2010.01.31 – O2 Academy, Glasgow, Scotland

Date: 31st January 2010
Event: The Prodigy Concert – Run With The Wolves Tour
Venue: O2 Academy
City: Glasgow
Country: Scotland
Support: Foreign Beggars, South Central

1. World’s On Fire
2. Breathe
3. Breathe (Dubstep)
4. Omen
5. Poison
6. Thunder (Dubstep)
7. Warrior’s Dance
8. Firestarter
9. Action Radar (Link)
10. Run With The Wolves
11. Voodoo People
12. Omen (Reprise)
13. Invaders Must Die
14. Diesel Power Beats
15. Smack My Bitch Up
16. Take Me To The Hospital
17. Out Of Space
18. Their Law

Extra info:
Review by Cogglesz:
Well the night begun with i think Foreign Beggars they have some dude that does incredible dubstep like beat-boxing, he can even pull off the basslines at the same time and its the first time i liked the support band, it was a good start to the show.
Then another support group came on, it was someone who mixed warriors dance, ummm i can’t really remember but it was a guy with a keyboard and a guy with a mac laptop with a triangle on it, they were pretty shit because there music was alot less exiting than the last support group that were on and they never had the “boom” factor from the bass that the last group put on for us, at the end of their tracklist one of the guys started smashing his keyboard on the floor, totally fucked it up and threw it.
Anyway its not about the support group so on to Prodigy.
The sirens kicked off and everything went crazy, as always they made a great intro for themselfs to welcome them on to the stage.
Worlds on fire was the first track to be played, i knew it was but its a good opener track theres not really too much i can say for it because its still in its IMD album form.
Next up was Breathe, i love it when this track comes on because i know its means the Dubstep mix is coming on, hearing everyone sing the vocals of the tune and then gasping for air during the bridge of the track is a really awesome experience, this place was tiny, i’ve been to the place before to see prodigy in december 08 but i was on the balcony’s at the time so the experience wasn’t as good.
Breathe Dubstep Comes on and everybody goes mental because to most people its a track they have never heard before, the bass was mighty when this track came on and its been changed ever so slightly, its longer now and liam does alot more “live play” with the samples he has, the big ending with the bassline doesn’t come on anymore, its replaced with a few other sounds so this is why in my tracklist i’ve named it Breathe (Dubstep V2) because it really felt like a second version of the track itself, and i loved it, just means all the hard work i’ve put into remaking the tune is waay down to the toilet now.
Omen was the next track to come on, for some odd reason i bearly listen to it at home but at the concert it was unreal, all the singing and the bass, the extra little drum fills and live guitar, put all that together and you’ve got yourself a classic Prodigy tune.
Poison was next, Poison is usually a track all the fans get put up for because usually this is liam track for messing around with fills and alternative beats exclusive to the show but once it went on to chapter 2 the beats never came on but the atmosphere dramatically changed for me.
Now this is something pretty interesting, when poison was at its last parts i heard maxim shouting “Teeth, Grip, Razor Sharp” so somethings telling me Piranha will be put into the setlist at some point and if so, it will be after Poison.
Thunder Dubstep was the next track, theres a reason i’m calling it this, i never seen the tracklist as i wanted to get the fuck home i was wreaked covered in beer and sweat but i can assure you its probably called this on the tracklist, its thunder but liams remixed it again, its no longer the thunder live edit we’ve been hearing in the past, its a heavy as fuck dubstep remix that liams done, i went crazy for this as i never heard it before, the rest of the people loved that shit too.
Warriors dance was next, i can’t say i remember much from this track as everything sort of got really rough, a mosh pit was developing behind me and i just wanted to have a dance, but i had to move myself closer to avoid getting put to the floor by some dick in a mosh pit, the floor was a dark brown mucky colour with liquid, its something u’d not want to fall into.
I knew what was next, i had to get my breathe back because i knew it was all going to shit after this tune, this song is like Omen for me because i never listen to at home often but it is sooo good live, Firestarter comes on, everyone loses their fucking mind and jumps like crazy, i’m a rather small guy and the whole time i was getting elbows put into my face, even a girls fucking armpit went into my face, she was a smelly girl indeed, and i just didn’t give to fucks about anything when firestarter came on, i got a couple elbows back and push a cunt to the floor who was bouncing off me all the time with the mosh pit, and then everybody starter going sideways so i ended up from the middle all the way going to the right hand side of the stage, i thought it was better there, there was more room to dance even though i was only 3 rows away from front row, i dont like passing out at these concerts so i’m really grateful Liam put a decent sized bridge on firestarter.
Run with the Wolves was next, what do i need to say that can justify what this does to people in the gigs, its still got a bigger response to it than Firestarter, i love Run its got all the ingredients to be an awesome live tune, Leo was doing really cool drumming while this was playing, to make it sound more fresh than what it is, i love it when each member mixes the song up using their instruments to make the track sound fresher and better than before, it shows you they’ve still got the energy to make amazing music.
Voodoo People came on, this was one of my favourite of the night, the bass was great and Leo done a great job with the drums, even Liam done his fair share of live play, voodoo people thrills me everytime, when they came on to start the lead voodoo sound, you guys know it goes off and goes like “Boom…….BoomBoom” well i took myself advantage of that and jumped about half a second before the first boom, i love that bit of the song and i was the only one to jump but it was fucking great.
the encore started, this fooled a few people into thinking the concert was over, i never wanted to go out for a smoke because last time i missed IMD and that was the first gigs it was being played at so i sneaked up to as close as i could get to the front, which when your in a concert this size the 7th row feels like the front with the size of the place, its tiny.
Omen reprise came on, i must say its sort of lost its magical effect on me because the light show couldn’t recreate what i seen at Glasgows SECC last year with the lights raising into the sky and then the invaders lights comming down to the ground in unison when IMD’s bass comes on. So omen reprise in my opinion should be removed from the set, its a good song and everything but i’m starting to feel it had no purpose in the tracklist.
Invaders must die came on and everyone went crazy for that as well, i can’t say much was done to it as it was just the same one i’ve heard 3 times live already, but that doesn’t mean i hate it, i love the tune and it was great to have heard it last night.
Smack my bitch up was next, the track has changed it sound slightly, i loved the bridge of the track when the bass drum hits but its still the bridge liam basically cuts the track down or what sounds like “putting the cut off low in the song” and Rob went mental with the guitar and everyone loved that, along with Leo keeping him in tone with his small percussion drumming, it was a great experience, i heard a video not so long ago like this and i was really hoping it would stay in its form, i’m rather glad maxim never asked us to get down, as i said before the floor was fucking terrible looking.
now this felt like some sort of second encore, i think liam might have crashed ableton or something, i actually started to freak out because they left the stage in by bowing to us and then walked away, liams technician for his rig came on stage and started messing around with a couple things, i noticed the ice cream van song never came on after about 3 minutes waiting i knew they must have been comming on, but i was really paranoid incase they were cutting this gig short for some odd reason.
they came back on, shouted do you want fucking more glasgow, everyone gave a positive response to that, chucking bra’s at maxim and shit 😆
Take Me To The Hospital, by this time i was fucking in a vest, i came in with a hoodie and a t-shirt on top of that vest, i was holding them in my hand because my white TMTTH shirt is a shirt i love to bits, i can’t say much about this song either, apart from it had a touch of guitar in it, it sounded rougher to be honest, i was expecting the intro bassline to be more bassy but it wasn’t like a 10,000 people gig so i never minded the song is a true classic, you know its an awesome song when theres not much you can say for it, it has all the right ingredients and has had the right ingredients for months on stage, its just an experience you must go and see for yourself before you can even begin to realize how much a tune it is, makes me real envy knowing a handful of bk’rs here got to hear that tune live for the first time in their lives,
Out Of Space kicks off and i’ve got a few highlights about things which i’ll point out at the end of this review, the drums were awesome, the sound was awesome, the dancing was awesome, that track unites the croud after hating each other with tracks like Run and Firestarter, no mosh pits were happening during this song, everybody was singing and having a great time, the usual stuff happened with this tune, Liam cut it off like SMBU and Leo kept us on the right Bpm with his awesome percussion, i wasn’t so keen on Leo in the past but he seems to be getting better all the time.
Their Law, what a finisher this track is, a hell of alot of us including myself said its a weird finisher track, but christ its really good for a finisher, i can’t put my finger on exactly why but i think it has something to do with their intro, the guitars come on and then liam fired up another guitar riff on top of the crazy sounding new one he has already, it made the track extremely loud and i was blown away by the intro, it was fantastic and dark and full of emotions, Their law is a perfect example of a live Prodigy tune, it does everything in one song, however liam should rework the ending, it ends really sudden with the lead and thats it all over, when out of space was the finisher you could sing along for a few minutes after they’d left and that brought us together it was a gig worth my money, and i have no regrets from it, it was just a super time.
Stand up came on and everyone sung with the trumpets on the way out, everyone was cool, no injury’s or fuck all, i never seen one girl get fucked up, just guys fucking around wanting to get carried to the front so it was a clean gig as well.
The Setlist was actually pretty spot on for me, it was my Limit, if there was another track on after their law i’d have collapsed, liam had some fills but unfortunatly none of them had beats or maxim
I’ve got a few more things i’d like to mention before i end this review on an amazing night in Glasgow.
Remember we were all on about liams big arcade joystick like box that he used on stage and had his photos tooken with him in a couple of images, well its actually a really bad ass bass machine, it fucking made the place shake when liam messes around between tracks, i’m not so sure how he controls it but i seen his right hand holding on to a button and his left hand was on a knob and when he twisted it to the right, the sound got higher and when he twisted it to the left it got lower, its not a monotone synth however, there was more buttons to activate more sounds so he ended up with 2 notes playing and it just looked liked a really fun live piece of gear, it makes bass and its fucking heavy bass.
Another thing i’d like to mention is where liam got the sound for the start of Out of space, you know the dark weird sound effect, well its actually from his Virus Ti i seen him playing it live, i can tell it was live because he changed the notes on it and i’ve never heard him change notes during that part of the song, he also gave it less cut off at some points, so it was good to find out what these things were used for.
Hope you enjoyed my review, i try my best to keep it all in my head, i’ve got a little headache at the moment with neck pain (headbangin’) and my right ear is making a ring sound at the moment so if some parts sound a bit weird i apologize.


Photos from the show:

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