passed away. The name (Connas) was displayed on the screen.







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