2010.07.24 – Warrior’s Dance Festival, Milton Keynes, England

Date: 24th July 2010
Event: Warrior’s Dance Festival
Venue: Milton Keynes National Bowl
City: Milton Keynes
Country: England
Support: see timetable

1. World’s On Fire
2. Breathe
3. Omen
4. Colours
5. Poison
6. Thunder (Dubstep)
7. Warrior’s Dance
8. Firestarter
9. Run With The Wolves
10. Weather Experience
11. Voodoo People
12. Mindfields
13. Omen (Reprise)
14. Invaders Must Die
15. Diesel Power Beats
16. Smack My Bitch Up
17. Take Me To The Hospital
18. Everybody In The Place
19. No Good (Start The Dance)
20. Charly
21. Their Law
22. Out Of Space

Extra info:
The record of this concert was release as World’s On Fire on Blu-ray/DVD/CD

Weather Experience was played first time since 1998.

14:45 – 15:30 Does it offend you, Yeah?
16:00 – 17.00 Chase & Status
17:30 – 18:30 Enter Shikari
19:00 – 20:15 Pendulum
21:00 – 22:45 The Prodigy
23:00 Curfew

Review by lord_fornax:
Back in The Netherlands, got some sleep, and here i’m sitting.. sad that it is over..
The weekend started out with a car drive to the airport, took the plane to Stansted, coach to Milton Keynes, city bus to the centre.. Then what.. Hmmm.. We asked a female Police Officer for directions, she gave us a lift in the police car, that was cool. People looking at us if we were bad ass criminals. Then took a cab to the campsite in Emberton.
Had a great night with some guys who stayed at the campsite also.. Got really wasted.. Good times..
Saturday D-day!! Cab to the bowl, little walk, we were quite late, so to be in the front pit was no option we thought.. But.. they were still letting people in, we got our whristbands.. Whooop! First victory!
Then to find an ATM! Queued for half an hour, stick the card in the machine: Card not accepted! Holy Shit! No, this can’t be happening! My brothers 2 cards weren’t accepted either.. Damn.. So we had about 50 pounds to spend for the 2 of us.. Bummer..
Queues for the bars were immense, waiting an hour and a half for a beer is just not acceptable.
So, these two thing ruined the day a bit for the 2 of us.
Chase & Status was wicked! Their track “Time” (with guest singer Delilah) was immense. What a good vibe that track has!
Then we prepared for The Prodigy. Got in the back of the front pit to really enjoy the show and dance and jump. I’m not a moshpit type of guy, so the back of the front pit was best place for us. Lot’s of space to dance, jump, cheer and enjoy the show.
When the stage was showed, with the ambulances hanging there, goosebumps!
They came on with a new intro, very good. I hoped that Break & Enter was played first, but they got on with Worlds on fire. Longer than usual.
Colours was good, the new Poison fill was brutal.
Then after the heavy RWTW everybody left the stage except for Liam. Weather Experience!!!! WHOOOOOOOP!!! Never thought i would hear this live, but this was so amazing! This were such an intense 3 minutes!! Hairs on my arms, neck, even on my ass went up! Only thing, sound crumbled and disformed from were we were standing.
Mindfields was amazing aswell. Omen Reprise with the red lights was also huge. As always Diesel Link and SMBU were amazing. The whole front pit got down low. I stood up to look behind the front pit. First row after that couldn’t get down, they were almost crushed into the fences, but after them i couldn’t see anyone, so they were down also. Bass kicked in, with an earthquake as a result. Massive!!
After TMTTH they dropped EITP! That was the best of the night. Amazing rework. Wicked bassline! Jumped 50 feet high on this one.
Then No Good. Heard it back in 96 in original version. Never heard the reworked version live before. But it was immense! Really good.
Charly dubby version was good also, then Their law and OOS.
To be honest, i hoped a little more. I expected that Break & Enter, Wind it up and Jericho were dropped also, but they didn’t.
Back at the campsite my brother and i talked the day over.. We overall had a feeling of dissapointment. The ATM thing, the bar situation, this being the first prodigy gig not really in the mood (lack of beer and tired from the traveling). And hoping for some more tracks.
But now back home after a good sleep, this was most definitely one of the best days.. Epic!!
I wanna thank the 3 brothers we met at the campsite, u were the best!!
Sorry for the badass long impression, but i need to share it…

Review by Dazzle:
Well what an epic gig! It’s Tuesday and i’m still buzzing from it
Rolled on down from Norwich on the Friday afternoon and stayed in my old hometown, St Albans, which is half hour down the road from MK ready for the early start on the day of the gig. I had heard whispers that there would be a golden circle and kinda thought that this would be the case from previous experience of gigs at venues like MK Bowl. Early bird catches the worm as the saying goes so wasnt going to leave anything to chance as i’ve had the displeasure of being stuck at the back of the Bowl at a previous gig many years ago. Plus i was brining my 16 year old Daughter to her first ever gig and i wanted to make sure she had the best experience possible. Man oh man did she bitch at me for bringing her to the Bowl at 9am just to hang around at the gate as did my mate! We managed to meet up with some friends from Norwich at the gate and i just socked up the vibe and started chatting with likeminded people who were on the same mission as us, trading stories of the band and past gigs etc, which passed the time nicely.
I decied to have a walk around the outside of the venue and was kinda suprised at how many places it would have been easy to have gained entry for free! I’m a bit old school and have a history of bunking fences and blagging my way in to events but these days i prefer being guarranted entry. When i walked past one of the gates directly opposite the steps that leed up to the top of the Bowl i had a very surreal experience of seeing Maxim rise to the top of the steps, dressed in black with his black hat on, looking the dogs bollocks walking down the steps waving as he went. Big shouts & screams of MAXIM went up, with me shouting at the top of my voice also! I was like a little teeny bopper not a 34 year old Dad
I was very happy that the security decided to open the gates an hour early and must say i found it ammusing watching everyone leg it up the steps, through the bushes for those that couldnt find the steps to get to the golden circle. Once at the top of the bowl we could see that it was a big golden circle and there was no where near enoug people to fill it at that point but sod it we all legged it like we were being chased by a pack of hungry wolves. Once in there was a huge sense of relief that we were in and then my Daughter & mate decided that it was a grat idea getting to the Bowl early doors after all.
With wristbands obtained we all decided to look around the venue and checked out the Boneyard set up. We then found a nice spot up on the side of the Bowl to the right of the stage by the last Prodigy flag pole. Was wicked to watch the Bowl fill up and feel the air of anticipation build. This was to become our meeting point for the day as there was a lot of us and it freed people up to go off and do there own thing but be reasurred that they could meet up again later in the day.
We didnt bother with the DJ or DIOYY but i ventured down to watch C&S as my Daughter is a big fan. Must say was really impressed with them and started getting bang in to theiir set. Enter Shity i can live without seeing to be honest but enjoyed watching the madness from up high on the sides. I’m not a moshpit kinda guy and neither are my mates but was mad to see it going off from our vantage point. We all decided that we would get back down to the circle just before Pendulum came on, if anything just to get a good position for the boys as well as to check Pendulum out. Msut say not the biggest fan of Pendulum but have seen them live at a few fezzies in the past and new they could put on a good show but was left a bit bemused by their lack of stage presence and lack of energy but everyone in my group enjoyed them as did the majority of the crowd around us. Once they came off there seemed to be a mass exidous of people leaving the circle so we managed to move nice and close to the front of the stage. I was happy to stand towards the back as i was concerned about my Daughter knowing what the crowds can be like but she assured me she was more than fine and that she would let me know if she wanted to move back if it got to mad. Really enjoyed feeling the vibe build & build in anticipation and just buzzed the time away whilst Zane Lowe spun the tunes!
BANG! We’re on!
Man the rush i felt when those lights lit up behind Liam’s gear and the sirens rang out Just a mad wave of excitment coursed through my body, wondering if it was gonna be WOF or B&E as the opener, and then bang it was WOF and i was away in another world a world where Liam, Maxim, Keith, Leo & Rob took me to for the next 2 hours and spun me around upside down in a dream like paradise of tune after tune after tune The bass ripping through me making my whole body shake and vibrate was immense. They fooking ripped up the whole of the Bowl and there was no where else in the world that i wanted to be but right there. I know opinions are split but i loved the re-worked version of Colours! Was perfect for Keith and rocked the place hard. But as for most of us Weather Experience just took it to another level! That was something very special and there was something euphoric about it. The lights & lasers shining out in time to Liam’s magic. It had the whole of the Bowl spelbound and man oh man am i so glad i was there to witness it To be honest i dont think words can describe how that moment felt to me. One of the biggest highlights of any gig i’ve ever been to and that includes past Prodigy gigs! Something i will never ever ever forget.
The whole set rocked and to hear Mindfields, EITP, & Charley mixed in to the set just rocked it man. Loved the re-works that Liam did on those tunes but No Good was especially cool with that thumping, rolling bass ripping through it. Had the pleasure of Liam dropping it at the Bridlington gig back in January but it sounded better this time around not that it didnt the back then but you get me! Loved the whole set and as always buzzed when Omen Reprise into IMD was dropped! Has been one of my fav parts of the gigs over the past few years on the tour. OOS was as wicked as always and what a buzz it must be for the boys to have that thrown back at them by 65.000 mad warriors.
The added bonus for me was the fact that my Daughter had the best time possible. She is hooked on that buzz now and wants to know when the next gig is She has always liked the Prodigy but like me 20 years ago her love affair with The Prodigy has now kicked in big time
Big shout out to you Liam, Maxim, Keith, Leo & Rob. Man it was mind blowing to be a part of Warrior’s Dance Festival and i will take the memories of that day away with me and never ever forget them.

Highlights by JimbQ:
Yeah climbatize is bang on with the setlist, fucking ace night out! Sweaty as fuck ahahaha. Had some Milton Keynes tshirts,I got one, prodigy ant on the union jack, looks Cool, will post tomorrow. Weather experience was an amazing shock, and having not heard thunder dubstep before live… Wow! So amazing, strongest bass and loudest song of the night. My favourite! Closely followed by EITP and Charly, sounding better than they ever have live, couldve plonked them in with their newer stuff on a cd they’ve been updated greatly. The new intro had the manic laugh from claustrophic sting in it, I was like WTF, claustrophobic sting!! Great night, girlfriend loved it too, colours sounded real good too, works so much better live like that. I recorded like a minute of weather experience and either EITP or Charly, think it was EITP but it’s recorded on my iPhone, don’t get excited, not the HD iPhone 4, sticking with the 2G original one so it might be unwatchable!

Highlights by evans:
I fucking hope so BLuray would be great
They were on fucking form! the gig was recorded, there were signs about the place, and fucking hell was it loud! i think that was the loudest i have ever heard them
Oooh and something that was jsut breath taking, when you goet to the main arena you have to go up some stairs (or in my case cut through some trees) you see the crowd and it was was jaw dropping, when i saw it i said out loud “holy fuck” :O it was such a sight to see, and i hope Duggers managed to get it on video, it statrs as you see the top of the stage.. climb a little higher and you see the people on the top of slope and it gets greater and greater til you see the whole crowd there, wonderful wonderful sight

Review by The Sun:
A FESTIVAL held by THE PRODIGY sounds like the stuff dreams are made of.
And with the British summer thankfully holding out, it turned out to be exactly that.
A huge crowd assembled at the Milton Keynes Bowl, a fitting arena for what was to be one of the gigs of the year.
The Warriors Dance Festival was a day-long party attended by a capacity crowd of 65,000, some of whom had travelled from mainland Europe for a chance to see The Prodigy and their guests.
Sets by PENDULUM, ENTER SHIKARI, CHASE AND STATUS and ZANE LOWE (in between acts) kept the revellers buoyant, but were a mere prelude to what was a thunderous display by the outfit.
By the time they arrived on stage anticipation was at a high – and no one was disappointed.
With MAXIM and KEITH FLINT bouncing around the stage with the energy of a pair of toddlers, ROB HOLLIDAY tearing it up on the guitar, LEO CRABTREE on drums and the digital maestro LIAM HOWLETT on the buttons, a buzz spread around the venue from the get go.
And they maintained a high level of energy throughout the set, which lasted almost two hours – supported by a back catalogue of tunes that spans some 20 years.
Recent tracks from their latest LP Invaders Must Die pleased the younger members of the crowd.
Chart toppers Breathe, Smack My B***h Up and Firestarter caused utter mayhem as mosh circles broke out in various parts of the crowd.
While classics like Charly, Everybody In The Place, Voodoo People and Poison kept the older fans happy.
An epic finale involved the whole crowd singing along in unison to Out Of Space.
As Maxim left the stage he stated it was the ‘best night of my f*****g life’ – no doubt a large portion of the crowd felt the same way.




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