2015.04.11 – Velodrom, Berlin, Germany

Date: 11th April 2015
Event: The Prodigy Concert – The Day Is My Enemy Tour
Venue: Velodrom
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Support: DJ Gamadon

1. Breathe
2. Voice Fill
3. Nasty
4. Omen
5. Wild Frontier
6. Firestarter
7. Roadblox
8. Rok-weiler
9. Poison
10. The Day Is My Enemy
11. Voodoo People
12. Get Your Fight On
13. Run With The Wolves
14. Wall Of Death
15. Omen Reprise
16. Invaders Must Die
17. Smack My Bitch Up
18. Gun Reprise
19. Their Law
20. Take Me To The Hospital

Extra info:
At first the gig was planned at Columbiahalle, but the promoter changed the venue.

Notes by Adamicz:
Oh yeah, it was great! Not sure about some of the new track though, which is not surprising as the new album was a letdown for me. Some tracks works better live (Nasty, TDIME) but some were just dull (Wall of Death, GYFO). I can’t understand, why Liam doesn’t drop TMTTH from the setlist when the guys are playing GYFO. And I love TMTTH, I just don’t see why to play such similar tracks in one show.
The crowd was great, quite a rough at the front which I always like 🙂 Obviously the band was impressed as well, my mate even got a tracklist with hand written text at the back saying “Much better crowd tonight!”




Photos from the show:

1 comment to 2015.04.11 – Velodrom, Berlin, Germany

  • Zdravko

    Hello! i’m Zdravko from croatia! and i’m a huge fan of the prodigy! can i get or where can i get a signed poster of the prodigy?

    i have a tatto of ”ant” on my right arm..! i realy love the prodigy and your music calms me down… 🙂

    keep on a good work!


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