1993.01.09 – Berlin Club, Perth, Australia

Date: 9th January 1993
Event: Xperience Tour
Venue: Berlin Club
City: Perth
Country: Australia

1. Hyperspeed
2. Wind It Up
3. Fire
4. Charly
5. Everybody In The Place
Tracklist based on the article below, probably incomplete.

Extra info:
Question: What was the first rave you ever went to?
Answer by 5-HT aka DJ WOZ: Not my 1st but the one you guys will know is the Prodigy, Paul Oakenfold & Sasha (yes house Sasha) world tour at the start of 92 at Berlin in Perth, Western Australia.
The weirdest line up I have ever seen!?! Paul O’ sucked ass (except for Papua New Guinea) and The Prodigy were calling him ‘DJ floor clearer’ for most of the tour : ) I do remember Sasha coming on at 6am when the doors were let open for free and every party person in Perth streaming in to join the joy & me almost passing out I was going so hard for the Prodigy’s set.
Mad. mad, mad…

The band spent Christmas time in Australia, on a brief, five-date tour with legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold.




Photos from the show:

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