2011.02.17 – American Airlines Center, Dallas, USA (cancelled)

Date: 17th February 2011
Event: Linkin Park Concert
Venue: American Airlines Center
City: Dallas
Country: USA
Support: none


Extra info:
Official Prodigy statement:
With sincere regret The Prodigy are forced to cancel their second appearance with Linkin Park at the American Airlines Center in Dallas on 17th Feb. Unfortunately, Chester is under doctor’s orders to refrain from performing as he recovers from his recent illness.
Please note that due to prior commitments The Prodigy are unable to performance on the rescheduled dates.

Official blog post:
so we in the usa on the linkin park tour. Been a nonstarter so far coz the singer is ill so we been sittin on our arses waitin for the go flag . Cool tho , we had time to write some tunes and watch 800 films. So first show will b vegas on sat , they rescheduling houston and dallas for some time in march but we got to get bak to studio so dont think we will b goin bak which is shit but out of our hands. See u in vegas…respect lh, keef and maxim


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