2015.09.13 – Riot Festival, Chicago, USA

Date: 13th September 2015
Event: Riot Festival
Venue: Douglas Park
City: Chicago
Country: USA
Support: see timetable

1. Breathe
2. Nasty
3. Omen
4. Wild Frontier
5. Firestarter
6. Roadblox
7. Rok-weiler
8. The Day Is My Enemy
9. Voodoo People
10. Get Your Fight On
11. Gun Reprise
12. Run With The Wolves
13. Invaders Must Die
14. Smack My Bitch Up
15. Their Law

Extra info:
Rebel Stage timetable:
13:10 – 13:40 The White Buffalo
14:10 – 15:00 The Dwarves
15:45 – 16:25 Less Than Jake
17:05 – 17:50 Andrew W.K.
18:40 – 19:40 L7
20:40 – 21:55 The Prodigy

This was The Prodigy’s first show in Chicago, IL since 2009 and the second of three shows in North America for 2015. The set started ten or fifteen minutes late and it ended right after Their Law was played. This was the first show in a long time where Take Me To The Hospital was not played. This is ironic as St. Anthony Hospital right across the street tried to prevent Riot Fest this year.

Official instagram message:
Prodigy live in Chicago #riotfest ,,this was the best gig we did in the united states for ages , the shit went off! Respect to all the people that supported us and made it great , Liam H x #theprodigy #thedayismyenemy

Notes by pinky:
something happened at the start… delayed the show… so they put on this hard break beat mixtape and let it play for 5-10 mins. I saw the setlist… they were supposed to play TMTTH for sure… obviously had to cut it.
great crowd up front.. was in the mosh and jumping around all night. so glad to hear Roadblox and RWTW
TDIME was sick tooooo



Photos from the show:

1 comment to 2015.09.13 – Riot Festival, Chicago, USA

  • Mike P.

    This show almost didn’t happen! The entire Riot Fest in Chicago almost got cancelled due to St. Anthony Hospital being very close by. I knew who The Prodigy were since 97 when they were played on MTV and the radio but I never became a big fan until 2011-2012. This was my first chance to see them and I was very lucky.

    This was in support of The Day Is My Enemy. The name of the stage they were playing on was called the “Rebel Stage” and I had hoped they would play Rebel Radio (but they didn’t). I got to the Rebel Stage right as Andrew W.K. was finishing up. L7 was up next and there were only a few people in front of me to the barricade. Once L7 finished their set the woman in front of me left and now I was on the barricade. I could see Liam and Maxim near the back of the stage before their set even started. They waved when I held up a sign I made for them.

    The show did start about ten minutes late. They played some beat over the speakers for too long until the intro song played (which did have the sample “the horns of jericho” playing in it). Liam pointed right at me when I held up my sign as he walked on stage. You can see this in multiple videos on YouTube.

    The crowd was nuts. There was a lot of crowd surfing and pushing towards the stage as is the norm for many big shows. I tried to jump up and down for the jumping part of Their Law but people were crowd surfing rapidly at this point. I jumped anyways. After Their Law they left. I assumed it was due to the time limit as fines are hefty in Chicago for going over time limits at fests. I thought it was ironic that they did not play Take Me To The Hospital considering the controversy surrounding the event. I’m so glad to have seen them perform live. I will never forget it.

    I love you Keith.

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