2009.01.24 – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, Australia

Date: 24th January 2009
Event: The Prodigy Concert – Invaders Must Die Tour
Venue: Hordern Pavilion
City: Sydney
Country: Australia
Support: DJ Heavy G, Quan

1. Intro
2. World’s On Fire
3. Their Law
4. Breathe
5. Breathe (Dubstep)
6. Omen
7. Spitfire
8. Warrior’s Dance
9. Firestarter
10. Action Radar Link
11. Run With The Wolves
12. Voodoo People
13. Comanche
14. Invaders Must Die
15. Diesel Power Beats
16. Smack My Bitch Up
17. Take Me To The Hospital
18. Your Love Link
19. Out Of Space

Extra info:
Review by iorkara:
Now as you can see in the Set-List, That Comesnhe track or what ever it’s called is not listed however they did play it. So I’ll just write something about it now. I liked it. It’s abit full on hard beats one after another. However having said that, I’m glad it’s not going to be on the album. It’s a nice live track.
Oh yeah the supporting as was funny, they sucked so bad that people were throwing beers at them! LOL.
Worlds on fire is a Great Opening to the show. Freash and Hard. Nothing different about this track from what you’ve seen on YouTube.
Their Law, Man that Guitar can not get even better! This blew the roof down. Nothing different about the track, it’s Their Law
Breathe. Somewhat short I think. Don’t really remember. It did go into a RnB slow down style at the end which was neat.
Omen. FUCK! BEST TRACK OF THE SHOW! Omen is really fucking amazing. It’s different when played live. More lyrics n’ all. This truly is the Best track live, maybe even better than Their Law! Thats right I said it! Haha.
Spitfire. WOW I forgot how great this track is live. Everybody singing along, it was great. This track is just sooo Raw, i love it.
Warriors Dance. When I heard this on YouTube i was abit meh…. about it. However hearing it live? AWESOME. This is going to be a killer track on the album. The Vocal Samples are great.
Firestarter. As always everyone goes nuts. However it was back to the old Firestarter and not the remix. Having said that, from what i remember the chorus was extended.
Run with the Wolves. EPIC! Enough said. This is going to be the answear to Firestarter!
Voodoo. Happy song Great as always, nothing new. Which isnt a bad thing.
Invaders Must Die. Liam did say he changed this for live. Nothing what I expected. abit of a build up at the start, then beats into it. Slowed down quickly for a HUGE build up that went forever that we were almost begging for it to kick in Haha. Beats in real hard.
Diesel Power. More like Diesel Beats for a while.
SMBU. Nothing new. However everyone was singing to the Girl Part which was funny and also a great moment. The boys loved it.
Take me to the hospital. Man this track is alright! I dunno about Keiths part in it, sounds like its there for the sake of it. Um, beats and samples are great! It was funny because i was singing along to the chorus and Keith looked at me with a ‘WTF he knows the Lyrics?’ on his face Haha.
Out of Space. Awesome always. Great way to end the show.
Final Comments: Great Set-List. Alot of new tracks which really makes it fresh. Um, for those who are still stuck in FOTL era will hate it. Also no Poison which kinda sucks. The Sydney crowd is Ruff. I think i have a Broken Ribb which I might get checked out soon. I was right at the front.. Also bleeding toe dammit. Bruised chest, neck, legs and knees. Don’t think i’ll ever travel to Sydney again. Having said that. I can now die a happy man, it was the best expeirence ever. Got the Set-List and Guitar pick thing and touched Keith again LOL.






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